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How to Start a Press On Nail Business

A press-on nail business involves creating and selling artificial nails that can be applied at home without the need for professional salon services or acrylic/gel application. These nails typically come pre-designed and pre-sized, often with adhesive backing for easy application.

Press-on nails have gained popularity as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional salon nail services, allowing individuals to change their nail styles frequently without committing to long-term nail enhancements.

Running a press-on nail business may involve various aspects such as designing and manufacturing the nails, marketing and selling them through online platforms or retail stores, providing customer service, and managing orders and inventory.

Additionally, some businesses may offer customization options where customers can request specific designs or sizes. Press-on nail businesses cater to a wide range of customers who desire trendy and stylish nail designs but prefer the flexibility and affordability of DIY applications.

Steps on How to Start a Press On Nail Business

  1. Conduct Market Research

Conducting thorough market research is crucial for the success of a press-on nail business. First, you are expected to determine the specific demographics and psychographics of your ideal customers.

Consider factors such as age, gender, income, nail type, beauty care concerns, and purchasing behavior. Next, you are expected to identify other nailcare brands in your niche or category.

Analyze both direct competitors (those offering similar products) and indirect competitors (those addressing similar needs through different products).

You should also perform a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for your business and your competitors. This will help you understand your competitive advantage and areas that need improvement.

Investigate the best distribution channels for your products. Consider selling through e-commerce platforms, brick-and-mortar stores, or a combination of both.

Lastly, based on your research, you should develop a business plan and of course, a marketing plan that targets your ideal customers and highlights your unique selling points.

a. Who is the Target Market for the Press-On Nail Business?
  • People who enjoy following trends and want to regularly change their nail designs to match their outfits or moods.
  • Professionals who have limited time for salon visits but still want to maintain well-groomed nails.
  • Individuals preparing for special events such as weddings, parties, or vacations who want temporary, hassle-free nail enhancements.
  • People who prefer affordable alternatives to salon services and are looking for cost-effective ways to beautify their nails.
  • Individuals interested in experimenting with different nail art designs and styles without committing to long-term acrylic or gel enhancements.
  • Individuals who prefer non-damaging options for nail enhancement, such as those with weak or damaged nails.
  • People who enjoy do-it-yourself projects and are interested in trying out new beauty techniques at home.
b. Is Press On Nail Business a Profitable Business?

The press-on nail business can be profitable, driven by its convenience and affordability. Market data indicates substantial growth, with the global artificial nails market projected to reach $7.9 billion by 2027.

Targeting fashion-conscious individuals, busy professionals, and budget-conscious consumers, among others, offers a broad customer base.

Low overhead costs, minimal inventory requirements, and the ability to tap into online sales channels contribute to profit potential. With increasing demand for DIY beauty solutions, press-on nail businesses have promising profitability prospects.

c. Are There Existing Niches in the Industry?

No, there are no existing niches when it comes to press-on nail business.

d. Who are the Major Competitors?
  • Static Nails
  • Kiss Products
  • Marmalade Nails
  • Dashing Diva
  • Glamnetic
  • imPRESS
  • Color Street
  • Red Aspen
  • Olive & June
  • Pressed by KP
  • The Nailest
  • NailHur
  • Custom Nails by Lina
  • Ohora
  • LaLaQueen
  • LUX SF
  • Tress Couture
  • Nails of Promise
  • Unistella
  • KISS Professional.
e. Are There County or State Regulations or Zoning Laws for Press-On Nail Business?

Yes, there are county or state regulations, as well as zoning laws, that apply to press-on nail businesses in the United States.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the labeling of cosmetics and skincare products. Your product labels must comply with FDA guidelines, including ingredient listings and safety information.

If your business involves the actual manufacturing of nail-care products, you must adhere to FDA regulations and good manufacturing practices (GMP) for cosmetics. These standards ensure product safety and quality.

You may need to check local zoning regulations to determine if your chosen location is zoned for commercial or industrial use.

If you plan to run a home-based press-on nail business, you should check local zoning laws and business regulations to ensure compliance.

Depending on your location and the nature of your business, health and safety inspections may be required to ensure that your products and facilities meet safety standards.

If you hire employees, you will need to comply with federal and state labor laws, including minimum wage, overtime, and workplace safety regulations.

f. Is There a Franchise for Press-On Nail Business?

