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12 Best Saddle Chairs for Dental Hygienist

Are you wondering what type of saddle chair is good for dental hygienists? If YES, here are 12 best saddle chairs for dental hygienists.

If you are looking towards opening and furnishing a dental clinic facility, one of the things that must not be found missing in the facility are saddle chairs for dental hygienists. A saddle chair is a chair that comes with a sitting spot that is shaped like a saddle and it usually comes with a solid base and will have options to adjust the height and move around comfortably.

It is the norm for a professional dental hygienist to spend long hours of the day sitting in chairs to cater to patients’ needs. Staying in a fixed position for such a long period will take its toll on the body, and you can develop issues like backaches or bad postures. That is why the best saddle chair is an essential requirement.

Having said that, considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best saddle chairs for dental hygienists can be challenging and time-consuming. In no particular order, here are 12 of the best saddle chairs for dental hygienists that you can get today.

Best Saddle Chair for Dental Hygienist

  1. Global-Dental Saddle Chair

Global-Dental Saddle Chair is amongst the best saddle chairs for dental hygienists you can get in the market today. Global-Dental Saddle Chair comes with PU Leather, High Density Rebound Foam, superior injection plastic board.

Global-Dental Saddle Chair is designed to reduce the pressure on the tendon, the muscle and knee-joint are more relaxed also to promote blood circulation, and avoid affecting the sciatic nerve function The saddle chair can also improve the problems of slipped discs, the strain of lumbar muscles, shoulder joint pain, knee pain, and back pain which commonly happen for sedentary work.

  1. East-New Medical Dental Chair 

This chair is specially designed for ergonomic needs. It helps to prevent the C-shaped spine injury. Firstly, you need to adjust yourself to proper torso posture which is called “motion posture”. When you sit with your arms above your knees, lean the backrest forward slightly using the handy manual lever and your body will bend forward, and your spine can maintain a healthy S-shape.

Sitting on the dynamic seat, you will experience the ultimate comfort and its excellent dynamic function. The flexible seating, with three layers, provides you with comfortable support when you shift and move on the seat. The reasons why this saddle chair is good for you as a dental hygienist is because of its features and they are:

  1. The upper layer is made of high rebound foam that ensures your comfort.
  2. The middle layer is an elastic sub-plate that forms the body support surface.
  3. The lower layer is an elastic holder that supports forceful movements on the seat.
  4. Streamlined Backrest: The backrest can recline and lean forward between 45°. It gives supports to your spine and improves your blood circulation.

3. Saddle Rolling Stool with Lockable Wheels

This saddle chair is designed to force you to use the correct posture to relieve back and spinal pain caused by prolonged sitting, so you may not feel particularly comfortable at first use compared to regular stools, but you can clearly feel that the pain in your spine will ease.

This saddle stool is 2 inches even at its thinnest, and they use a 3.5 inch thickness at the back-end to take on more pressure, which makes it a more comfortable experience than other saddle stools. Second, considering the actual use of the needs, this rolling stool has a wider range of adjustments, allowing you to use this saddle chair in more scenes.

  1. Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair

Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair is yet one of the best saddle chairs you can get in the market. The seat is made of high-quality thick foam. All of these are designed to ensure a comfortable sitting posture when you need to sit for long periods of time.

Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair comes with a 360-degree rotated pad, seat height adjusted by hydraulic lift, durable stylish reinforced nylon casters for quiet smooth movement on all flooring without scratches. Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair has reasonable Adjustable Height, this adjustable stool prevents shoulder and neck strain no matter your height or the height of your facial bed.

It suits different height requirements. Please note that Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Chair is a widely used drafting stool that can be used in barbershops, beauty salons, dental clinics, bars, offices, design studios, photography needs, mail rooms, warehouses, meeting rooms, etc.

  1. JMU Dental Stool, Dentist Chair 360 Degree Rotation

JMU Dental Stool, Dentist Chair 360 Degree Rotation is a multifunctional task chair, adopting an ergonomic design that fits the back curve, the dental assistant chair cares for your waist and back to effectively relieve fatigue. Some of the features that make this saddle chair good for dental hygienists are;

  • Adjustable Chair: The seating is adjustable to multiple positions with an easy to reach paddle, moving the armrest to the side or front to facilitate your multi-tasking work
  • Comfortable: This chair is made out of PU leather, high density rebound foam inside, and a superior injection plastic board underneath to provide a comfortable experience
  • Sturdy: The hydraulic dental stool has a durable metal base, durable stylish reinforced 2″ update pu casters for the noise-free movement, easy to roll on the hard floor. The weight capacity high to 350lbs
  • Multi-Function: This stool is not only a doctor stool in a clinic, dental, medical office, also could be a chair for drafting, massage, spa, salon, etc.
  1. Leather Swivel Saddle Chair Stool

Leather Swivel Saddle Chair Stool is yet another ideal saddle chair in the market that dental hygienists should consider buying. Leather Swivel Saddle Chair Stool comes with thick padding and a “saddle” style design and it will help you maintain good posture to sit comfortably even after many hours of work.

It is more comfortable to the spine and reduces painful pressure on your back. Helpful for people with chronic back pain. Some of the features that make Leather Swivel Saddle Chair Stool ideal is that is rolls smoothly——360° Swivel caster and ultra-quiet wheels allow for easy movement.

It comes with soft polyurethane wheels which help prevent scratches on your floor and above all, it is easy to assemble/disassemble.

