Do you want to start a pet cemetery company from scratch? Or you need a sample pet cemetery business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

There several businesses that are unique to some part of the world and pet cemetery is one of such business. The truth is that if you live in Africa or Asia, operating a pet cemetery business will not fly simply because Africans and Asians don’t consider it necessary to organize a burial ceremony for their pets when they die. However, if you live in North America, some countries in Europe or in Australia; then you should consider pursuing your idea of starting your own pet cemetery business.

Operating a pet cemetery is all about providing a burial ground for pet owners to bury their pets when they die. This kind of business is rapidly gaining ground in the united states and some entrepreneurs have started looking towards starting such business. The process of setting up a pet cemetery is not too difficult and the profitability of the business is dependent on a lot of factors.

Although, some entrepreneurs who are already running their own pet cemetery came into the business as a result of their love for pets, and they are satisfied with the returns they are getting from the business.

The truth is that if you are creative in running your own pet cemetery, you will sure make huge returns on your investment. As a matter of fact, part of what you need to do to make this type of business very lucrative is to add other related pet services like selling of customized pet coffins, and pet mortuary, et al to your pet cemetery business.

Now let us quickly consider some of the steps you need to follow to be able to successfully launch your own pet cemetery in your choice location from the scratch and then build the business to profitability within the shortest time frame possible;

Starting a Pet Cemetery – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Ensure That the Business Idea Will Fly In Your Country

The paramount thing about starting this type of business that is not common, is to carry out a survey to confirm if your pet cemetery business may fly. The truth is that, if the people in your community do not accept the idea of a pet cemetery, there is no point going ahead with the idea.

Of course there are places where pet owners are already making use of pet cemeteries and there are places with no pet cemetery and pet owners won’t mind having one. So ensure that you get your facts and figures right before going ahead to start your own pet cemetery.

2. Come up With Plans on How to Run the Business

If you are certain that the idea of owning a pet cemetery is widely accepted in your community, then the next thing to do is to come up with plans on how to run the business – it is called business plan. You don’t need a comprehensive business plan to be able to run a pet cemetery; a simple business plan would be fine. Just ensure that you have a working document for operating your business.

3. Register a Business Name and Obtain Operating License and Permit

For you to be able to start a pet cemetery in the United State or in any part of the world, you would be required to register your business with the Government of your country and then apply for an operating license and permit from both your state and local government. So, ensure that you get your pet cemetery business registered and then obtain your license and permit from the appropriate authorities.

4. Acquire a Landed Property for Your Pet Cemetery

You main investment in this type of business is acquiring a landed property for your pet cemetery. It can be challenging obtaining a land that is large enough to serve the purpose you want to use the land for and also a land that can easily get approval from your state and local government. So when shopping for land, ensure that you work with a real estate agent that knows the zoning law in the area you intend purchasing your land.

5. Prepare the Land for the Purpose You Acquire It-: Once you are able to secure a land, then the next step is to prepare the land for the purpose you acquire it. Part of what you need to do to get the land prepared is to build fence around the land, clear the land and then build tombs the size of pets.

6. Add Other Related Business Offerings to Your Pet Cemetery

You might quite agree that people don’t get to bury their pets every day and that is why you must be creative with your pet cemetery business. Part of what you need to do to secure steady and additional income in this line of business is to add other pet related service to your business offering.

You can add the sale of customized pet coffins, you can add pet mortuary, you can add the sale of pet drugs or you can run a vet clinic. The bottom line is that it will pay you to run a business that will be a one stop shop for all pet owners in your community or state.

7. Market and Advertise Your Pet Cemetery

The truth is that pet cemetery business is not a common business and that is why you must do all it takes to advertise your pet cemetery. If pet owners don’t know that you run a pet cemetery in their community, there is no way they will patronize you.

Hence, ensure that you print fliers and distribute it to pet owners in your community. You can also visit vet clinics to inform them that you run a pet cemetery in the community; you are likely going to get loads of referrals from vet clinics in your area since most pet owners visit them when their pets are sick or needed vaccination et al.

There you have it; the 7 steps you need to follow to be able to start your own pet cemetery.

Ajaero Tony Martins