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Strip Club Floor Plan Design: What Inside a Strip Club Looks Like

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Strip clubs in this modern age will have to be really special and elegantly designed with the best quality materials so that the venue looks just as unique the next day when the lights go on.

Although no two strip clubs ever have the same designs, they all need to be designed with functionality in mind to be able to generate revenue through events and special functions. Like in most commercial venues, customization of strip club interior designs warrants flexibility.

Such a space should have the capacity to transform to suit the needs of customers. There should be a space for everyone whether they are a crowd of six or a couple looking to enhance their intimate moment, or even wrangling on poles.

Flexibility ideally starts with interior design. When designing a strip club, the owner should always remember that the design needs to cater to the variety of needs of his/her customers. When the strip club’s nooks inculcate the right amount of lighting, features, and furniture it makes guests feel validated.

Instead of using big and massive floors, a good number of experienced interior designers will break up big spaces into smaller sections with larger seating arrangements made up of at least 10 club chairs for a more personal and inviting feel.

Big floored strip clubs are beginning to limit their spaces and filling them with more nightlife-inclined furniture. This method gives the perception that the strip clubs are full.

Modern-day strip clubbers also want big, fresh bathroom facilities. Have it in mind that the more luxurious the better and it is even better if the dance floor can be accessed from all sides. Practical elements should never be neglected either.

What the Inside and Layout of a Strip Club Should Look Like

Most often, what limits the success of a strip club is poor interior designing, lack of conceptualization in layouts, worn-out furniture, incompetent staff and strippers, and insufficient cocktail stations. Although no two strip clubs are ever designed the same, here is how the interior and layout of a strip club really should look like.

1. The Stage

Regardless of the source of sound used, this is the area where everyone wants to get a view. Interior designers who work with strip clubs always try not to make it hard for the performer. The better the facilities the more likely the club will attract quality.

  1. The Bar

The bar of a strip club is always designed to be easily accessible to all at all times. The last thing any strip club owner wants is to have to queue for service and have the bar hidden from view. This is where the owner makes his money. A lot of things go into the design of a strip club bar; the size of the floor, if there is a waitress and self-service direct from the bar, if cocktails are to be available, and the range of drinks available.

  1. The Dance Floor

A good number of strip clubs have dance floors. They can’t be crowded, but have to be right where the action is. When a strip club is being designed, a good amount of attention has to be paid to what the floor is made of. Ideally, dance floors are also always in front of all seating areas.

  1. Dressing Area and Private Rooms

In the layout of a strip club, a portion of the floor plan is used as a dressing area and one or more spaces for VIP/private rooms, depending on the business model. The central circulation paths of the private rooms are also designed to allow enough room for two people to walk side by side.

Dry locker areas are made easy to access but somewhat private so strippers do not feel exposed while changing. It is better to position a dressing room layout where the wet and dry vanities, as well as the showers, are in a central location so the travel from wet to dry areas is somewhat close.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchens in a strip club will have to be reasonably simple unless the owner intends to use the venue for some other thing, like a restaurant, when the club part is closed. However, a strip club does not have to cater to a very broad specialist menu, but as part of a hospitality outlet, food is expected to always be available to patrons throughout the evening even if only bar meals.

  1. Service Areas

Have it in mind that the bar and the kitchen always tend to require steady cleaning and restocking. This also warrants careful analysis and planning as the more efficient it is, the less staff required and the more profit the owner makes.

The service areas of strip clubs are designed to get rid of food waste. The same with the bar! Note that strip clubs preferably use a back-fed chiller to make it easier to keep fresh products cool, with less time required to stock a front-fed chiller when in a busy club. The glassware will also need to be collected cleaned and set up with ease of access for the bar staff.

  1. Toilet

WCs for both sexes and respite areas for ladies! All these places will have to be easily accessible from all the public areas. More modern strip clubs tend to luxuriously design their toilets with plenty of space and facilities. No one likes having to queue and be cramped when trying to touch up makeup.

Depending on the target audience of the club, a good number of them have make-up areas or somewhere a conversation can be had and these places surely add sublime benefits.

  1. Furniture

A good number of strip clubs leverage upholstered chairs and booths to set the intimate mood which is elevated by colorful lighting.

Most often, the furniture fits and aligns with the club’s décor. Strip clubs also have nice sitting areas with velvet curtains, button-tufted booths, and comfortably padded restaurant chairs surrounding coffee tables to create a relaxed atmosphere for guests who want to sit around, have a few drinks and watch strippers wrangle.

  1. Ambiance

With dark interiors, dim lighting, and loud music; a good number of strip clubs blend together the ambiance and feel of a Miami-style dance club.

Note that most of them are hybrids of a trendy club-wannabe and a swanky club. The layout and décor of most strip clubs give a visually stimulating experience with the concept of nightlife. Some strip clubs also provide a creative concept that has a strong presence giving off a personal touch on music and customer service.