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10 Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Store in 2023

Shopify is among the most popular and powerful e-commerce channels available. According to a recent survey, it is the second most successful e-commerce developer within the market! It is especially beneficial for clothing stores because of the great opportunities for customization and expansion.

Shopify remarkable stock system can handle a plethora of options including various colors and sizes – ideal for a rising clothing store! Shopify allows you to sell clothes not just via your internet site, but additionally on numerous online markets and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

The fashion industry is home to a large number of Shopify vendors. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothing, shoes, or accessories.  It’s a very renowned, but also quite competitive, category. Below are the best Shopify clothing store apps that would help you distinguish while offering an improved user experience for those who shop with you.

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Best Shopify App for Clothing Store

1. Smile (reward & loyalty program)

Smile is among the most widely known reward schemes globally, with over 25,000 vendors presently using it. With a reward/loyalty program, you could indeed increase loyalty such that patrons return to your retail outlet on multiple occasions. Since there are several other vendors in the fashion business, retaining existing consumers is critical.

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You could indeed operate a Loyalty Points Program, a Referral Program, a VIP Program, or a combination of these programs with the Smile app.

Once the program is in place, your clients can accumulate rewards for possible steps (purchases, customer referrals, account registrations, social shares and follows or just having a birthday). Such points can subsequently be redeemed for a gift card, a discount voucher, free delivery, or whatever else you desire.

2. PageFly (page builder)

Online fashion stores ought to feature a distinct and captivating configuration. However, even with simple theme personalization, you may be sick of dull product descriptions that generate no conversions, correct? This is where PageFly tends to come in with potent remedies to give your business a fresh and vibrant look!

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PageFly is a leading Shopify Page Builder that lets you create product descriptions, sales pages, WebPages, and more with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

3. Shopney (mobile app builder)

Offering the best mobile shopping experience is crucial in today’s world since more than 80% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile shopping apps constitute the most effective means of capitalizing on the trend. Consider yourself.

Which one would you like better for shopping on: or the Amazon App? Shopney, the best-rated Shopify mobile app builder, plays a part now. It allows you to quickly convert your Shopify store into a global mobile app. The greatest feature is that you don’t really need any programming or graphic skills.

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4.      Candy Rack (upsell & cross-sell)

Candy Rack is an e-commerce tool to drive an average order value through upselling and cross-sell product offers. The straightforward, stylish, and efficient App enables vendors to quickly generate upsell offers as well as increase revenue, which is immediately evident in a store’s quarterly earnings.

With Candy Rack, you can influence consumers to improve their selected items, which may provide them with extra advantages.

5. Nada (out-of-stock product management)

If you have merchandise in your Shopify shop that is occasionally sold out, it is not a smart option to unpublish them. By attempting to remove them (even momentarily), you risk losing a reliable source of naturally generated traffic. Whenever merchandise is unpublished (i.e. shifted to draft) on Shopify, it just produces a 404 not found error with no web link.

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The most effective approach for enhancing your SEO is to retain every one of your product lines engaged and noticeable while pushing out-of-stock goods toward the bottom of the selection. It is pointless to showcase them elsewhere if they cannot be bought.

The Nada app is an excellent way to accomplish this. It arranges your collections automatically whenever the item inventory status changes.

6. Tapcart (mobile app builder)

Numerous fashion companies are becoming increasingly popular with their mobile apps. Even though Shopify themes are generally mobile-friendly, possessing a devoted app has numerous advantages. That is why you must think about using the Tapcart app.

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It enables you to create your own mobile app according to the layout of your Shopify store. There is no programming needed because the editor is simple to use. This mobile app enhances traffic and conversions for mobile shoppers and enables users to notify people regarding special offers, new inventory, and other critical details via effective mobile alerts.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The monthly fee for the entry plan is $250. It comes with an infinite amount of rich media automatic updates and real-time sync with your Shopify store. The monthly charge is greater than that of the typical app on the Google play store; however, the value you receive is enormous.

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7. Growave

Growave is indeed an all-in-one advertising system that allows Shopify merchants to actually access, interact, as well as incorporate their customers. It provides complete e-commerce services that are tailored to your audience, including Feedback, Shopping lists, Rewards programs, Social Login, Instagram galleries, and more—all of which can be implemented from a single center console and at a low cost.

With Growave, you can create an outstanding rewards program for your shop as well as try introducing VIP tiers to distinguish your brand. Growave’s customer testimonials feature enables you to start generating social proof by collecting more feedback via automated review request emails.

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The Wishlist functionality generates an additional CTA to retain clients in your sales pipeline (even if they aren’t indeed very prepared to make a purchase). Rewards as well as automated emails better engage your customers after they purchase something, which increases consumer engagement, commitment, as well as lifetime value.

8. UpPromote (affiliate marketing)

Affiliate advertising is an effective marketing strategy for clothing shops on Shopify, particularly when you are just getting started. This promotion leverages the affiliate’s authority (their social touchpoints, connections, WebPages, and so forth) to market your goods as well as boost revenue with no upfront costs.

You can simply create your affiliate team by using the UpPromote Marketplace, the Convert Customers into Affiliates feature, or the Multi-level marketing functionality. Every affiliate would have an auto-generated referral link to your homepage with UpPromote.

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Furthermore, if you prefer to effortlessly allocate vouchers to members, the app is capable of doing so. The app can track most referral orders from your affiliates using a variety of monitoring techniques including affiliate links, coupons, and SKUs.

9. Omnisend

Shopify shop owners are turning to electronic mail as well as SMS advertising as acquisition costs rise. It is additionally less expensive and offers higher ROI ($32 for every $1 spent); however, it also has its own fan base. Omnisend uses SMS/Email advertising to assist e-commerce stores establish customer retention and drive revenue.

10. Reveal (e-commerce analytics)

Reveal by Omniconvert is a consumer value optimization system that analyzes and predicts consumer habits to aid vendors as well as retailers enhance their Customer Lifetime Value. This app tracks clients’ purchasing patterns/habits and afterward generates various sections relying on these trends (using the RFM model).

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You may employ the information it gathers to start creating quite distinctive and tailored message flows to convert your clients into returning customers, as well as improved acquisition initiatives to draw in new customers such as your Power Customers.

Another nice aspect of Reveal is the availability of a free version. You could indeed install the starter plan for free and have all of the basic analytics, such as RFM analysis. The subscribed plans begin at $99 every month and provide a more rigorous analysis tool. The software has received positive feedback, with an average rating of 5.0 out of 90+ reviews.