  1. Kalolary 1PCS Black Rolling Saddle Stool

Another saddle chair that is ideal for a dental hygienist is Kalolary 1PCS Black Rolling Saddle Stool and the reasons why this saddle chair is making our list is because of its features and they are; Kalolary 1PCS Black Rolling

  • Saddle Stool has comfortable PVC leather: PVC leather has good waterproof performance and elasticity and feels comfortable and smooth. It relieve the fatigue of long-term sedentary work.
  • Smooth lifting and rotation: Ergonomic Saddle Chair is 360-degree free rotation. Adjustable with chrome gas lift. 15cm lifting space is suitable for different working requirements.
  • Thicken and stable bottom frame: The bottom frame is widened and thickened, which is stable and does not shake, and the load-bearing capacity is up to 120kg.  The thickened explosion-proof tray makes the seat more stable.
  • Silent pulley: The pulley can rotate 360 degrees and slide smoothly, which will not only allow you to move around your workstation without making noise but also prevent annoying scratches on your floor.
  1. Aries Outlets Dental PU Leather Standard Medical Saddle Chair

Aries Outlets Dental PU Leather Standard Medical Saddle Chair is yet another ideal saddle chair for dental hygienists and the reason is not far-fetched. It comes with Stepless Two-Way adjustment, which fully engages the back support while maintaining proper skeletal alignment. Meanwhile, it has a 360°rotation Armrest.

  1. Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair

Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair makes the list of best saddle chairs because it is small, lightweight, and low-profile, which makes it blend into the office environment perfectly. Despite its uninteresting look, it comes with exceptional features that make this unit an invaluable asset.

The seat in this chair has a waterfall effect in its shape. Though it might not seem much at first, this design allows you to hang your feet naturally on the sides when sitting down. It reduces the pressure you feel in your thigh and allows for better circulation of blood in the lower legs.

The unit comes with a durable leather seat cover that is both comfortable and easy to clean. Keeping your products clean is essential to have a hygienic environment in the office. Thanks to its wipeable surface, keeping your chair looking fresh is effortless. It also features a height adjustment option that ranges from 21 to 28 inches.

This saddle chair features superior steel construction, which accounts for its high durability. The product can safely accommodate users of up to 250 pounds of body weight without showing any sign of strain. It incorporates a variety of different materials in its construction, allowing for greater, unprecedented durability.

This unit comes with a twin-disc nylon caster with a five-point aluminum polished base. It allows the tool to distribute your weight evenly, reducing strain and fatigue from long term sitting. Furthermore, it contributes to easy movement in any direction and terrain, which includes carpet, making it a perfect office chair.

  1. Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool

Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool no doubt is one of the best saddle chairs for dental hygienists in the market. This fantastic twin saddle chair features improved ergonomics reducing pressure points in your back. As a result, you get the perfect back posture while sitting down without suffering from any unwanted discomfort.

The seat in the unit allows adjustable width and angle giving you the option to customize it according to your specification. Not everyone has the same hip size, and this chair was made, keeping that in mind. Each of the two saddles can be customized individually, which means you can have a personalized fit.

Top-grain leather has been used in the construction of the seat. Because of this, you can be sure that the chair is extremely durable and resistant to fire damage. It also meets the flammability requirements of California and the safety standards of BIFMA, which speaks for the quality of this product.

You can choose between three sizes when picking out this chair, which can be further adjusted according to your choice. For this, you get to adjust the stool depending on the height of your office table or other work surfaces. This feature makes it the perfect tool for dental practitioners as they can set the height according to the height of the patient.

It features five legs with smooth wheels that allow you to steer the chair wherever you need to move. You do not need to get up if you want to adjust the light or get a cleaning tool because of the effortless movement you get with this chair. For those concerned with long periods of sitting and developing back issues, this is the perfect unit.

  1. 2xhome – Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool Chair

If you want something with a backrest, then the perfect product for you is this one by 2xhome. It features a highly ergonomic design with its independently moveable backrest and saddle giving you completely free movement and comfort. You get all the flexibility you want, without compromising comfort and health.

With a wider base in the seat, you get the perfect balance for your hips and lower back with this unit. The seat is sturdy with a strong base to improve your stability and thereby affect your posture positively. It comes with thick PU leather padding that accounts for the comfort of the user for prolonged use.

The backrest of the unit can be tilted independently of the saddle. So there is no fear of tipping over, making it one of the most stable chairs you can buy on the market. This design further ensures that your spine is protected from any unnecessary pressure that can cause any long-term damage.

The padding in both the backrest and the saddle is made using PU leather. It looks beautiful at a glance and is resistant to tearing or fire damage. Cleaning the unit is also effortless. You can just use a moist rag and wipe it to your heart’s content until it looks fresh as new.

  1. Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool

Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool is no doubt one of the best saddle chairs you can get in the market, the fantastic comfortable seat is designed to help your rigorous daily work and you can be guaranteed satisfaction.

Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool is designed to be used all day for better comfort, this saddle series keeps your body at the natural position, enables your weight to be more evenly distributed, and helps you to ease the stress and pain on the back and spine.

One good thing about Grace & Grace Professional Saddle Stool is that it is a 360 degree fully rotated seat with height adjustment and free rolling that will help you to work, learn, and play more effectively. Superior parts and craftsmanship allow for daily usage of up to 400lbs of weight.

In Conclusion;

It is important to state that all the saddle chairs listed above have been tested and they have been proven to be ideal for dental hygienists because of the nature of their job. The truth is that anyone who sits for long stretches should make sure that they make use of saddle chairs because saddle chairs are good for the back.