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Should You Use a Club Management Company for a Strip Club?

Yes, you should use a club management company for your strip club as long as you are certain that the management company will help reduce your club expenses and also increase revenue more than the fees they would charge.

Have it in mind that club management companies often implement programs to increase club sales, customer retention, and customer spending. Well-to-do club management companies most times set up national marketing programs to attract strippers to your club, which will, in turn, increase guest fees and spending.

They may also recruit employees that a club may not otherwise be able to hire, and this will result in more efficient operations, boost customer satisfaction, and improve sales. A good club management company will strive to reduce your business expenses through well-arranged buying programs, other services, and economies of scale.

However, it is imperative to ask if the company passes the savings of these programs to the clubs they manage. You must scrutinize the fees and costs of hiring a club management company so that you can fully evaluate the total cost. Costs will more or less include items such as (I) allocations of marketing program; (ii) allocation of centralized or corporate office; (iii) travel costs, marketing costs, employee relocation; and (iv) Club sales commissions.

If a club management agreement includes these costs, it is recommended that you obtain their cost estimates. It is also necessary that you carefully scrutinize their range of services to understand what services are covered by the base management fee and what services can entail extra charges.

Also, find out as much as you can about the club management company to ensure that the company and its methods are compatible with your strip club. You may also need to find out how the club management company will handle your existing employees.

Reasons to Use a Club Management Company for your Strip Club

The primary duty of a strip club owner is to make sure that the needs of their customers are met. Although they can always try out numerous methods on their own to see what works well, however, using the services of a club management company can be better, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. They Are Always Armed With Ideas

This is true especially for a club management company that has been in the industry for years.  A club management company that has been in the business for a good number of years will possess a range of ideas of what works and what doesn’t.

They can also offer you a range of suggestions for improving your club facilities and training your staff to provide better services.

  1. They Are Experienced

Club management companies that have been in business for years must have worked with different establishments. It is their job to understand what’s going on, and to stay current with the latest trends in the nightlife industry. They can then bring this wealth of experience into your business.

  1. They Offer Suggestions For Improvement

Aside from meeting and conversing with the strip club owner, a club management company will also get to know the staff of the club.

They observe how operations are being handled and review the business based on their observations. Everything concerning the club will be scrutinized, and in most situations, the observations can be bad. When they are done, the owner tends to benefit from that honesty.

  1. They Will Look For Ways To Answer A Client’s Needs

A club management company must work with the entire establishment to see to their needs. A club management company won’t just walk in and start making suggestions and changes. They align with the staff to ensure that everything is handled smoothly.

If the strip club is new or in the planning stages, then a club management company can have a much more hands-on approach.

Meanwhile, a club management company’s job is to make sure everything is still handled smoothly and also to offer suggestions to further improve services. When looking to use a club management company for your strip club, here are the top options to consider.

Top Strip Club Management Companies

1. Strip Club Management, Inc.

This is a professional full-service company that specializes in providing full-scale management and consulting services for gentlemen’s clubs. No matter the stage of the club, Strip Club Management, Inc. (SCM) can offer vital expertise that can ensure the success of the club.

They boast of extensive experience in the complete operation and management of Strip Club facilities. From design and development, sale campaigns, marketing, staffing, and management, to effective cost/revenue administration and detailed accounting and financial reporting, Strip Club Management provides detailed service and results.

  1. Perry Group International

This is a consortium of hospitality management services and seasoned hospitality consultants with significant operations, marketing, and financial experience.

Their services include business management, consulting, and advisory, ranging from development, acquisitions and dispositions, entrance and exit strategy implementation and planning, new start-ups, ongoing operations, receiverships, repositioning, reorganization, restructuring, transitions, troubleshooting, turnarounds, and workouts.

  1. Alliance Entertainment Group

Right from 1993, the Alliance Entertainment Group has offered its expertise, insight, and clear perspective to numerous entertainment startups, nightclub & restaurant operations. They are renowned for helping existing club owners fix small and large problems as efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively as possible.

They are full-time nightclub professionals and have owned, managed, and provided nightclubs services for a living. This company boasts of only taking clients they can realistically help. They tend to notify the client during the initial telephone interview if they don’t think they are the right fit.

They have the knowledge and experience to help clubs find answers with the highest level of Integrity. They can also help through any type of equipment installation situations such as catastrophe, re-tool, update, etc.

  1. SBE

Established in 2002, SBE remains a privately held, leading lifestyle hospitality company that helps to build, manage and run award-winning hotels, residences, restaurants, and nightclubs. Owing to their exclusive partnerships with cultural visionaries, SBE is focused on creating extraordinary experiences throughout its proprietary brands with a commitment to authenticity, sophistication, mastery, and innovation.

  1. WebCitz.

Established in 2004, WebCitz is a full-service website development agency that helps strip clubs, night clubs, exotic clubs, adult entertainment clubs, and gentlemen’s clubs with website maintenance and support.

To make available the fastest gentlemen’s club website updates possible, WebCitz leverages a massive onsite team of web developers to provide an amazing customer experience. This business philosophy has allowed WebCitz to experience consistent growth, not just for themselves, but for also the gentlemen’s clubs they work with.

  1. Goreperformance

Owing to the company’s years of experience and knowledge of nightclub audiences, venues, and client interests, they are recognized in the industry for managing clubs with the high standard of professionalism deserved. Their executive team will plan and execute all your business plans with world-class accuracy.

They offer global solutions so no matter where you are in the world; they will transform your club to make memorable and impressive experiences for your audience.

  1. Drinks by Deena

This is a full-service management company focused on providing fresh ingredients, customized menus, and high volume for bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Located in New York City, the proprietor at Drinks By Deena boasts of over 20 years of experience in beverage hospitality nationally and internationally in a variety of outlets ranging from hotels, resorts, restaurant chains, cocktail bars, fast-casual, event spaces, catering, nightclubs, and dives.

Note that they offer customizable packages to enable you to work with Drinks By Deena for as little or as much as your club may need. Their offerings include specialty cocktails, menu selection, cost/pricing analysis, brand support, staff training, staff hiring, ordering/inventory systems, setting up accounts with purveyors, organizing the club for speed, and much more.

  1. Sound Stage Systems Inc.

This company has built a reputation globally over the last 30 years of offering state-of-the-art sound. They offer lighting and video systems coupled with excellent customer service, ongoing support, and training to all types of venues and clients.

Be it a small private club, state or city building, multi-club, restaurant national chain, hotel/resort franchises, cruise lines or the US Army, Navy, and Air Force, Sound Stage Systems can handle their Sound, Lighting & Video system needs and also get the job done on time and on budget.


Using a club management company to run your strip club has the potential to massively improve operating results. However, you must carry out your research before choosing a company for your strip club, to ensure that you are making the right choice.