Are you looking for the best ways to store guns without a safe? If YES, here are 9 best ways to store guns without a safe in 2022. Having weapons at home is indeed very necessary because it increases one’s safety and security. However, this is not the case when weapons are left lying around and unsupervised for intruders and children.

In a lot of places, it is totally legal to have several guns in one’s home. However, the place you choose to store your guns remains an utmost priority. Note that when weapons are stored in the wrong place, certain mishaps can happen. For instance, it is very common for children to find weapons and cause some sort of accident.

Gun safes are known to be the most secure gun storage option available to the average gun owner. A basic, no-frills safe is superior to any other storage option in terms of preventing unauthorized access to firearms. Note that the dedicated racks and lined interiors will help to protect the finish of the guns and, most importantly, safes are an effective theft deterrent.

Also know that a gun safe’s weight, the heavy-gauge steel of the outer box, the confusing locking mechanism, and the option to bolt the safe directly to a concrete slab, all come together to frustrate the efforts of intruders. Aside from fulfilling the three-fold mission of safe gun storage, gun safes can also provide additional protection against flooding, fires, and other disasters.

However, many users today lack the budget to acquire a safe for the storage of weapons. Similar to other high-end consumer products, safes are available with a wide variety of features, all of which affect the bottom line cost of the unit. With prices ranging from $500 to more than $2,500, it’s critical to understand which features are important to you.

Aside from gun safes, you have plenty of choices when storing your guns at home. Note that each of them comes with their own way of keeping your guns safe. While some do the best but are quite expensive, others don’t offer that much protection but tend to be quite affordable.

What is the Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe in 2022?

  1. Gun Storage Bag

A gun storage bag remains one of the most accessible and ideal options available today. Although there are others, maybe much more efficient alternatives to a gun storage bag, gun storage bags, just like safety boxes or weapon boxes, are able to store each of your weapons.

Indeed, a gun storage bag is a wonderful solution in a place where moisture tends to be a huge concern; especially since moisture can damage a gun’s metal, meanwhile. Also note that some people prefer a transparent VCI gun storage bag because it really prevents the rust that damages the metal of the weapons.

  1. Inside Hollow Spaces

Although this option gives you the least amount of safety, it offers one of the best accessibilities. Note that you can easily store your guns in hollow spaces like under a thick mattress or large storage like a large tub.

However, have it in mind that this storage method lacks any safety and your guns are easily accessible to just anyone. Although you won’t have to spend extra money on this type of storage, you can take extra safety measures like making sure the gun isn’t loaded before storing and adding padlocks or gun storage bags to keep the firearms safe.

  1. Trigger Lock

More or less a preventive measure, the trigger lock is a perfect way to avoid problems. According to experts, a good number of unwanted accidents can be avoided by incorporating a trigger lock into a gun. Most modern firearms today come with trigger locks built-in as a safety precaution.

Additionally, cable locks or gunlocks can also serve as alternative solutions to lock a gun’s trigger. Either way, note that the primary function of a lock is to avoid accidents with children or people who are not used to guns and keep them safe.

  1. Shotgun Assembly

As a gun owner, you need a very safe and efficient place to store a gun. However, when thinking of the ideal place to store your gun, ensure that it is within reach in case of an emergency. That is why there are many shotgun mounts that allow you to secure your gun in the most appropriate accessible places.

  1. Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinets are known to be one of the most popular options for gun experts. It is the major alternative option to owning a gun safe. There are two different types of cabinets: one is a general cabinet, while the other is a glass door cabinet. One simple way to display the weapons is to acquire the glass door cabinet.

Meanwhile, the general gun cabinet has a door that is made of board, wood, and steel. It is not meant or used to display weapons, but instead to keep all your units secure especially when you own a gun store.

  1. Lock Box

Lockbox is another lightweight and portable method of storing a set of very important items. Although this option only permits a gun and little ammunition, manufacturers have also designed a large version for those who wish to store or transport a long gun.

Also note that this method is one of the most efficient for gun storage, not only to store the weapons but also to avoid the problem of oxidation. Silica gel packs are added along with these lockboxes. Among all the safety boxes, have it in mind that this is usually the cheapest and quite very useful when you have just a few weapons.

