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How to Shop at SalonCentric Without a License

Beauty Supply Store

First and foremost, just like Cosmoprof, you are not allowed to shop both retail and wholesale at SalonCentric without your cosmetology license number at hand.

Whether you are visiting one of their more than 585 stores, working with one of the company’s expert sales consultants, or ordering from them online, SalonCentric is a professional-only beauty store committed to listening to clients’ needs and helping them identify the right education and business solutions for their salon.

SalonCentric, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, and operating in 48 states, remains one of the biggest wholesale salon and beauty supply distributors in the United States. The company center’s on becoming the business partner of choice to licensed beauty professionals.

They boast of making available the best brands, the best education, and the best business-building support, transforming every salon, suite, or barbershop into a location of choice and class.

The company is renowned to be very passionate about the professional beauty industry and share that passion by leveraging a wide range of educational opportunities, including in-store demonstration, in-salon training, regional classes, and large-scale stage presentations at industry shows.

They offer a wide array of products in the categories of hair care, styling, hair color, texture, nails, beauty, tools and accessories, and furnishings. SalonCentric, Inc. was previously referred to as Beauty Alliance, Inc. It was established in 1999 and it operates as a subsidiary of L’Oreal USA, Inc.

If you are a licensed cosmetologist, nail technician, or salon owner, and you live and do business in the U.S., you can shop at, in any of the company’s 585 SalonCentric stores found throughout the United States, or by calling Customer Care at 1-877-250-9215.

How to Register and Shop at SalonCentric

To shop with SalonCentric, you are expected to have an account with them. Applying for this account can be very easy, as long as you have your cosmetology license number at hand to finish the application.

  1. Visit the company website and fill out the new customer application form.
  2. Carefully input all necessary information on the New Customer Account Application page, including your email address. Note that the company will contact you to verify your information and also request that you provide a copy of your license/ID and a form of photo identification.
  3. Once you have done this, you can expect to hear from them via email within five (5) business days to inform you if your account has been approved. This is also when you get your account number needed to log in.
  4. Once you fail to receive any information on your application within seven (7) business days, then contact SalonCentric Customer Care at 1-877-250-9215 or email the company with your question.
  5. After you must receive your account number, head to the login page of the company’s website to complete the first-time online shopper registration.
  6. On the Login page, select from either “I have a SalonCentric account number” or “I have a SalonCentric store membership ID card number”.
  7. Note that all account numbers are 10 digits and start with 00 (two zero’s); if your number is only 8 digits, then add 00 and then the 8 digit number.
  8. If you have a new SalonCentric store card, input 0 and then the 9 digit number on your card. If you have an original store card, simply input the card number with no leading 0’s.
  9. Your zip code is simply the 5 digit number from your permanent ship-to address on file.
  10. Enter and confirm your email address.
  11. Create and confirm your password.
  12. Input your existing shipping address or enter a new online shipping address.
  13. Click “Sign In” and you are ready to shop.

Rules and Agreement of Shopping Retail or Wholesale at SalonCentric

Every SalonCentric product is intended for sale only to licensed beauty professionals. A professional salon is owned by or employs one or more licensed cosmetologists on a full-time basis, is up to date in all state licensing for its business, and maintains a well-defined area devoted to salon services.

A distributor that buys products wholesale from SalonCentric is contractually mandated to sell the products only to licensed professional cosmetologists and beauty salons for their use or resale with a professional recommendation to Salon customers. Here are some of the obligations and rules of shopping at SalonCentric.

  1. Every beauty product bought from SalonCentric is expected to be used by a licensed cosmetologist or a beauty salon in precise premises associated with offering beauty related services or, in the case of retail products designed for home use, sold to the salon’s customers from its premises and only in quantities meeting their customer’s home consumption needs.
  2. Beauty salons are expected to apply “professional use only” products only in connection with professional services performed in their premises for their customers. Beauty salons that shop with SalonCentric are not allowed to sell or otherwise transfer “professional use only” products to anyone.
  3. SalonCentric products are not permitted to be sold via the Internet, catalog sales, or other methods of distance selling, including taking orders by telephone, all of which are conflicting with professional recommendations at the time of sale. However, note that this provision does not restrict salons from using the Internet to advertise their professional services.
  4. Customers of SalonCentric are not also permitted to remove, obliterate or tamper with any codes applied to Professional Beauty Products by the manufacturer or Distributor.
  5. Customers of SalonCentric are not permitted to resell Professional Beauty Products to any diverter or redistributors of products. They are instead advised to report immediately to their Distributor any person who tries to buy the Professional Beauty Products for any purpose other than their personal use in quantities meeting their home consumption requirements.
  6. A beauty salon that shops at SalonCentric is expected to maintain records of all sales of Professional Beauty Products exceeding $100 and will make such records available for inspection by the Distributor or manufacturers.
  7. Beauty salon owners are tasked with ensuring extensive compliance with any agreement they have with SalonCentric and are expected to take appropriate action to ensure that each employee and each cosmetologist working on their premises is aware of the business obligations under its contract with SalonCentric and also secures their compliance with the agreement.
  8. Access to SalonCentric products can also be terminated for future purchases without penalty at any time by both parties involved upon written notice.
  9. Have it in mind that any acknowledged default in SalonCentric Terms and Conditions entails that you pay the manufacturer $100 per product unit sold in violation of the agreement. Once you default, you are also entitled to;
    • An injunction against prohibiting your violation of the agreement
    • Reimbursing the distributor and the manufacturer all costs related to the repurchase of the Professional Beauty Products sold or transferred in violation of the agreement
    • You may be identified in public announcements as involved, directly or indirectly, in a diversion of Professional Beauty Products
    • Charged reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Distributor and manufacturer in any legal action(s) taken against you for injunctive relief and damages.


SalonCentric operates in 48 states and is well-known as a premier distributor of salon professional products. To shop online at SalonCentric, you will need to log in with your SalonCentric account number and the password you set up when you registered your account on

Also note that each time you log in, you will be requested to make available your shipping address so the company can tailor the products you see to what is available in your area.