No, there are no franchise opportunities for the press-on nail business.

g. What Do You Need to Start a Press-on Nail Business?
  • Business Plan
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Nail art supplies (e.g., stickers, rhinestones)
  • Manufacturer or Production Facility
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Legal Structure and Permits
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Distribution Channels
  • Financial Resources.
  1. Choose a Memorable Business Name

When looking to start a business, before you can begin to file the necessary documents with the constituted authorities or start your website, it is necessary that you come up with a name that you will be recognized with.

It is essential that the name you come up with can easily be pronounced, is unique and easily memorable. Some of the catchy business name ideas suitable for a press on nail business are;

Creative Press On Nail Business Name ideas
  • Alexia Dave® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Hilda Holmes® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Winnie Ruben® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Sparkles Company® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Sonnia Smith® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Princess Bartel® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Ariel Arioch® Press-On Nail, LLC
  • Rose Patel® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Mona Ramsey® Press-On Nail, LLC
  • Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Stacey Scott® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Mirabel Johnson® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Jill Jordan™ Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Daniella Martins® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Charlotte Rowland® Press-On Nail, LLC
  • Julie Nelson® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Annie Atkinson® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Lola Gordon™ Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Dora Norman® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  • Golden Finger® Press-On Nail, Inc.
  1. Register Your Business

a. What Type of Business Structure is Best for Press-On Nail Business?

The ideal business structure for a press-on nail company is determined by a variety of factors, including the size of the company, the number of owners, the level of personal liability the owners are ready to accept, and the tax consequences of the various business structures.

However, we normally recommend a limited liability company structure because an LLC is a hybrid corporate form that provides the flexibility of a partnership while also providing its owners with limited liability protection.

An LLC can have one or more owners, and the owners are not personally accountable for the debts or liabilities of the business. This business form is frequently used for small to medium-sized organizations.

b. Steps to Form an LLC
  • Choose a Name for Your LLC.
  • File Articles of Organization.
  • Choose a registered agent.
  • Decide on member vs. manager management.
  • Create an LLC operating agreement.
  • Comply with other tax and regulatory requirements.
  • File annual reports.
c. What Type of License is Needed to Open a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Business License
  • Sales tax permit
  • Cosmetology license (if offering nail services)
  • Retail license
  • Health department permit (if applicable)
  • Trade name registration
  • Home occupation permit (if operating from home)
  • E-commerce license (for online sales)
  • Occupational license
  • Employer identification number (EIN).
d. What Type of Certification is Needed to Open a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Nail Technician Certification
  • Nail Art Certification
  • Product Safety Certification
  • Business Management Certification
  • Health and Sanitation Certification.
e. What Documents are Needed to Open a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Business plan
  • Business License
  • Sales tax permit
  • Cosmetology license (if offering nail services)
  • Trade name registration
  • Lease agreement or proof of ownership for business location
  • Health department permit (if applicable)
  • E-commerce license (for online sales)
  • Employee identification number (EIN)
  • Business Insurance
  • Supplier agreements or contracts
  • Marketing materials (e.g., logo, branding)
  • Terms and conditions for customers
  • Inventory list
  • Financial documents (e.g., budget, financial projections).
f. Do You Need a Trademark, Copyright, or Patent?

Yes, intellectual property protection is important for a press-on nail business to safeguard your brand, products, and innovations. Depending on what aspects you want to protect, you may need to consider trademark, copyright, or patent applications.

A trademark is used to protect your brand name, logo, and symbols that distinguish your products or services from others in the market.

Registering a trademark helps prevent others from using similar branding which could create confusion among consumers.

Copyright protection is relevant if you have original written, artistic, or creative works associated with your business, such as marketing materials, product packaging design, or website content. It safeguards against unauthorized use or reproduction of your creative assets.

If your press-on nail business involves innovative product formulations or manufacturing processes that are novel, non-obvious, and useful, you may consider applying for patents.

Patents protect inventions and grant you exclusive rights to make, use, or sell the patented technology for a certain period.

  1. Cost Analysis and Budgeting

a. How Much Does It Cost to Start a Press-On Nail Business?

The cost to start a press-on nail business can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the business, location, equipment, supplies needed, staffing costs, marketing expenses, and more.

