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How to Start a Cold Water Starch Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Do you want to start a cold water starch company from scratch? Or you need a sample cold water starch production business plan template? If YES, then i advice you read on. You just might agree with me that about Thirty years ago the number of factories that existed weren’t much. Fast forward today and when you look around you or take time out to go through a business directory in your locality or state, you would be amazed at the number of production companies. The rate at which the production sector has grown is such that is alarming.

Factories that have since sprung up include; the food companies, beverage companies, textile companies, chemical companies just to mention a few. Experts have continued to say that as the world becomes more globalized, more and more industries would continue to be on the rise.

Recently in some of the industries, one food that some food processing and pharmaceutical industries have continued to explore is the cassava. It is readily available all over Nigeria and statistics has it that Nigeria is the largest producer of the cassava crop.

This business is able to generate constant and continuous income for the investor. Starch is something that most people cannot do without especially when it comes to giving their clothes a nice texture and appearance. However, the question you might ask is how can you cash in on this and how are you able to start a cold water starch production company? Find below some concrete steps through which you can start your own cold water starch production company.

Starting a Cold Water Starch Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carryout Thorough Feasibility Studies

The need for a proper and thorough research cannot be over emphasized. Great businesses that have started small and grown have gone through the process of garnering all the information they can before kick starting their cold water starch business.

You can visit local libraries around you to see if you can get books on this. Yet one other way to garner all the information you need on the cold water starch industry and how to start one is through the internet. You do not need much money to acquire the necessary knowledge needed. All you need is to go on the internet and Google as many sites as there are.

2. Start At Home

After you have taken the first step to know how to start out and how to produce the cold water starch, the next step needed would be for you to start out. Unlike some other businesses where you must start out registered, this is one type of business you might want to start out without being registered. This is because there isn’t a law regulating or prohibiting one from starting out on a small scale.

Starting out is relatively cheap and you can start packaging them with old water plastics. It is very easy to prepare and unlike the spray starch and hot water starch, it can be used easily. However, if you do have the capital to rent a place is sure to get a space like a minimum of four rooms on a large scale. However, when starting from your home, be sure to set aside a room or two.

3. Very Little Startup Capital

Unlike other businesses that might require a huge amount of money, the cold water starch business requires you start with just about 85 dollars. You would agree with me that unlike other businesses where a huge start up is needed, this business can be started with as low as that amount of money and the profits you can expect is enormous compared to what you might have started with.

4. Get Adequate Skill Required

After you have done your research and decided to start the next thing for you to do might be to get the required skill needed. This is depending on the scale you want to start out on, you might also decide to hire an already trained labour, or get an apprentice whom you could train to assist in the day to day production. This is because a skilled hand can produce up to 1 ton of the product per day and if there are two hands, you can be sure that more hands would produce more tons.

5. Materials Needed

Whether you are starting from home or not, it is important to note that there are packaging materials needed to start with. Here are some of the materials needed; you would need to buy already made nylons that you could store the powder in. You might also need bottles. Cartons are also needed for bulk packaging. You might also need a small sealing machine. You can purchase this from people who sell used ones.

6. Know Your Market

It very important that as you start out with your own cold water starch company, that you know who your target audiences are. What you might have to first do is figure out the people who are usually in need of the starch. You might want to begin to narrow down from big laundry stores, to small ones, homes, hotels, even offices where you can start with on a small scale. As time goes on you can expand to other areas like the internet.

7. Market Your Product

No business no matter how small starts and grows without a good marketing plan .Have a good marketing blue print for your business. You can start with having a facebook page, to owning a twitter handle. Also you might want begin to blog on different issues regarding  care of clothes.

You could also want to add handbills and flyers to capture potential clients. Do not throw away the good old word of mouth. Let family and friends use your products so that they might be able to sing your praise through word of mouth.

These are the steps you would need to kick start your own cold water starch business. Being a supplier of this product sure would guarantee an enormous return, but you must be sure to look for new ways to stay in business as well as satisfy your customers always