Yes, it is possible to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it. Although EBay claims not to allow counterfeit items or unauthorised copies to be listed, it does not in any way violate EBay policy. Agreeably, the internet is offering a wide variety of possibilities for new businesses.

It’s connectivity, speed, and confidentiality enables its users to present anything to anyone at any given time. Coincidentally, various fake items are also sold to buyers such as shoes, clothes, bags, electronic products, as well as fake medications.

Is It Possible to Sell Fakes on eBay and Get Away With It?

Yes, it is possible to sell fakes on eBay and get away with it. Although EBay claims not to allow counterfeit items or unauthorised copies to be listed, it does not in any way violate EBay policy.

Actually, the EBay VeRO program has been in place for a very long time to curtail the sale of fakes and counterfeits. The issue now is since eBay is basically just a place where just about anything can be listed, it would be impossible for them to supply experts on every brand in existence to police fake items.

The only way anyone could achieve this is by partnering with the rights owners to have them advise when an item should not be listed. It really is common sense, actually. They don’t want fakes listed, and when they know something is a fake, it is removed, but it has to be verified or they would probably end up removing a bunch of items that are valid.

Basically speaking, the best way to sell fake items on EBay without getting caught is to term and sell them as replicas. In the internet business, nobody knows you; nobody also cares about you as long as you successfully deliver their items to them after they have paid. You don’t need a physical store to start selling your goods to interested customers.

No one can report you to the police once they have discovered that you have sold them a replica or fake item. So you can easily set up your store on EBay and start selling your items. Most times, fake shoes are sold on eBay through sponsored links and this has been happening for a long time. Though it is against EBay policy, these sellers claim that these items are just replicas; and this is one of the success secrets.

In fact, it is said that eBay allows you to sell official replicas and not counterfeit items. These official replicas really look the same as the original product but are only cheaper. So it can be quite hard to tell the difference between manufacturer approved replicas and fake products.

Knowing how to sell fakes as replica items has been helping lots of online sellers. It is even a lot easier on eBay because these replicas can be designed to look just like the original item but without the original brand name. With this, these replicas are considered legal and not counterfeit.

6 Steps on How to Sell Fakes on EBay and Get Away With It

When it comes to selling all manner of new and used goods on an international scale, eBay is the go-to service. Whether they are original, fakes or replicas, eBay seemingly knows no bounds. It allows users to post and edit listings for everything from fashion accessories to foreign cars, all within an easily navigable web interface and accompanying mobile app.

1. Create an Account

The first thing is to sign into an eBay homepage or link your account from another service like Facebook or Google. If you need to create an account, think carefully about what it is called. Also since your username is always visible when you bid, buy, and sell, choose something that is both professional and possibly speaks on behalf of what you intended to use your account for.

2. Link your PayPal Account

If you haven’t already linked your eBay account to PayPal, it is pertinent to do so when signing up. If you already have an account without a PayPal link, hover over your name in the top – left corner when viewing any page and click your blue Account settings link from the resulting drop – down menu. Once there, select the PayPal Account option on the left – hand side and click the Sign up Today button.

Enter your personal information when prompted and complete the sign – up process. Next, return to the eBay PayPal Account panel and click the gray Link My PayPal Account option on the right – hand side of the page enter your PayPal login information on the resulting page. You can also “verify” your PayPal account to help link bank accounts, qualify for Seller Protection, and more, so this is a really good step to include when you are finished.

3. Craft the Perfect eBay Listing

To create an eBay listing, click the Sell link in the top – left corner when viewing any page and enter the item you are trying to sell in the resulting text field. Note that succeeding with listing and selling fakes boils down to a few things. The quality of the fake, the way your listing is structured, and the times you post the listings.

But as far as listings go, it really varies between brands as to how they decide whether a listing is authentic or not. Again a large part of this comes down to the quality of your items. It also comes down to the smallest of things like how your return policy is worded.

You might choose to copy other people’s listings but it might not work and you will be taken down. Note that this part really comes down to trial and error and you will probably burn through a few eBay accounts so you need to expect that.

4. Attaching photos

Your listing on eBay requires a photo — preferably more than one. It is best to use photos of the original product when looking to sell fakes and replicas. It is also best to avoid stock images found on the Web, instead use photos directly from the manufacturer as it helps convince prospective buyers you actually possess the item in question.

You can upload up to 12 photos without borders or text, or even choose Gallery Plus which charges you a fee for uploading larger photos. Choose your photos carefully. Simpler listings may only require one or two photos, which is fine in these circumstances.

5. Deliver Item

Assuming the listing has ended and the buyer has paid successfully, it is time to carry out the grunt work. Note that the specifics should have already been determined as you previously outlined the shipping conditions and any fees associated with them, so all you need to do is deliver accordingly.

Sale items are expected to be placed in a box slightly larger than the item itself, packaged neatly and securely using paper, bubble wrap, or a similar packaging method, and properly labelled with both the buyer’s address and a return address.

Irregularly shaped and fragile items may require alternate shipping methods and include additional fees, but they should still be shipped within the previously specified amount of time regardless. If issues arise for whatever reason, inform the buyer of the details and further discuss shipping means.

6. Generate Reviews

As long as your prices are favourable, you will soon make so many sales when you sell these replica items on EBay. The only challenge you might face is the challenge of negative reviews, which can be easily combated by opening new accounts once the old account is done.

You can also use a product ID which pulls relevant information from a central database to make the listing process simpler, including reviews. As a result, reviews from all listings claiming to be the same item can be shared, regardless of the seller or the condition of the product.


Unarguably, there is a huge market for selling fakes and replicas, as part of its success rests on a seller living in one of the countries where they can easily get away with it. Most times too, when you are very open to customers that you sell fakes or replicas, they know and they say nothing about it.

Honestly, most fakes in the online space are considered to be of more quality than the products from the so – called genuine reputable brands. However, tips from knowing how to sell fakes and replica items without getting caught are a sure method for every seller to adopt, seeing that it creates that awareness and confidence to excel in the trade.