However, a rough estimate could range from $1 million to $5 million or more, depending on the size and scope of the business.

b. What are the Costs Involved in Starting a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Legal and administrative costs (the cost of obtaining business licenses and permits, registering the business, and consulting with attorneys and accountants): $20,500
  • Equipment and supplies: $550,000
  • Staffing costs: $255,000
  • Rent/lease: $125,000
  • Marketing and advertising costs: $10,000
  • Insurance costs: $22,800
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: $5,000.
c. What Factors Determine the Cost of Opening a Press-On Nail Business?
  • The type of press-on nail business
  • The size of the press-on nail business
  • The choice of location
  • The required licenses and permits
  • The cost of hiring and paying a business consultant and attorney
  • The cost for branding, promotion, and marketing of the press-on nail business
  • The cost of furnishing and equipping the press-on nail production factory
  • The cost of the insurance policy covers
  • The cost of registering the business
  • Source of your supplies and ongoing expenses
  • Cost of recruiting and training your staff
  • The cost of the purchase and customizing of uniforms, shoes, and caps for your employees
  • The cost for the grand opening of the press-on nail business.
d. Do You Need to Build a Facility? If YES, How Much Will It Cost?

It is not necessary to build a new facility for your press-on nail business, but, if you have the required finance, it will pay you to build your own facility.

The truth is that building or reconstructing a facility for your press-on nail business will allow you to come up with a facility that will perfectly fit into your overall business goals and vision.

e. What are the Ongoing Expenses of a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Cost of purchasing nail molds, nail polish/gel, adhesive, nail art supplies, packaging materials, etc.
  • Expenses related to promoting the business through various channels such as social media ads, influencer collaborations, email marketing, etc.
  • If operating from a physical location, ongoing rent or mortgage payment for the business premises.
  • Monthly expenses for electricity, water, internet, and other utilities
  • Labor Costs.
  • Ongoing premiums for business insurance coverage such as liability insurance, property insurance, or worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Costs associated with hosting the business website and maintaining its functionality.
  • Expenses related to packaging materials, shipping fees, and fulfilment services for online orders.
  • Fees for accounting, legal, or consulting services utilized to support the business operations.
  • Subscription fees for software tools used for inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), or design software.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses such as office supplies, repairs and maintenance, or professional development/training.
f. What is the Average Salary of your Staff?
  • Production Manager – $65,000 per year
  • Quality Control Manager – $50,000 per year
  • Accountant – $45,000 per year
  • Administrative Assistant – $40,000 per year
  • Processing and Production Staff – $38,000 per year
  • Logistics and Shipping Staff – $35,000 per year
  • Customer Service Executive -$35,000 per year
g. How Do You Get Funding to Start a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Raising money from personal savings and sale of personal stocks and properties
  • Raising money from investors and business partners
  • Sell shares to interested investors
  • Applying for a loan from your bank/banks
  • Pitching your business idea and applying for business grants and seed funding from the government, donor organizations, and angel investors
  • Source for soft loans from your family members and friends.
  1. Write a Business Plan

a. Executive Summary

Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC is a Chicago-based beauty company specializing in the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality press-on nails.

Founded by industry experts with a passion for innovation and creativity, our company aims to revolutionize the nail industry by providing customers with trendy, customizable, and convenient nail solutions.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our press-on nails are meticulously crafted using premium materials and cutting-edge techniques.

From vibrant designs to subtle classics, our diverse range of nail styles caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Operating in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, our strategic location allows us to tap into a diverse market of fashion-conscious individuals seeking innovative beauty solutions.

We plan to leverage various marketing channels, including social media, influencer collaborations, and targeted advertising, to raise brand awareness and drive sales.

b. Products and Service

At Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives everything we do. Here’s an overview of our products and services:

  • Press-On Nails: From bold and vibrant patterns to subtle and elegant styles, our press-on nails cater to a wide range of preferences.
  • Customization Options: We provide customization services, allowing customers to create their unique nail designs. Whether it’s incorporating personalized artwork, initials, or specific color combinations, we work closely with customers to bring their vision to life.
  • Nail Accessories: In addition to press-on nails, we offer a selection of nail accessories to enhance the overall nail experience. This includes nail glue, adhesive tabs, nail files, and buffers.
c. Mission Statement

At Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC, our mission is to empower individuals to express their unique style and enhance their confidence through effortless nail enhancements.

We strive to revolutionize the nail industry by offering premium-quality press-on nails, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service.

Vision Statement:

Our vision at Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC is to become a globally recognized leader in the press-on nail industry, synonymous with innovation, quality, and creativity.

We envision a future where press-on nails are the preferred choice for individuals seeking convenient, trend-setting nail enhancements.

d. Goals and Objectives

At Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC, our goals are to revolutionize the nail industry with premium-quality press-on nails, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service. We aim to empower individuals to express their unique style effortlessly while enhancing their confidence.

