Candles are no longer what they used to be. In the good old days, candles were used only as tools for illumination. Today, with the advent of electricity, candles are not considered as essentials anymore. But despite that, candles are still popular and people still buy candles; especially in countries that still experience power failure or places with absence of electricity.

Are you a stay-at-home mom, nursing mother or full time housewife looking for something to keep yourself busy with; while still earning some extra income. Are you interested in starting a candle making business from home? If your answer to the above question is yes, then this article is for you.

Candle making is one of the home based businesses you can start with little or no capital investment. Yet, the returns and profits can be overwhelming especially when you are doing business in a market like Nigeria. Now I know some of you reading this article doubt the potentials of starting a candle making business from home. Why should you start a candle making business? Well, you will find your answers below:

Uses of Candle and Why You Should Start a Candle Making Business

  • Candles serves as a source of light during power failure

It is a known fact that some developing countries like Nigeria have been having power supply challenges. Unlike in the US, uk and some other developed countries where there is nothing like power failure. This constant power failure serves as an advantage especially to a candle producer because nobody wants to be in darkness.

People also buy candles for emergency purposes, especially in times of disasters that disrupt power supply such as hurricanes, or just a mechanical problem down at the power plant. Another reason why candle making is a lucrative business is because of its affordability, especially when compared to fuels such as domestic gas and kerosene.

  • Candle is used for religious and ceremonial purposes

In countries like Nigeria, China, Italy, India, and many other countries of the world, candles serve for religious purposes (shrines and temples) and ceremonies such as birthdays, burial procession, etc. Also, the sale of candles thrive during festive seasons like Easter, valentine, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas etc.

  • Candle is for beautification or decorative purposes

People also use candles for decorative purposes in places like restaurants, halls, places of worship, etc. Most candles today come in many colors and designs. Others come in an array of scents. Extremely popular nowadays are aromatherapy candles, where a whiff of their scent will have an effect on someone’s mood.

  • Candle making is not capital or labour intensive

Yes, candle making as a business is neither capital intensive, nor labor intensive. You can start this business right from home and grow from there. You can also have your customers come buy from you at home or you may choose to take the wares to them. Either way you choose, it won’t cost your neck.

I believe that the few reasons stated above is enough to convince you of the profit potential of running a candle making business. So now that the doubt is cleared and your pessimism crushed, you can read on to discover the step by step approach to setting up your own candle making business from home.

Starting a Candle Making Business from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

1.  Decide on the type of candle you would be making

To start a candle making business from home, first decide what type of candle you intend to make and sell. As mentioned above, you can make candles for emergency, decorative or therapy purposes. There are also other kinds of candles such as jar candles, tarts, candles that use soy wax or paraffin. The choice is entirely up to you.

2. Do your feasibility study

A lot of research needs be carried out with respect to your home based candle business niche idea. You need to determine if there is an existing market that you can reach out to. If yes, then you need to ascertain the level of competition and the exact type of candle your potential customers would need.

After that, you need to prepare a candle making business plan.

3. Learn as much as you can about the process of making candles

Yes. Since you will be starting this business on a small scale, you need to make sure you are on the right track and you know what you are doing. Knowledge is very important because it can be a huge determinant between your cost of production and your profits. The first place to start your research is on the internet because there are many candle making forums where seasoned candle makers are willing to assist you.

All you have to do is to gather as much information as you can, but ensure that the information gathered is aligned with your aims and objectives. If your aim and objective is to make soy candles and tarts, do not explore paraffin alternatives. Experiment with different candle making techniques and perfect the technique you think work best. You will be able to earn more if you master your craft. Practice makes perfect.

4.   Set up your work area

Clear a space in your home, whether in your garage or even your own craft room, where you can create your candles. Candle making is a messy craft and your space must be easy to clean and handle.

5.  Write a simple one page business plan for your candle production business.

6.   Register your business

You will need to legitimize your business. Everyone knows that before you can start your candle making business from home, you need to get the appropriate permits and licenses from both your state and local government. You don’t want the government closing you down for illegal business operations.

Before you start your candle making business from home, speak to an attorney or an accountant. Get advice on tax structures and insurance. You will need it for future purposes.

7.  Simplify your marketing plan

There is nothing wrong with ambition. Ambition will drive you to business success but being overly ambitious will be detrimental to your business. Start small. You have just begun your candle making business from home. Don’t attempt to go global when you are only capable of producing a small amount of candles. It will only lead to frustration and eventually, you will give up.

8.   Build an online presence

Going online to sell your products is the most ideal way to get a lot of buyers. Use social media to your advantage. Since you started your candle making business from home, you may not have a presence in your community because you don’t have a shop. But that shouldn’t stop you from succeeding. Make some noise in the internet and before you know it, people will be buying your candles left and right.

9.  Create your brand

The first step in branding your candle making business is to make a name for yourself. What would you like your business or your candles to be called? Think up creative business names for your business. After that, you should design your logo and print out business cards.

10.  Learn other business skills like accounting, financing, marketing and sales. Your candle making skills won’t go very far if you don’t know how to budget your finances and sell your products. As the producer of these candles, you are the one who know exactly what your candles are and what they can do.

11.  Find reliable vendors of candle and craft supplies

To start your candle making business from home, you need to establish relationships with your local suppliers. Not only will they be able to give you good deals and good payment options for the supplies you buy from them, you will also be able to promote your candles in their shops.

List of Candle Making Equipment and Kit

  • Rubber plugs
  • Stainless steel scoop
  • Thermometer
  • Votive candle wick pin
  • Automated candle making machine
  • Gel filling system
  • Wax dispensing machine
  • Gravity candle pouring system
  • Wax transfer system
  • Round glass tumblers
  • Gum leaf aromatherapy essential oils
  • Candle fragrance oil
  • Dye/color for candle
  • Palm wax patterned effect
  • Soy container wax
  • Soy pillar wax
  • ‘Mini’ refill kit for rainbow candles
Ajaero Tony Martins