Do you want to start a graffiti removal company from scratch? Or you need a sample graffiti removal business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

In most parts of the world, it is the duty of the government especially the local government to ensure that they remove graffiti from public facilities to maintain cleaner and decent environment.

Since it is the responsibility of government officials to maintain the beautification of public facilities, it is therefore very important to position your graffiti removal business to be able to secure contracts from the government to help remove graffiti in your environment.

The fact that graffitis aren’t welcome in most part of the world especially when it is sprayed on public building doesn’t stop people from going all the way out to stamp their presence with graffiti in public facilities. No doubt starting a graffiti removal business can be considered to be a profitable business especially if you are working directly for the government of your country as their agent.

If you are already in the cleaning business, then it can be easier for you to add graffiti removal to the services you offer and if you intend to start your own graffiti business from the scratch, then you should consider the following surefire steps below.

Starting a Graffiti Removal Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Register Your Business

The fact that you would need to register your graffiti removal business can’t be over emphasized. This is simply because your major client would be the government of your country and they wouldn’t enter into any business dealings with you if your company is not register.

So if indeed you want to make good income from your graffiti removal business, then you should endeavor to do all it takes to get the business registered with the corporate affairs commission of your country. After obtaining your certificate of incorporation, then you can open a corporate account for your business and you can also apply for your Tax Payers ID.

2. Learn the Trade

There are different techniques involved in the removal of unwanted graffiti in public facility. If you want to be truly effective in this line of business, then you must do all it takes to learn how to remove graffiti without causing additional damages.

As a matter of fact, if the removal of graffiti is not handled by professionals, they may likely cause more harm than good. You can learn the trade by attaching yourself to someone who is already in the business of removing graffiti, or you can learn it from books and videos.

3. Rent an Office Facility

Although you may operate this kind of business from your house; but if you have the finance and you intend to pursue big contracts from the government, then you should secure an affordable office facility. The truth is that owning an office facility for your business can give you an edge when bidding for graffiti removal contracts from the government of your country. The fact that you have an office facility away from your home indicates that you are serious with your business and clients can easily commit to you.

4. Purchase the Required Equipment

You would need to acquire the basic equipments needed to run your own graffiti removal business, and that basically is one of the major areas where you may spend bulk money. You are required to purchase portable power washer, a utility truck to convey your equipments to sites, safety booths, safety goggles, solid hand gloves, overall, cleaning chemical supplies, set of painting brushes, ladder, etc.

5. Print Your Business Card

In graffiti removal business, you would need to leverage on all available networking meetings if indeed you truly want to make great profits from the business. Hence, part of what you need to equip yourself with when you have the opportunity to meet with any government official especially those who are working in beautification and environmental department is your business card. Just ensure that your business card is well designed and it carries all the necessary contact and information that you know will clearly explain the line of business you are into.

6. Advertise and Market Your Graffiti Business

No doubt, it is basically the responsibility of the government of your country especially at the local level to remove unwanted graffiti from public facilities and beautify the environment. Therefore, in essence you must do all it takes to secure graffiti removal contracts from the government since they are your major client.

Although, there are private organizations or even NGOs who also help government remove graffiti from public facilities as part of their community social responsibility (CSR); so you must also ensure that you target this group of organizations when marketing your graffiti removal business.

The truth is that there is plenty competition in the graffiti removal business; so if you want to have an edge in this growing industry, you must always ensure that you do a thorough and neat job whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Part of what you also need to do to gain your own fair share of the available market especially as a newbie, is to offer some form of pro bono services in areas that you know is prone to unwanted graffiti. It is important that you notify the local authority before helping out in removing unwanted graffiti and ensure that you take pictures before removing and after removing so that you will be able to use it to push for contracts with the government.

It is important to state that there are up and down periods in graffiti business; as a result it is advisable to add other forms of cleaning services to your business offering if you want to continue to pay your bills and live a comfortable life.

If your business is located in an area that is prone to snow, then you should also add snow removal services to your business offering, et al. Make these steps yours and you would be on your way to building a world class graffiti removal business.

Ajaero Tony Martins