Do you want to start a toothpaste production company from scratch? Or you need a sample toothpaste production business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. The history of toothpaste dates back to over 3,000 years ago, and various brands of toothpaste have continued to evolve over the centuries. Before the nineteenth century abrasives were used to clean the teeth, however the much needed results weren’t got which was why there was still a vacuum to be filled.

These abrasives that were used by Egyptians and Chinese people were harsh toxic chemicals that were quite harmful because the main ingredients in the cleaning formulas then harmed the enamel of the teeth.

Fast forward today and you would find that there are loads of toothpaste brands on the shelves. The care for the teeth just cannot be overemphasized as brushing the teeth twice daily is one essential activity that must be adhered to in order to have a healthy teeth. Consequently, those in the game of production of toothpastes have continued to smile to the bank because of the avalanche of people who buy toothpastes.

If joining the bandwagon of those who manufacture toothpaste is farthest on your mind, then you might want to consider starting your own toothpaste production company. This read is all about getting the proper guide on how to start your own toothpaste manufacturing coy the right way. Here are the tips you need to get you started.

Starting a Toothpaste Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Get Acquainted With This Business

The first rule of thumb in starting your own toothpaste production company is to get conversant with what is needed. This simply means that you must carry out an exhaustive research on everything the toothpaste manufacturing industry is all about. You could readily get great amount of information from the internet as there are lots of resources and EBooks that are very much downloadable from which you could garner great knowledge.

You could also want to read books on toothpaste production. One of such books is; Garfield, Sydney. ‘Teeth Teeth Teeth’. Simon and Schuster, 1969.You must also need to follow the various toothpaste industries you know. By this it means that you could seek to do some trainee programs with experts in the field. This might not be very easy to pull off, since not all industries might be comfortable with a potential competitor.

2. Get Trained

It is very important that much more than the theoretical research you carry out, that you also go through some practical lessons. How might you possibly achieve this, you might ask? You can go about this by getting all the basic trainings that is needed in this process.

You can get such a knowledge acquired at either a higher institution of learning like university, or a technical institution. Following this second step means that you are up to learn a great deal of the technology processes needed for toothpaste manufacturing.

3. Rent a Space

Now that you have gotten a handle of the first two steps, so it might be assumed that to an extent you are not a novice. The next step needed would be that you rent a space. Toothpaste production might not be the type of venture you want to start in the house, because of handling of chemicals as well as the mixing processes which might not be ideal around the house.

Therefore, you would need to get a befitting space for this business. You might want to locate your factory in an industrial estate or in the suburbs of the town. However, you might also want to make sure that the location of your business is in an accessible area; somewhere that isn’t hard to locate.

4. Get This Business Registered

One other hurdle you might want to scale no sooner than you have rented a space is to come up with a Business Name which must be registered. You might also need to register the name of your brand, as well as the would be name of your toothpaste when indeed your company begins to churn out the product.

Be sure to get all the necessary papers and documentations in check so that you can be easily issued your operating license .Be sure to ask about the appropriate authorities in your country as these licensing bodies vary from country to country.

5. Acquire the Needed Equipment

The next thing to do after you have rented a space and done your necessary production preparations would be to invest in the much needed equipment that you might launch out with. Some of these equipment include; Tube body making machine BTZG-100C -1set,Injection Shoulder machine BTPI-200 -3sets, Sealing machine -BTSM-50 -1set, Filing &Sealing machine BTGF-50F -1set, Shoulder molds (8 or 12 or 16 cavity) -1set, Chiller machine-5p -1set, Tube body mold for BTZG-100C -1set, vaccum paste machine 700L -1set.

6. Hire the Best Hands

Starting a toothpaste production company means that you must be ready financially to hire the best employees, this is not a type of business to start on with rookies. You might want to start with experienced people to give you the very best.

However, if you must do inexperienced people, you might want to consider the mixture of hiring both experienced and inexperienced folks. When hiring experienced employees be sure to see how far they have come, the years of experience as well as where or for which toothpaste manufacturing company they worked for in the past.

7. Determine Your Mode of Advertisement

Now that you have gotten about eighty percent of the whole process right, you might want to sit to draw up a marketing plan. If you know you might not be able to get this right, then it might be expedient that you engage the services of a media expert.

Who would be able to tell you whether it is flyers, word of mouth, or the social media that would work well for you. One other very veritable marketing tool in the toothpaste business is the direct marketing strategy where you have to direct directly to wholesalers and store owners.

8. Build Up the Necessary skills needed

Finally it is very important that you build up certain skills and virtues in running your toothpaste production company. Some of these skills include; good management skills, great interpersonal skills, good communication skills, amongst others.

Acquiring or building these skills means that you would be able to play your role well, manage your business effectively, build up your customer base, have good communication relationship with clients as well as employees. Would these steps really help you build a toothpaste production company of your dream?

The answer would be a resounding yes, as you can be sure that these are the steps that world class brands took before they were able to build a successful brand over the decades. You too can take a cue from this and be sure to hit the rock of success pretty soon.