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How to Start an Avocado Pear Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you want to start an avocado pear farm from scratch? Or you need a sample avocado pear farm business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. There are loads of agricultural businesses that one could start. All around the world there have been the increase of farm business, even though there was a plummet of interest some years ago. These days you just might have also observed that those who have taken to the agricultural sector business seem dignified.

One of the business that have continued to gain prominence because of its very highly medicinal value is the avocado pear farm. However, first off, let us look at what the avocado is all about. This fruit can be adjudged a nutritional power house any day. Although it seems fatty, but it is in no where hazardous to the health of man. It has a creamy nature with a rich taste that can be singled out easily.

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The avocado pear contains over three grams of protein that cannot be got in other fruits. It has a sugar content that is low and those who are weary of their sugar level consumption can easily consume this fruit since it contains about 0.2 grams of sugar.

So, enough said about the benefits of the avocado pear business. Now, if you have the penchant for growing stuff and you are looking to start an agricultural business in this regard then you may consider following the steps in this read to start your own avocado pear farm.

Starting an Avocado Pear Farm – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Make Some Research

It isn’t enough that you just jump on a land and begin to farm without getting some intrinsic knowledge about what you want to embark on. First of all, you have got to make some good research to arrive at the type of information that might guide you as you go along the way. You may consider reading books on how you can start an avocado pear farm, as well as use the internet.

If perhaps you do not get the kind of information you want like; how many acres of land you might need to start your avocado orchard, the amount needed, the types of seedlings and what have you, then can as well consider seeing an agricultural expert who might be in the best position to see you through this hurdle.

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2. Be Determined

Determination is one of the keys that can drive you or anyone for that matter to achieve greatly in any Endeavour. For that reason, you have got to determine that this is what you want to do. This could be borne out of the fact that you probably like the avocado fruit taste, or have been a beneficiary of its wonderful nutrititional benefits. Whatever might be the reason why you have taken to want to start this pear farm, be sure that it is a burning one that can sustain you through the challenges- since no task is devoid of teething problems.

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3. Go See Things for Yourself

It isn’t enough that you make do with the theoretical knowledge that you garner from your survey. What must you do then? Well, you have got to go garner some practical lessons. This means that you have got to figure out one who already is in this line of business and you have got to go get trained on how things are run around the farm.

This would include knowing the amount of seeds that are needed for your avocado rearing, the duration it takes to get them germinated, how to tend the crops, its return on investment, its productivity level, as well as what it’s harvesting is all about. Whilst, you might be lucky to find avocado orchards in the city, in some instance; you might need to travel far to get one.

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4. Consider Land Use

The land use issue depends solely on the country or location you find yourself. Whilst, in other countries getting a large expanse of land might be turbulent because of the fact that the government might be better interested in converting these lands to real estate properties, yet in other cases it might just be a cinch.

Therefore, you have got to be sure that getting an arable land might be one that wouldn’t pose a big problem to you. If you are lucky to start from an inherited land; then all well and good. If on the other hand you are not able to do this, then you might have to consider acquiring a land to start this business with.

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One other challenge that you might face under getting a land to use might be the amount of money required to purchase one since lands do not come cheap in most countries of the world.

5. Consider the Labor and Water Costs

It is one thing to start an avocado pear farm, it is yet another to be sure that you have all the man power that might be needed to get things underway. One other thing of pertinence to note would be the water supply. It becomes a very difficult act to do when you aren’t too sure of the water supply rate of the area you have decided to locate your farm.

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Do note that maintaining an avocado pear orchard is labor intensive and this invariably means that would attract you paying the laborers even more. Consequently, the water supply has to be critically looked into, as there are some areas where rainfall which happens to be the ideal thing the avocado orchard needs to thrive might not come along readily. For that reason, you may also need to get supply from nearby water supplying units like a water station, as well as canals.

There you have it! These are the very foundational factors that you have got to really follow intimately, so as to start on the right footing. In addition to all these, be sure to critically go on several excursions so as to continue to sharpen your knowledge level. Take the path of the factors stated and you would be on your way to starting a good avocado pear farm.