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10 Success Secrets of the 10 Biggest Bloggers in Nigeria

If you are new to the blogging game, chances are that you are planning to turn blogging into a full-time business, if possible. And you want to work from the comfort of your home as your own boss. That’s fine; and quite realistic. Many Nigerians have achieved that, and you can, too.

But in order to shorten your journey to success as a blogger, you need to learn from the successful ones. You need to implement exactly what the most successful Nigerian bloggers did to attain success. And in case you don’t know the most successful Nigerian bloggers we’re talking about, here is their list:

  1. Linda Ikeji (Linda Ikeji Blog)
  2. Uche Pedro (Bella Naija)
  3. Loy Okezie (TechLoy)
  4. Chude Jideonwo (YNaija!)
  5. Japheth Omojuwa (Omojuwa)
  6. Jide Ogunsanya (Ogbongeblog)
  7. Noble Igwe (360Nobs)
  8. Ajaero Tony Martins ( **Am i even suppose to be on this list?**
  9. Laila Ikeji (Laila’s Blog)
  10. Ladun Liadi (Ladun Liadi News)

Now, you are probably wondering how these people became successful bloggers and how you, too, can achieve that level of success with your blog, right? Here are 10 of their success secrets:

10 Success Secrets of the Ten Biggest Bloggers in Nigeria

1. Action

The only reason why the 10 most successful bloggers in Nigeria are today being referred to as “bloggers” is that they started blogging in the first place. They took action quickly at a time when blogging wasn’t popular and they have now achieved enviable successes. They didn’t balk. They didn’t wait for the “perfect time.” And they didn’t keep searching for information on how to blog. They started somewhere. If they hadn’t taken that action, they wouldn’t have gotten any results.

2. Passion

This is another quality that all these 10 bloggers have in common. They all figured out topics they are passionate about and started blogging on those topics. This passion kept them going even though nobody gave them attention back then.

And this passion helped them churn out content consistently on their chosen topics. Linda Ikeji opted for entertainment, Uche Pedro went for lifestyle, Japheth Omojuwa went the way of politics, and Jide Ogunsanya chose to go for science and technology.

3. Persistence

Most of these bloggers started blogging around 10 years ago when blogging was literally unknown in Nigeria. Back then, using the internet in Nigeria was expensive, and attracting an audience was quite difficult. But they were persistent. They didn’t give up due to their passion for what they were doing. And today, that persistence has paid off.

4. Optimism

Anyone who visited the cybercafé frequently or spent huge costs on internet plans just to update a blog used to be seen as a time waster who has no idea what to do with his or her money. Nobody saw any prospects in blogging in the past, but these successful bloggers did. They had a positive mindset, and this kept them going—even when they were attracting zero traffic and only losing money rather than make it. Today, their optimism has paid off, and we all know their story.

5. Consistency

If you check the archives of the ten most successful bloggers in Nigeria, you’d observe something about them: they have been consistent. They have been publishing posts frequently and at predictable intervals right from their earliest days in blogging. Now, they blog every day. And their audience expects something new from them every day.

6. Business sense

While many Nigerians saw blogging as a hobby or as a mere platform for adding personal rants to the internet, these successful bloggers saw it as serious business—and they approached it as such. Now, they run their blogs just like a typical business.

They have registered business names and incorporated companies for their blogs, they have staff writers, photographers and designers, and they have a professional logo. And some of them have a monthly budget for marketing and other operation costs.

7. Uniqueness

If you check the blogs owned by these bloggers, you’d see a unique touch in each, especially in the way they craft their content. Linda Ikeji’s posts are usually brief and witty, and Omojuwa’s posts are usually thought-provoking. Each of them has something unique about their blog posts. And this uniqueness is what sets them apart from the rest.

8. Professionalism

Another reason why the successes of these ten bloggers should come as no surprise is the touch of professionalism they add to their blogging. Each of the blogs has a professional logo with a unique and professional theme.

9. Trendiness

The top ten most successful Nigerian bloggers all keep abreast of latest trends in technology. Most started with blogger, but when WordPress became more popular, they switched over to it (with the exception of Linda Ikeji and Ogbongeblog). And now that people are doing more with mobile apps, some of these bloggers have developed unique mobile apps for their blogs through which their followers can easily read their latest posts.

10. Dedication

Dedication is another reason why the top ten most successful bloggers in Nigeria are so regarded. They devoted most of their time to their blogs just to ensure that things work out as planned. And even after they have started raking in profits, they have still not relented. At least six to seven of them are full-time bloggers.