If you are a software designer, one of the areas where you can make cool cash is in designing video games. The market for video games is on the increase and there are rooms for new video games designers to come in; if you are creative you will have your own fair share of the existing market. As a matter of fact, the annual income from the sale of video games (both in hardware and software) is in excess of over $1.5 billion in the US alone.

You can start your own video game design business if you know that you are creative, you have good graphic skills and also possess good computer skills (software design skills and computer animation skills). No doubt to become successful in this type of business, you must not put restrictions on your imagination – imagination is a key factor in this type of business.

As a matter of fact, you are expected to first create the video game in your imagination before producing it in software and hardware format.

Starting a video game design business is not capital intensive and it is highly profitable but competitive. It is your creativity and your marketing strategy that can stand you out in this industry. The advent of smart phones, android enables devices and tablets is indeed a major boost for the video game design industry.

Now let us quickly consider the steps to follow to be able to successfully start your own video game design business as a rookie and then build the business to profitability with the shortest time frame;

Starting a Video Game Design Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carry out Feasibility Studies

One of the first things that you should do before launching your video game design business is to carry out a feasibility study. The essence of carrying out feasibility studies before starting any business is to help you have first hand information of the industry you are about investing your time and money into.

A good feasibility studies will give you an idea of the required startup capital, your competitors, profit projections and other factors that will influence the success of your business. So ensure that you conduct your feasibilities studies before your start working on your business idea. You can pay professionals to help you carry out a feasibility study.

2. Acquire Relevant Skills

If your intention is to start your own video game design business, then you must enroll in a video game design school and get trained. You can as well enroll in a university to study graphics and animation. The bottom line is that you need the following skills to be able to start your own video game business; graphic design skills (2D, 3D et al), animations skills, software design skills and you must be very creative.

3. Write Your Business Plan

Your business plan has a major role to play in the success of your video game design business and that is why you must spend time to write a good and practical business plan. Your business plan should cover all the strategies that will help your build a successful business which include; generating finance, budgeting, marketing and sales strategy, expansion strategy and other factors that will influence the growth and success of your business.

You can pay business consultants to help you write your business plan. The bottom line is that the business plan must be more of practical than theory; it must pass reality check.

4. Setup Your Studio

Video game design business just like any other design business requires an environment that is free from distractions; you need a top notch creative skill to be able to design top notch video games. Your imagination is an asset in this type of business.

So it is important that you setup your art / graphic studio in a place that is free from all forms of distractions; it could be in your house or a small office space in a conducive environment. Just ensure that your studio has the ambience that will allow for easy flow of ideas and creativity. Your basic working tools for this type of business are a good computer, table, chair, relevant software and proper lighting system et al.

5. Create Market Channels for You Video Games

Beyond designing top notch and action pack video games, your marketing skills is what will determine the success of your business. If you know you are not good with marketing and sales, you can hire someone (experienced marketer) to help you out.

There are various ways you can penetrate the video game market, you can sell video games software (Apps) to smart – phones, tablets and computers manufacturing companies, you can sell your video games hardware (cartridges) in stores and you can negotiate with video games centers to supply them with your video games.

The truth is that you need to work pretty hard to push your video games into the market and if they are accepted, then all you need to do is to keep improvising (churning out new editions) and you will continue to make more money.

Lastly, before designing any video game, ensure that you carry out a survey, administer questionnaires to your potential clients. The reports will help you determine the kind of video game you will design. The truth is that once you are able to engage your potential clients in the design process, it makes it easier for you to sell the products to them when it is ready.

There you have it; the steps you need to follow to be able to start your own video game design business from the scratch, and then build the business to a profitable venture with the shortest time frame.