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Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Dallas

You reside in Dallas, Texas and you are considering starting a business there. However, you lack ideas or opportunities on what business to start or invest in. Well, this article will help solve this problem. When you are starting a new business, one thing you don’t have is excess money and one thing you cannot do without is marketing.

Marketing is like a driver of the vehicle of your business; now, fancy putting the driver in the backseat? How would the vehicle move? Your new business cannot achieve much growth without employing the right marketing strategies. A common mistake that business owners make is believing that marketing has to be very expensive.

Today, I want to show you some inexpensive ways to market your business so that when you eventually start your business in Dallas, you would know how to market your business without spending a fortune.

11 Marketing ideas for your Business in Dallas Texas

  • Guest posting

The first way is to guest post on blogs and websites with high traffic. You could blog on topics related to your business and then provide links to your business in your post or provide information about you at the end of the post.

  • Product reviews

If you are selling products, you can give them to celebrities or bloggers and have them review or endorse your products.

  • Product giveaways

Trust me, people love freebies. You can organize product giveaways as a way to drive traffic to your business website.

  • Give free reports

You can carry out research on topics that would be beneficial to your clients and compile them into free reports that you can give to your potential clients. You should find a way to sneak in details about your business in these reports to gain patronage.

  • Social Media

Be very active on social media and make your social media pages educative and fun to attract and retain clients.

  • Blogging

You can also blog about your business regularly to discuss hot topics in your industry and share useful tips and information with potential and existing clients. You should also back it up with e-mail marketing as a way to regularly drive traffic to your blog.

  • Content Distribution

Also, you should enable content distribution on your blog so that readers who find the topics interesting can share with others.

  • Question and Answers websites

Answer questions on websites like Yahoo answers, Quora and a host of others as a way to drive traffic to your business.

  • Video blogging

Post interesting videos on websites like Youtube.

  • Forum Posting

You should join business forums and post stuffs about your business in them.

  • Market your business on e-commerce platforms.

There are hosts of other inexpensive ways to promote your business that I cannot write them all out. So, let’s go on to the crux of the matter which is the 10 business opportunities that you can explore in Dallas, Texas.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Dallas Texas

1. Car wash

Not many people have the time to get up in the morning and clean their cars and that is why car wash would continue to be a lucrative business. However, starting a traditional car wash might not be a smart move. Instead, you should explore more recent trends in the industry like setting up an automated car wash where the cars are washed by programmed machines or a self-service car wash.

2. Lead Generation Services

Marketers buy leads all the time so that they can market their businesses efficiently. However, the problem that most marketers face is getting genuine leads. You can make money from starting a lead generation business to cater to marketers and business owners who engage in cold calling marketing strategies.

3. Plumbing

Plumbing is another lucrative business in Dallas. As a plumber, you have different business options;

  • Repairs

You can perform plumbing repairs and maintenance services in people’s homes.

  • Construction

You could undertake projects with constructing companies and help to lay plumbing for new buildings.

  • Commercial plumbing

You can become a plumbing consultant to hotels, schools and other commercial establishments.

  • Sales

You could also start a business of selling plumbing materials and equipment.

4. Apartment Cleaning

You could also start a business of helping people to clean their apartments. You could also consider adding janitorial services to the mix.

5. Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

This is very suitable for students or people who do not have a lot of capital to start a business. You can help people plant and maintain their gardens, mow their lawns and keep their exteriors looking beautiful and trimmed.

6. Animal Behaviorist

There are a lot of pet parents in Dallas and we all know how difficult it can be to train pets. You can start a business that focuses on helping pet owners to train their pets.

7. Wholesale Clothing

Another lucrative business for you is to start a wholesale clothing business. You could import clothes in wholesale quantities from China or Hong Kong and sell to boutique owners in Dallas. If you don’t want to go down the importation route, you can start your own clothing line; making ready-to-wear clothing and supplying to boutiques and clothing store. You could also use drop shipping services to sell wholesale clothing if you do not have sufficient capital.

8. Matchmaking Services

I already discussed how to start a matchmaking service in one of my previous posts; you may want to study it for in-depth details about how to start a matchmaking service. The basic function of a matchmaking service is linking people who are single and looking to date, together.

9. Employment Agency

You could also look into starting an employment agency for people who want to fill vacancies in their establishment. Lucky enough for you, you can start this business from the comfort of your home. You can create a website where applications can be submitted and you can review them. Then, you can conduct your tests and interviews on the internet using online testing platforms and video chatting applications.

10. Home Appliance repairs

The washing machines, the refrigerators, microwave ovens and dish washers; they all have their moments when they decide to disappoint us; of course we can’t run off to the electronic store each time an appliance decides to go AWOL on us; that’s why we need you, to be our appliance repair technician, to repair our appliances for us and save us some good money.