Do you want to start a parking lot cleaning company from scratch? Or you need a sample parking lot cleaning business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on.

Most public and private parking lot is not as clean as the facilities or buildings they serve because they are often left unattended to by cleaners. Hence, the need to engage a specialized parking lot cleaning company.

Starting a parking lot cleaning service is a business venture that requires minimum startup capital and little experience. The good thing about this kind of business is that it affords you flexibility in your work schedule and you have the opportunity to handle more than one parking lot per time without having loads of employees.

As a matter of fact you can start this kind of business alone or with just one employee and still manage couple of parking lots within your locality. The return on parking lot cleaning business is great compared to the initial capital you invest in it and the running cost. It will be to your advantage to add parking lot cleaning services if you already operate a janitorial / cleaning services business.

Let us quickly examine the 7 sure fire steps that can help you start your parking lot cleaning business from the scratch and grow it to profitability within the shortest time frame.

Starting a Parking Lot Cleaning Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Your Feasibility Studies

No matter the kind of business you want to venture into, it is very important that you take undertaking a research about the business very seriously. What this means is that you must leave no stone unturned in knowing what this business entails and costs. Research on the internet and read books if need be and be sure to garner plenty of information. Here is a sample cleaning service business plan template you can use for FREE.

2. Register Your Business

The need to register your business can’t be over emphasized because doing so is the gateway to do mega businesses with big organizations. The idea is to make sure you have the access to open a corporate account, so that it would be easier for you to get paid by the companies you work for. As a matter of fact, most companies prefer dealing with a company than with an individual when it comes to hiring a vendor or contractor. This is the acceptable best practices globally.

3. Go for Training

Yes, it is important to attend a training session before you start your own parking lot cleaning business because you will need to know health and safety tips available for such business and also you need to get trained on how to use some of the equipments you will be working with. You don’t necessarily need to go for formal training; you can learn on the job by working for free with someone that is running his own parking lot business.

4. Print Your Business Card and Handbills

The good thing about this kind of business is that you are not required to own and equip your office before you can get started. The cost of renting an office space can be diverted into other areas of need since you can operate your parking lot cleaning business from your home.

All you need is to print a good business card and handbills that clearly state the services you render and how you can be contacted. The nature of this business will require you going out there to meet your client rather than them coming to meet you especially when you are just starting out.

5. Market Your Business

You will require aggressive marketing skills to be able to sell your services to companies and establishment. What you would need to do if you are just starting is to approach facility managers to let them know what you do and make sure your price is moderate enough.

Starting out with a moderate price is one of the easiest ways to break into the market, and then when you are known, you can now strategically jack-up your price. Make sure you drive around town to distribute your handbills from time to time and also send out well crafted and packaged proposals to owners of parking lots, malls, cinemas, stadiums and grocery stores in your area or state.

6. Buy the Required Equipments

The bulk of the capital required to start a parking lot cleaning business will be spent buying the required equipments. You would have to buy Parking lot sweeper slide-in unit, Shovels, Rakes, Gas power leaf blower, Vacuum cleaner, breathing mask, goggles, ear plugs and work gloves. You will also need wheelbarrow and pickup trucks to help in discarding waste. Since you are just starting out, it is advisable to get a used and reliable truck at a cheaper rate.

7. Offer Pro Bono Services:

The search for the first business deal for most startups can be challenging especially when it has to do with services rather than products. What you need to do to overcome this initial challenge is to approach the organization that need your services and offer the services for free to them.

Doing this will give them the opportunity to access and know the quality of service you can render before signing a deal with you. Just make sure you put in your best when you are called to manage any parking lots because the easiest ways to get business deals is via referrals.

8. Be Creative with Your Business

In order to have a competitive advantage in the market place, you just have to be creative with what you do. When it comes to parking lot cleaning business, you should go beyond the conventional and add extra services to your core job description. You can propose to help people wash their cars right there in the parking lot and you can also add vulcanizing services. The rule of thumb is that you should add only services that will not affect your core business.

No doubt starting and managing a parking lot cleaning business requires more than managerial skills, you will need to be hardworking, humble and be willing to work at odd hours of the day especially when you are dealing with night clubs.

Carefully following and implementing all the steps discussed above will not only give you freedom from the normal 9 to 5 jobs, but it will also guarantee you a place amongst those making money cleaning parking lots around town. Make sure you work hard, stay positive and do jobs that will speak well of you and earn you referrals.

Ajaero Tony Martins