Our objectives include expanding our product offerings, establishing a strong online presence, fostering sustainable practices, and cultivating strategic partnerships.

By prioritizing creativity, quality, and convenience, we strive to become a globally recognized leader in the press-on nail market, inspiring self-expression and elevating the beauty experience for our customers.

e. Organizational Structure
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Accountant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Processing and Production Staff
  • Logistics and Shipping Staff
  • Customer Service Executive.

Marketing Plan

a. SWOT Analysis
  • Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC offers high-quality press-on nails crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • The company stays ahead of trends with innovative and diverse nail designs, catering to a wide range of customer preferences.
  • Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC provides customization services, allowing customers to create personalized nail designs, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The brand has established a strong and recognizable identity in the press-on nail market, fostering customer trust and brand loyalty.
  • Operating in Chicago, Illinois provides access to a diverse and fashion-conscious market, enabling the company to reach a broad customer base.
  • The company relies heavily on online sales channels, potentially limiting market reach compared to physical retail presence.
  • Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC’s business model heavily relies on staying current with fashion trends, making it susceptible to shifts in consumer preferences.
  • Manufacturing press-on nails in-house may lead to production limitations, impacting scalability and potential growth opportunities.
  • Diversifying product offerings beyond press-on nails, such as nail care products or accessories, could attract new customers and increase revenue streams.
  • Exploring international markets offers opportunities for growth and expansion beyond the local market, tapping into global demand for beauty products.
  • Forming collaborations with influencers, fashion brands, or beauty retailers can enhance brand visibility and reach new customer segments.
  • The press-on nail market is competitive, with established brands and new entrants vying for market share, posing a threat to Joy Scottsdale™ Press-On Nail, LLC’s market position.
  • Economic downturns or fluctuations in consumer spending habits could impact discretionary spending on beauty products, affecting sales.
  • Dependencies on suppliers for raw materials and production components may expose the company to risks of supply chain disruptions, impacting product availability and production timelines.
  • Changes in regulations related to cosmetics, manufacturing standards, or import/export policies could require compliance adjustments, adding operational complexity and costs.
b. How Do Press-On Nail Businesses Make Money?

A press-on nail business makes money by selling a wide range of premium-quality press-on nails in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and also nail accessories such as nail glue, adhesive tabs, nail files, and buffers et al.

c. Payment Options
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Mobile Payment Apps (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  • Contactless Payment (e.g., NFC-enabled cards)
  • Digital Wallets (e.g., PayPal, Venmo)
  • QR Code Payments.
d. Sales & Advertising Strategies
  • Build a website that showcases your products, provides information on the benefits of your products, and offers a convenient way for customers to purchase products online.
  • Establish social media accounts and engage with customers to build brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Partnering with influencers and bloggers who have a strong following in the beauty care industry.
  • Attending trade shows and beauty care fairs to showcase your products and meet potential customers.
  • Offering discounts and promotions as a way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business.
  • Creating educational content, such as blog posts or videos, that explains the benefits of press-on nails as a way of building trust with potential customers and establishing the business as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Develop relationships with retailers, and wholesalers.

Financial Projection

a. How Much Should You Charge for your Product/Service?

Basic Sets: These typically include a set of pre-designed press-on nails without additional accessories. Prices can range from $5 to $15 per set.

Mid-range Sets: These sets may offer more intricate designs, higher-quality materials, or additional features such as reusable adhesive tabs. Prices range from $10 to $25 per set.

Premium Sets: Premium sets often feature unique designs, superior-quality materials, and additional accessories such as nail glue, nail files, or cuticle sticks. Prices can range from $20 to $50 or more per set.

Customized Sets: Customized press-on nail sets, where customers can choose specific designs or request personalized nail art, typically command higher prices.

Prices vary widely depending on the complexity of the customization, starting from $20 and going up to $100 or more per set.

Subscription Services: Some press-on nail businesses offer subscription services, where customers receive regular shipments of curated nail designs.

Subscription prices can range from $15 to $40 per month, depending on the frequency of shipments and the number of sets included.

b. How Much Profit Do Press-On Nail Business Owners Make a Year?

The annual profit of press-on nail business owners in the U.S. varies widely depending on factors such as sales volume, pricing strategy, and overhead costs.

On average, small to medium-sized press-on nail businesses can generate profits ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 per year. Larger and more established businesses may earn profits exceeding $500,000 annually.

