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Can You Run a Business Out of a Storage Unit?

Technically, No, you cannot run a business out of a storage unit. You can’t set up a desk in a storage unit and work there for the same reasons you can’t live in one. However, there are a lot of legitimate ways to use a self-storage unit to manage daily operations; in fact, there are even certain businesses that naturally benefit from self-storage.

With commercial office space becoming more costly, it is not new that a growing number of small business owners are choosing to work out of their homes instead. However, there is another option, and that’s working out of a self-storage unit. There is ample space in those units, and the rent is considerably lower than what you might find in an office building.

Note that small business owners — and larger companies as well — tend to find their growth boosted by the advantages that a storage unit provide. Self-storage units offer extra space to accommodate your growth; that can include requiring extra space to store goods and products or wanting to store items intended for a sale later in the year.

Howbeit, if you are running a small business out of your home, a self-storage unit allows you to store items you may need — such as legal documents or seasonal supplies — that you don’t have room for at home. Note that it can also help prevent your home business from completely taking over your house.

Top Businesses You Can Run Out Of a Storage Unit

Self-storage units are known to come in different shapes and sizes, providing small business owners with options for how much room they need. Some storage units are climate-controlled, which protects items from extreme fluctuations in the weather or from mold and mildew, and they offer digital security monitoring like video surveillance and exterior and interior lighting.

So, whatever you are putting in your unit, you know it is going to be safe. Some of the businesses you can run out of a self-storage may include:

  1. Sales and Service Business

Working in sales more or less entails toting around a lot of marketing materials and inventory. For someone who works in one city, packing everything in the trunk of their car might work just fine. However, some sales professionals tend to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to meet with clients, which entails carting along all the needed materials.

Instead, these associates will store their business materials in various storage facilities that are located closer to their clients. Also, service professionals that provide services like repair, cleaning, or restocking benefit from having various storage units spread across various locations.

  1. Local Landscapers or Contractors

The “stuff” that these small business owners accumulate doesn’t come with the issue of quantity alone. It is also large and irregularly shaped. Consider things like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, drills, saws, wood, etc. The space in a truck bed or van is not infinite, so as a landscaper or contractor grows their business, the need for space will grow too.

A landscaper or contractor can store everything they don’t have room for in the truck or at home. Note that a good number of storage facilities offer extended or 24-hour access, so companies that start early or work late will have access to the facility grounds and get to their storage unit. In addition, the owner of the business can set up the unit so that their employees have access as well.

  1. Independent Publishers

Independent publishers and book dealers tend to have a good amount of physical products on their hands. These things may include mountains of magazines, pamphlets, brochures, and books. After a book or magazine is printed, it gets shipped to a central location before being sent out to its readers or to the retailers who sell it.

Note that a self-storage unit is an ideal place for a publisher or dealer to store inventory and extra boxes and supplies. Instead of filling a garage or attic at home with these not-quite-weatherproof products, the company can keep everything in a climate controlled storage unit to better preserve products in retail condition.

  1. Theatres, Galleries, and Artists

Although a storage unit isn’t something normally associated with the arts; however, think of how much goes into managing a gallery or putting on a show. It is quite clear that there is a lot of material involved. At a small locally run theatre or gallery, space are not so easy to come by. Therefore, when it comes to storing paintings from past exhibits, self-storage units could be the ideal place.

Coupled with the sheer volume of things that need storing, there is often a need for special storage conditions. Instead of shoving everything into whatever closet space is available, owners can feel better about the condition of their art by storing it climate controlled units, which many self-storage facilities offer. Note that these units offer the temperature and humidity necessary to preserve an oil painting or a silk costume.

  1. Online Retailers

When an online shop finds success, the need for greater available inventory also increases. And when the people running these small online businesses are producing so much, they require a good place to store their inventory.

Most of the time, crafters don’t want to crowd their workspace with finished products. A storage unit is an ideal way for this business to keep the product safe and sound during the time between production and shipment.


If you are running a small business out of your home and finding that you no longer have the room needed to accommodate your growth in sales, consider the benefits of renting a storage unit where you can be absolutely certain that your belongings are safe and easy to access.

To get the most out of your storage unit, you need to keep it clean and organized.  Putting shelves in your unit can provide additional space and keep you organized. Plastic or metal shelving units can be purchased at almost any department store and come in a variety of sizes.