Do you have good programming skills and you are interested in starting a cloud computing business? Do you need a sample cloud computing business plan template? If YES, then I advice you read on.

Cloud computing is one of those innovations borne out of the need for companies to reduce costs of operation. Cloud computing makes it possible for companies to cut down on overhead costs by conducting the computer-related aspects of their business virtually.

Cloud computing allows you to entrust the computer-related aspect of your business into the hands of third party providers while you focus on other aspects of your business like beating the competition and increasing profits.

Cloud computing allows you to rent software as a service instead of purchasing one yourself. The installation, maintenance, updates and repair will all be the responsibility of your cloud computing service provider.

It is a fast growing industry that was estimated to be worth about $16.7 billion in 2013. As companies continue to embrace cloud computing, smart investors continue to look for ways to become a part of this booming industry.

Cloud computing business is a fairly easy start up and just in case you are already thinking of firing your boss to become a cloud computing service provider, these are some of the things you need to do-:

Starting a Cloud Computing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Decide on the type of services you want to sell

When it comes to cloud computing, there are a number of options that you can go with and before you go ahead to start your cloud computing business, it is important to determine the needs of your targeted customers. There are three options you can opt for:

a. Platform as a service (PaaS)-: that allows your clients to rent operating systems, network capacity, storage or even hardware. Clients are able to rent virtualized servers and other related services from you.

b. There is also another option in cloud computing known as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)-: With IaaS, companies do not have to own hardware, networking components or servers for running their business but instead outsource it to a third party who would be responsible for storing, maintaining and running the system.

c. Lastly, there is Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows clients rent software instead of purchasing it.

Would you prefer to start a business from the scratch or partner with an already established cloud service provider? As a beginner in the business, it is smarter to leverage on other people’s efforts instead of going right ahead to start your own brand.

This would help you save money and afford you the opportunity to learn the ropes and understand the business perfectly before going right ahead to start your own brand. You can become a reseller under a cloud service provider and earn commission and referral fees.

2. Search for a partner

Now that you have figured out the category of cloud services you would like to provide and you already know that it costs less resources and efforts to resell cloud services than to start your brand. The next step to take is to look for a company that offers the service you wish to specialize in and talk to them about an opportunity to partner with them.

It is important that you understand all the terms and conditions before going ahead to sign a contract. You should understand what the compensation plan is like, what your responsibilities will be like; will you be in charge maintenance? These are some of the things you ought to know before you sign a contract.

3. Create a marketing plan

Now that you have all the core aspects of your business figured out, there is just one more thing you need to get a grip on before you start. You need to create a marketing plan and figure out how to sell your services when you start.

Companies prefer to outsource their computing services to trusted providers for security reasons. How do you plan to gain the trust of customers as a beginner? This is why you must create a marketing plan to get customers to subscribe to your services when you commence business.

3. Purchase necessary equipment

Starting a cloud computing business from the scratch is a business that requires a huge capital outlay and you will need to purchase a lot of equipment such as servers, computer software as well as hardware, operating systems and processors.

4. Rent an Office Space

To increase the confidence of your customers and build trust, it is necessary for you to get a physical office space. Although cloud computing is a business that can be conducted online conveniently, having a physical office is better because it will boost the confidence of clients in your services. You should also hire some support staff to work with you.

5. Don’t forget your business plan

You must not forget to write a business plan to guide you during the course of your business. A business plan would serve as a business pilot to guide you whenever you need to take decisions or make adjustments in your business.