  1. False Ventilation or False Wall

This is also another popular and efficient system for securing a gun. Although this option is only available to people who can afford a large budget, it is a unique and magnificent one especially when you can have an architect build a credible vent or false wall.

You will have to work with boards or wood, and also drill holes in the wall. It is also important to use the same color of the paint as the rest of the wall. Howbeit, note that this method does not provide quick access to weapons and is not very effective in an emergency. The same can also be applied by creating a false floor.

  1. Gun Cases

This is a very cheap and efficient method for storing weapons. It is also one of the most portable and convenient alternative methods of transportation. In addition, the user can also comfortably carry his weapons anywhere, and rust and moisture will not be a constant problem.

However, this storage method can be challenging to operate at night especially since these gun cases come with a robust locking system and high-security features. Different compartments are more or less put together to prevent intruders from having access.

You can also choose to incorporate cabinets to distract the attention of intruders. These cases tend to include a design that manages to fool people. Most of them come with a top layer to store some instruments like violins or gutters. Underneath this stage is where ammunition and weapons can be found.

  1. Security Case

A security case can be very useful when you are looking to hide weapons, jewelry, valuable documents, or money. It is also a very efficient alternative to a gun safe and can be installed in a subtle place. Aside from being small and economical, it is still a viable option that includes a high level of security. Different ways to access the interior are provided.

People tend to use a security code, their fingerprint, while some use a conventional key. Nevertheless, a mounting building and a security cable optimize the protection of weapons. You don’t always need to have a gun safe to store your guns safely. You only need common sense and creativity to safely store your guns. You can choose the appropriate option for you in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Best Way To Carry A Backup Gun?

Vest, pocket, and ankle holsters are some of the most common areas to carry, but note that they can be hard to get to and often only accessible by the dominant hand.

  1. What Is The Best Way To Store A Gun For The Long Term?

Gun Safe is of course the most secure option for storing your guns for the long term while keeping them readily accessible.

  1. Why Is Proper Storage Of Guns Important?

Proper storage of guns is important because;

  • It protects your family. Children should not have access to the gun.
  • Maintain the integrity and look of the gun. Guns are tools, but we also like to keep them looking nice.
  • Be quickly accessible when you need it, but not so easy that it would be likely to be stolen.
  1. Who Makes Best Bedside Safes To Store A Gun?
  • Best Smart Safe – Vaultek VT10i
  • Best Hidden Safe – Vaultek Slider
  • Best Heavy Duty Safe – Fort Knox PB1
  • Best Underbed Safe – SecureIt Fast Box
  1. What Are The Steps Involved When Pre-Treating Firearms?
  • Disassemble the gun
  • Be sure to leave the gun decocked to avoid tension in the springs and various parts of the gun.
  • Inspect the gun for cracks or pits in the muzzle or other causes for alarm.
  • Clean the gun thoroughly.
  • Completely clean out the gun’s Bore before applying a thin layer of lubrication.
  • Use a thin wax coating to treat wood stocks.
  1. What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe?

A gun storage bag is one of the best options available today. There are other much more efficient alternatives to a gun storage bag. You can also make use of a gun storage case: A gun case is one of the best portable storage solutions. You can use it without or with an external lock.

  1. What Are The Best Gun Safes?
  • Best overall – Barska Biometric (26.55 lbs.)
  • Best biometric safe – SentrySafe QAP1BE (11.9 lbs.)
  • Best for rifles – Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe (62 lbs.)
  • Best wall safe – Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Safe
  1. What Is The Best Gun Safe Weight To Target?

Well, this will depend on what you want, but generally, if you need a firearm safe on the go, you should settle for a model that weighs between 10-15 pounds. On the other hand, your target weight for a concealed wall safe should be at least 25 pounds.

  1. Things To Consider When Securing Your Gun?

Here are some of the things to consider when securing your guns;

  • Always holster.
  • Don’t lend.
  • Always clean.
  • Use the right ammunition.
  • Don’t point at any person.
  • Don’t insert fingers to the trigger.
  • Don’t leave it anywhere.
  • Don’t Play.
  1. What Is A Good Place To Keep Your Gun Safe?

