Are you interested in doing business in the skin care / beauty care industry but you don’t know where to start? Then below are the top 20 small business ideas in the skincare industry.

The skin is the largest and most important organ in our body. Our skins are the most visible parts of our body. When a person looks at you, your skin is one of the first things the person notices. No one likes to have wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots or Eczema on their skin. A healthy skin enhances one’s look and skin problems can be very difficult and expensive to get rid of; this is why people spend thousands on cosmetics to protect their skins or get rid of any skin related diseases.

The skin care industry is really growing especially with the current craze for herbal and organic skin care products. These days, any skin care product manufacturer that is smart enough to label his products as ‘organic’ or ‘herbal’ is guaranteed to make better sales.

Another trending business in the skin care industry is skin lightening. A lot of black women feel the need to lighten their skin, so as to look more attractive and fit better into the society. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up damaging their skin through the use of harsh chemicals. Most people now choose to lighten their skins using natural products made from fruits and plant extracts.

Apart from producing herbal and organic skin care products, there are several other businesses you could do in the skin care industry, some of which include-:

Top 20 Skin Care Related Small Business ideas & Opportunities

1. Skin Clinic-: A skin care clinic is a place where people can go in to get skin treatments, advice and purchase skin maintenance products. Since the numbers of people getting cosmetic surgeries are on the rise, you could make a lot of money from becoming a cosmetic surgeon.

2. Beauty Spa-: You could also start a beauty spa where people can wash their skins, get skin treatments, massages and other procedures that would lead to better, glowing skin.

3. Skin Care Consultancy-: Skin care consultants also help to offer professional advice and support to people with skin issues.

4. Production of body lotions-: Body lotions are easier to make than you think. You can start your own body cream line and make body lotions for sale. You could think of making products to take care of specific skin issues like stretch marks, varicose veins or dark spots.

5. Soap Production-: Just like body lotions, soaps are easy to make too. You can easily learn how to make soaps on YouTube or websites that teach crafts.

6. Skin Care Blog/ Forum-: There’s a particular educative skin care forum I visit that has a lot of members. There are also many skin care blogs out there that get thousands of hits daily. People are constantly seeking to increase their knowledge on ways to take care of their skin and defy the aging process.

7. Massage Therapist-: Massaging the skin also helps with blood circulation which helps to rejuvenate the skin; you could start a mobile massaging business or open up a massage parlor.

8. Magazine Publishing-: Another business idea is to start a skin care magazine which would focus on discussing trends in the industry, skin care procedures and equipment, trending skin care products, suitable foods for glowing skin and several other skin-related topics.

9. Television Show Program-: You could also start a talk show on television where you can invite other professionals in the industry to discuss product reviews, case studies, interviews and general skin care advice.

10. Hair removal services-: You could start a hair removal and waxing service to help people remove unwanted hair from their legs, arms or general body.

11. Cosmetics retailing-: You could sell body creams, bathing soaps, perfumes, spa salts, makeup or any other skin care products. The internet is a very good place to sell your products faster.

12. Become an Esthetician-: You may also consider becoming an Esthetician, but you would have to undergo professional training to start such a business.

13. Sales Representative-: Another business opportunity to explore in the skin care industry is becoming an independent sales representative, earning commissions from distributing products for skin care products manufacturing companies.

14. Tattoo Removals-: People get tired of their tattoos sometimes and require the help of professionals to help them get rid of the tattoos and restore their skins back to its pre-tattoo state.

15. Sales of Essential Oils-: Essential oils are used to produce body lotions and soaps, hair products and perfumes. They are also used in massage parlors and spas. I have seen a lot of people make enquiries on where to get essential oils on the internet. Which means you could make great sales using the internet as your marketing tool.

16. Organic Skin Care Products-: Like I mentioned above, organic products are really trending and the good news is that they are so easy to make, you could almost make them in your kitchen.

17. Sauna Services-: Sauna baths are also very good for the skin. You could set up a sauna center for people to come in and get sauna baths or selling gadgets to clients.

18. Tanning Salon-: Everyday isn’t summer but people still want to get that summer glow whether its summer or not. You could open up a tanning salon to help people get tanned skins through artificial tanning procedures.

19. Stretch marks removal­:-: Stretch marks are nasty and tough to get rid off and sadly a lot of people have to deal with stretch marks on their bodies. People spend a lot on creams and procedures for stretch mark removals, so that they can have flawless, beautiful skin. You could start a stretch marks removal business to help people get rid of stretch marks and other stubborn skin troubles.

20. Anti-aging services-: Everyone wants to grow old but no one wants to look old. There are several products and procedures that help to slow down the process of aging such as vitamins, injections, facelifts, and surgeries to mention few. You could choose this as your own field of specialty in the skin care industry.

Ajaero Tony Martins