Profit margins typically range from 20% to 50%, with successful businesses achieving higher margins through efficient operations and effective marketing.

c. What Factors Determine the Amount of Profit to Be Made?
  • The capacity of the press-on nail business, and their sales volume
  • The location the press-on nail business is covering
  • The management style of the press-on nail business
  • The business approach of the press-on nail business
  • The advertising and marketing strategies adopted by the press-on nail business.
d. What is the Profit Margin of a Press-On Nail Business?

In general, a profitable press-on nail business may have a profit margin ranging from 20 percent to 40 percent or more. However, this can vary widely depending on the specific business and market.

e. What is the Sales Forecast?
  • First Fiscal Year (FY1): $1.5 million
  • Second Fiscal Year (FY2): $3 million
  • Third Fiscal Year (FY3): $5 million
  1. Set Up your Shop/Office

a. How Do You Choose a Perfect Location for a Press-On Nail Business?
  • The demography of the location as it relates to the number of females
  • The demand for press on nail products and related products in the location
  • The purchasing power of businesses and the residence of the location
  • Accessibility of the location to raw materials, labor, and distribution network
  • The number of press-on nail businesses and related businesses in the location
  • The local laws and regulations in the community/state
  • Traffic, parking, and security et al
b. What State and City is Best to Open a Press-On Nail Business?
  • San Francisco, California
  • Austin, Texas
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York, New York
  • Miami, Florida
  • Boston, Massachusetts.
c. What Equipment is Needed to Operate a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Nail Molds
  • Nail Art Tools
  • UV or LED Lamp
  • Nail File and Buffers
  • Nail Glue
  • Adhesive Tabs or Stickers
  • Filling Machines
  • Scales and Weighing Equipment
  • Heat Sealers
  • Labeling Machines
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Quality Control Instruments
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Research and Development Tools
  • Safety and Protective Gear
  • Shipping and Packaging Supplies
  • Storage and Shelving Units
  • Office Equipment (computers, printers, phones).
  1. Hire Employees

You cannot operate a press-on nail business without hiring employees because various tasks require specialized skills and efficiency.

Employees are essential for designing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping press-on nails. Furthermore, customer service representatives are needed to assist clients and handle inquiries.

With a team in place, you can ensure smooth operations, maintain product quality, meet demand, and provide excellent service, ultimately driving the success of your business.

  1. Launch the Business Proper

Organizing a launch party for a press-on nail business is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it creates excitement and buzz around your brand, generating interest and anticipation among potential customers. A launch party offers an opportunity to showcase your products, allowing attendees to experience them firsthand.

Targeting beauty enthusiasts, influencers, local media outlets, and industry professionals ensures maximum exposure and word-of-mouth marketing.

Moreover, a well-executed launch party helps establish your brand’s identity, build relationships with stakeholders, and lay a strong foundation for future growth.

a. What Makes a Press-On Nail Business Successful?
  • Choose a good location and unique product packaging to launch the business
  • Make sure your products and services are top-notch
  • Throw an open house grand party before officially opening the press-on nail business
  • Be deliberate with your marketing sales approach
  • Encourage the use of word of mouth to promote your press-on nail business
  • Leverage all available online and offline platforms to promote your press-on nail business
b. What Happens During a Typical Day at a Press-On Nail Business?

A typical day at a press-on nail business involves various tasks and responsibilities. It starts with checking and responding to emails, inquiries, and customer orders.

Next, the team may begin manufacturing press-on nails, including preparing nail molds, applying nail polish or gel, and creating intricate designs.

Quality control measures ensure each set meets standards before packaging. Marketing efforts, such as social media posts, collaborations, or website updates, help maintain brand visibility and attract customers.

Throughout the day, customer service representatives address inquiries, assist, and process orders. Administrative tasks, such as inventory management, financial tracking, and supplier communication, are also essential.

c. What Skills and Experience Do You Need to Build a Press-On Nail Business?
  • Proficiency in creating intricate nail designs and understanding of various nail art techniques.
  • Knowledge of business operations, including finance, marketing, sales, and customer service.
  • Ability to innovate and create unique press-on nail designs that appeal to target customers.
  • Attention to Details
  • Time Management skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Understanding of marketing strategies, branding principles, and social media platforms
  • Ability to provide exceptional customer service, address inquiries, resolve issues, and build strong relationships with clients.
  • Proficiency in using design software, nail art tools, and other equipment necessary for manufacturing press-on nails.
  • Industry Knowledge.