If you live in San Antonio, Texas and you are considering starting a business but you simply lack ideas on what business to start. Then i advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

Texans are smart; Texans are serious minded people and Texans love business. You can never go wrong with your decision to start a business in Texas. However, before you go ahead to start your business in San Antonio, I think it is important that you first understand some of the challenges that business owners in Texas face so that you would know how to prepare for those challenges. You know what they say about proper preparation and failure right?

So let’s quickly go over some of the challenges that business owners in San Antonio and in Texas generally face are:

5 Challenges to Expect When Starting a Business in San Antonio Texas

a. Taxes-: Imagine a world where you didn’t have to pay taxes? Well, that can only happen in Fantasy land. In the united states, you either pay taxes or face Uncle Sam and business owners find out that these taxes eat into their profits excessively sometimes.

b. Finding and Retaining Qualified Employees-: To achieve success in your business, you need qualified employees who would manage the business along with you and work in line with your goals and visions but finding such employees is a huge challenge most of the time and after you have found them you have to go through another battle to retain them because the average employee is always searching for ‘greener’ pastures and as a small business owner, there is only so much ‘greenery’ you can provide.

c. Government Policies and Regulations-: Also, government policies, bans, rules, regulations and all the other restrictions get in the way of business owners and limit their abilities to run their business the way they would wish.

d. Energy costs-: Another clog in the wheel of business owners is the costs of powering their business. Energy costs gulp as much as 30% of the gross income of business owners. This includes electricity costs and vehicle fueling costs. Although lots of businesses have started embracing renewable energy options to curb these expenses, succor is still far away for most small business owners.

e. Competition-: Another challenge that small business owners face is the problem of having to deal with competition. Small business owners are constantly in competition with the larger sized businesses that have all it takes to suffocate the small business owners and end them out of business in no time.

There are a host of other challenges that small business owners face in America and if you must do business in America, you must be prepared to deal with these challenges. Some of the business opportunities that you can explore in San Antonio include-:

Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in San Antonio, Texas

1. Energy Auditor-: You can help residents and business owners in San Antonio solve the problem of spiraling energy costs by becoming an energy auditor.

Your job would be to find out what contributes to increase of energy usage in people’s homes and business premises and then suggest and designs way by which they can reduce energy costs and achieve efficiency in energy consumption. You can also provide solar installation services, solar panel sales, solar panel cleaning and other renewable energy services.

2. Boutique-: Another option is to start a boutique or a clothing store. You can choose any niche in the clothing business. Some popular niches are men’s wear, women’s wear, kiddies wear, vintage clothing, thrift clothing store, formal wear to mention few.

You could also take your clothing sales business online and sell clothes to people on the internet. You can sell to people in any country in the world as long as the shipping companies can ship there. You can also sell on e-commerce stores like E-bay, Amazon, Etsy and others.

3. Travel Agency-: You could also start a travel agency; helping people to plan their travels and vacations in and outside the country. You can operate your travel agency as a two way business. You would provide outbound services to Americans who want to travel to other countries for vacation or business.

You would help them arrange flight tickets, hotel accommodation and airport pick-up and drop off, personal concierge services and all other services that would help to make their stay out of the country very comfortable.

On the other hand, you would provide outbound services to people coming into America on business, tourism, education and several other reasons. Your job would be to make them comfortable and entertained throughout the period of their stay.

4. Advertising Consultancy-: You could also start an advertising consultancy business in San Antonio, helping small business owners and large companies with cost effective advertising.

5. Wedding gown rentals and Sales-: Wedding gown rentals is a very lucrative business these days. I guess more people are starting to see the pointlessness in investing thousands of dollars in a dress that would only be worn once. You can start your own bridal shop, selling and renting out wedding gowns and all other bridal supplies.

6. Spa-: You can start a spa for people who want to relax and pamper themselves.

7. Photography-: Another business you can explore is photography. Photography is a very broad business with opportunities in almost any industry. You can become a real estate photographer, Fashion Photographer, Media Photographer or a Product Photographer depending on where your passion lies.

8. Art Broker-: You could also become an art broker; buying unique pieces from artists and selling it on their behalf for a good commission. Art brokers make a lot of money especially when they target high net worth clients. You can also make money from organizing art exhibitions for artists to showcase their talents and for people to buy their creations.

9. Furniture Making and Remodeling-: You could also consider starting a furniture making and remodeling business. You could buy old furniture and remake them into contemporary pieces or deal in antique furniture.

10. Day Care Center-: You could also start a day care center for kids. You could offer after-school care services for kids with busy parents, weekend care services, children’s boarding houses or nanny services. You could also start a children’s training center or a kiddies play center if you love working with kids.

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