You reside in San Jones California and you are considering starting a business there. However, you simply lack ideas on the best business to start. Well, this article will help solve this problem. I know that a lot of business owners are faced with challenges of how to raise capital for their businesses, so, I want to start by telling you how to make use of united states Small Business Administration programs to fund your small business.

The SBA does not offer loans to business owners but guarantees and acts as security for loans obtained from financial institutions and private lenders to small business owners. Some common programs offered by the SBA include-:

a. The 7(m) Microloan Program

This kind of support is given to business owners that cannot obtain loans from financial institutions on reasonable terms. The lender would have reviewed the loan application to see that the applicant qualifies for a loan only with some extra guarantee from the SBA.

Under this program, the SBA can guarantee a maximum of $750,000. You can explore this funding option for purchasing machinery and equipment, refinancing existing debt, building construction, working capital and leasehold improvements. The interest rates are pegged at 2.25% and repayment period is 7 years for working capital and 25 years for purchase of fixed assets.

b. The CapLines program

This is designed to help businesses meet with their short term working capital needs. The proceeds of this loan may be used to finance construction projects, service seasonal working capital needs, consolidate short term debts and finance short term contracts. The term of the loan is a maximum of 5 years and the interest rate for such loans is about 2-2.25%. For this type of loan, the SBA can guarantee up to 80% of loans below $100,000 and a maximum of 75% of loans worth $1,000,000.

c. The International Trade Program

The SBA also provides capital assistance to small businesses that are involved in international trade. Proceeds of this fund can be used for working capital or purchase of assets and can be repaid over 25 years but it may not be used for repayment of existing loans. The SBA can guarantee up to $1,250,000 under this program.

d. Export Working Capital Program

This is designed to support exporters with short-term working capital. The loan is usually on a transaction or line of credit basis and has a repayment period of 12 months.

e. Minority and Women’s Pre-qualification Programs

This is designed to assist women and minorities to source for capital for their businesses. You can get a maximum loan of $250,000 under this program. To qualify, you must show that your business is at least 51% owned by minorities or women along with other eligibility rules.

There are lots of loan guarantee programs offered by the ad to find out if you are eligible and how to access one, you can visit any of the United States Small Business Administration offices close to you. Now that getting capital to finance your business isn’t a problem anymore; let’s go over some 10 lucrative businesses that you can start in San Jones, California-:

Top 10 Small Business Opportunities in San Jones, California

1. Car Rentals

You can start a car rental service to offer services to people who need cars for short periods. Your clients would be tourists, business executives, corporate organizations and private individuals. Your clientele would also depend on the type of cars you are renting out. If they are luxury cars like limousines, then your clientele would be further expanded to include event planners, wedding hosts, celebrities and high net worth individuals.

2. Event Planning and Management

Another business that you can start in San Jones is Event planning and Management. If you are very creative, detail oriented and can pay attention to details; then you should consider starting an event planning and management business to help people organize parties and events. You can cater to both corporate and private clients.

3. Pet care

A lot of people have pets in San Jones and you can offer any of these services to them-:

  • Pet Food

You can manufacture or retail pet food to pet owners in San Jones.

  • Pet Breeding

Another option is to breed pets for sale to people who want to keep pets.

  • Pet Insurance

Or you can offer insurance services to take care of huge expenses or losses that may occur as a result of keeping pets especially for pet breeders.

  • Pet sitting

You can also offer pet sitting services to people who want to travel and need a place to keep their pets while they are away.

4. Cleaning services

On the list of easy to start and lucrative businesses is cleaning services. You can offer residential home cleaning services to private clients or commercial cleaning services to corporate clients in San Jones.

5. Vending Machine

If you are looking for a part-time business or a business that requires minimal supervision, you can consider starting a vending machine business to just about any item to choose to.

6. Fitness Center

Another business idea to explore is renting a space and equipping it with fitness and exercise machines and hiring personal trainers to attend to subscribers.

7. Toy Stores

You can also start a toy store. All year round, people have reasons to buy toys for their kids, nephews, nieces and little friends. You can start an online or offline toy store depending on your capital and preferred business model.

8. Mobile Grocery store

You can help busy people to eliminate the need of traveling to the grocery store every time the milk is finished or eggs are unavailable. You can bring these items to their doorsteps using a mobile grocery van.

9. Building Materials Sales

Another business idea is to start selling building materials to people carrying out construction projects. You can sell cement, gravel, nails, glass panels, doors and so many other things.

10. Tow Truck Services

Lastly, you can start a tow truck business to help people whose cars have broken down in awkward places to move their vehicles to the auto repair garages.To get clients for tow truck business, you should think of partnering with auto repair garages and law enforcement agents