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How Much Should You Charge for a Candy Buffet in 2023?

Candy Buffet Business

The average price most businesses charge for a candy buffet in the United States is around $50 – $190. Candy buffets are popular for parties, special events, and weddings.

Ideally, a selection of candy is arranged on an attractive buffet table tailored for the specific event. People can purchase the candy and create a candy buffet on their own, however there are professionals who are skilled at creating candy buffets with style and a unique presentation.

Hiring a professional definitely saves time and it can also sometimes save money. Depending on how elaborate the buffet is; do-it-yourselves may have to buy or rent glassware, tables, linens, and other décor.

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But Professionals provide everything needed, and they set up, maintain and tear down the buffet after the event. Professionals can also procure hard-to-find or custom candies at a lower cost than most individuals can find themselves. However, the cost for candy buffets in the United States tends to depend on a few factors.

Factors That Influence The Amount Charged for Candy Buffet

  1. Type of Candy

Not surprisingly, the more expensive the candy, the higher the overall cost. Note that same goes for the ornateness of the décor.

  1. Number of Guests

A good number of candy buffet services ask customers how many guests their event will have and then determine how many candies and other elements will be needed. Most pros base package pricing on the number of guests too. Industry experts peg the average cost per guest at $4–$7. For instance, San Diego Candy Buffets of Vista, California, offers eight packages based on the number of guests:

  • 50 guests: five candies, 17 vases or containers
  • 100 guests: six candies, 19 vases or containers
  • 150 guests: seven candies, 20 vases or containers
  • 200 guests: eight candies, 22 vases or containers
  • 250 guests: eight candies, 24 vases or containers
  • 300 guests: nine candies, 25 vases or containers
  • 350 guests: nine candies, 28 vases or containers
  • 400 guests: 10 candies, 32 vases or containers
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Sweet Confections Candy Buffets of Redlands, California, offers three packages priced from $4.50 to $6.50 per person:

  • 50 to 100 guests: five candies, minimum of seven containers
  • 101 to 200 guests: seven candies, minimum of 10 containers
  • 201 to 300 guests: 10 candies, minimum of 13 containers

A good number of candy buffet professionals will provide a quote only after a consultation.

  1. Installation and Décor

Coupled with the candy, a range of other elements can be added to a candy buffet. Usually, these elements are included in an overall package price. For instance, CW distinctive DESIGNS of Brick, New Jersey, include all the following as part of its packages:

  • Custom design services
  • Rental of tiers, display ware, apothecary jars, and containers
  • Styling, set up and breakdown
  • Coordinating linens, overlays, and the accent fabric
  • Table
  • Serving ware
  • Customized labels and stationery
  • Gourmet take-home bags
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How to Start a Candy Buffet Business in the United States

Understanding how to start a candy buffet business starts with securing wholesale prices for the candies you will want to serve. You will also have to be equipped with the talent of arranging the colorful candies in unique ways that make them aesthetically pleasing so people will want to eat them.

Creating focal points with candy is going to be one of your most used job skills. Follow these extra steps to get your new business off the ground.

  1. Research the Candy Buffet Market in your Community.

Have it in mind that most communities only have the ability to support one business of this type. If your area is more rural, then a candy buffet business may serve an entire country or region instead of one urban center. But if there are existing candy buffet businesses in operation, you will have a daunting time finding success. If there isn’t a business in place, then you may have the chance for an amazing business opportunity.

  1. Speak with Local Event Planners and Suppliers.

Note that you will be partnering your candy buffet business with wedding and party planners. Therefore, it is recommended that you ensure that your business fits in with what everyone else is doing so that all of you can work together.

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You may even wish to have your business listed as a vendor so you receive subcontracting money from the established planners in your community.

  1. Make your Business Presence Official.

Even before you start seeking or ordering inventory, you really need to establish your business presence in an official manner. Note that this entails filing for business licenses and permits that are required based on your local jurisdiction.

You will more or less need a food service or distribution permit in addition to other business licenses. You and any staff you may plan to hire may also need to be certified in food handling. If you do hire employees, you will also need an EIN and a way to withhold taxes.

  1. Contact Suppliers to Gain Access to the Candy you want.

Indeed you can get the candy at retail prices, but that will give you razor thin margins with which to work. The best thing to do is contact wholesale candy suppliers or distributors to see what costs are in this arena. They will be better than retail prices and you will be able to make real profits from every job.

  1. Establish a Menu of Buffet Services 

Please also note that you will want to have a list of various different buffets that you can set up for clients at different price points. Also, ensure that you explicitly state which candies are available at each price point to avoid confusion or possible litigation in the future.

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You will also have to be very clear about the services you will be providing and what happens to the leftover candies after an event concludes.

  1. Find Display Containers That Will Give Your Business a Unique Look.

When most people think about a candy buffet, they picture the shelves of candy containers that are found in a bulk store. However, with unique and better storage containers that give your business a peculiar look, you will find that prospects will be more attracted to wanting to do business with you.

Ensure to purchase containers that are suitable for all of the various events that you may be asked to host. Think about tablecloths, scoops, and other complementary tools and their looks as well.

  1. Market Yourself a Little Bit Every Day.

For instance, if you spend just 30 minutes per day at the start of your day on your marketing, then you will be able to spend 10 hours per month prospecting. In this line of business, you need to have prospects available for your sales funnel to produce any revenues and most won’t just walk through your doors.

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Ensure to make brochures and flyers about your services. Consider producing a video and uploading it to YouTube or other hosting providers. Set a goal to make at least 5 phone calls per day to speak with local business owners. These efforts will more or less pay off in the long run.


Note that one of the more unique business opportunities that are available today is a candy buffet business. This type of business will set up a wide array of candies at a public event or within your own shop where people can pick and choose their favorite items.

You will find them today at charity events, weddings, birthdays, and even a business function. Knowing how to start a candy buffet business will help you evolve your passion into a money-making opportunity. Use these steps to get your business venture started and you may find some sweet profits headed your way.