A good place to keep your gun is to store it unloaded in a locked container, such as a California-approved lock box or a gun safe. Store your gun in a different location than the ammunition. For maximum safety you should use both a locking device and a storage container.

  1. Should You Store Your Gun With The Slide Open?

Yes, and the truth is that you are not harming the recoil spring or any other part of the pistol by storing it this way. There is a popular misconception that springs are worn down more quickly by keeping them compressed. The truth is that springs wear down most quickly by being compressed and released over and over.

  1. Can I store my Glock with the slide back?

Yes, you can store any semi-auto with the slide locked back. Armorer’s in the USAF and I’m sure other branches store their pistols with the slide locked to the rear. Remember that springs wear out due to cycles of compression and decompression.

  1. How To Turn A Closet Into A Gun Safe?

Choose your closet, update the closet’s interior, purchase a closet door, and set up a digital keypad lock. But you would still need to invest in a quality gun safe that is quick and easy to access, but also safe and secure.

You may also want to use a gun storage bag for extra protection from rust, dust, and corrosion. Keeping humidity low is important for the maintenance of your gun. A Silicon-Treated Gun Sock is one great option. It serves two primary protective functions in cushioning your firearm to prevent scratches and dents and preventing rust and dust build-up. Don’t forget to always store your long guns with the barrels down to prevent oil from seeping into the stock.

  1. Should Guns Be Stored Loaded?

No, a firearm must not be loaded with, and must be kept separate from, any ammunition; and if the firearm is being transported using a vehicle other than a motorcycle be rendered temporarily incapable of being fired, for example by removing the bolt or the firing mechanism or by using a restraining device.

  1. How Long Should A Gun Safe Be Fireproof For?

Fire Resistant safes and burglar fire safes should have a minimum of a 1 hour fire rating. Typically, a safe with less than a 1 hour fire rating will not provide adequate protection for paper or money in the event of a fire.

  1. Should You Store Your Bow In The Safe With The Guns?

It is not advisable to do so because the chemicals might damage your string like acid on a rope and will dry out all the rubber components like limb dampers and stabilizers. This part will dry out and crumble with time. The best is to store it separately away from your firearms in its own safe or cupboard.

  1. Where Do You Store Your Gun Safe Keys?

As a rule of thumb, your gun safe keys should be stored in a cabinet of an appropriate design, affixed to a structural wall or surface, and hidden from sight. This should be kept locked at all times, with the relevant keys accessible only to the certificate holder.

  1. Can Guns And Ammo Be Stored Together?

It depends on what you want and how often you make use of your gun, but for the best option, you can store all your ammo in a protected container separate from your safe. Secondly, you can keep your gun ready and loaded by your side or place it in the safe unloaded with the magazine close.

  1. Where Can You Store Your Guns Cheaply And Safely?

Here are some places you can store your guns cheaply and safely;

  • Gun Storage Bag.
  • Trigger Lock.
  • Gun Cabinet.
  • Gun Cases.
  • Security Case.
  • False Ventilation or False Wall.
  • Lock Box.
  • Shotgun Assembly.
  1. Can You Store Guns In Self Storage?

No, and this is because it is illegal to store firearms in self storage, period.

  1. Can You Store A Gun In A Bank Safe Deposit Box?

Firearms are not typically allowed in safe deposit boxes. To avoid criminal issues, do not store any items that are illegal or hazardous in your safe deposit box. While maintaining a safe deposit box can be a good way to protect items, you should do so with caution.

  1. Do You Have To Keep Your Guns Locked Up?

Not really, and as a matter of fact, Massachusetts is the only state that requires that all firearms be stored with a lock in place.

  1. What Locking Device For Firearms Is Safest?

A good number of experts recommend using lock boxes, safes, or gun vaults with a push button, combination, or digital keypad lock. No matter what security device you choose, make sure that it meets the California Department of Justice safety standards.

  1. How Much Does A Gun Lock Cost?

On the average, gun safes with combination locks can range from $57 to more than $1,000.

  1. How Safe Are Trigger Safeties?

As Glocks became ubiquitous (for good reasons) and acquired hordes of smug fanboys, other gunmakers have copied the format and that’s why integrated trigger safeties are so widespread. With adequate care, they are perfectly safe and many are designed to not allow drop firing.

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