Team building activities are those activities that help to build co-operation amongst employees of a company. It helps to increase communication amongst employees; that is why companies love to incorporate team building activities amongst its employees.

These activities can be held within the company’s premises or another location, but the end result of it should be to build better communication between employees. This article will focus on issues that have to do with team building activities in a company like, advantage of conducting team building activities within employees to a company or reasons why regular team building activities should be held in the organization and also a list of 10 easy team building activities in an organization:

2 Reasons Why Team Building Activities Should Be Encouraged in the Workplace

  • It Fosters Peace and Co-operation in the Workplace-: When employees engage in team building activities, it helps to increase peace and co-operation in the workplace, and fracas will be at it barest minimum, since everybody learns to co-operation with one another.
  • It Increases Productivity-: When there is co-operation, peace and harmony in the work place, there will be increase in productivity from employees since they work with peace of mind and enjoy co-operation from one another. There will also be an ease of idea flow, team oriented input and output.

7 Effective Corporate Team Building Activities & Exercises for Work

These 10 team building activities have the ability to increase harmony in the work place and can be easily incorporated;

1. Departmental Book Club-: A company can order business or motivational books for employees. Each department in the company is given a book to read; they are to read the book and share ideas of lessons learnt from the book with other employees in the same department, and once in a month, other departments can meet to share ideas on the different books each of they were assigned to.

2. Picture Puzzles-: A picture puzzle can be shared to all the departments in the organization for them to corporately solve the puzzle and return during lunch breaks or any other free time they have.

3. Ice Breaking Meetings-: This meeting is no breaking ice. In the literary, it is a meeting where other employees come together to know themselves. This kind of meeting can be held once in a month where everybody comes together to mingle.

4. Lunch Dates Outside the Organization’s Premises-: Lunch dates can be organised outside the company’s premises (maybe in a nearby coffee shop, a restaurant) for employees in a particular department. You will be surprised the kind of impact such lunch dates will have on employees in department, because the location outside the organization’s premised will help some people let down their guards and communicate better with fellow employees.

5. Extra Fitness Activities-: Fitness is one topic that affects everybody since everybody takes their health and fitness serious. Fitness activities are one form of activity that can foster corporation amongst employees. The organization can organize yoga classes, weekend early morning group jogging, fitness meetings.

6. Hosting Periodic Activities Where Employees Can Invite their Family Members-: Hosting activities like Halloween or Christmas parties for employees families can help to bring harmony since family members get to meet other’s family members boosting family friendships.

7. Sports Challenges for Charities-: Employees from various departments can be grouped into team members for a sporting event and the proceeds will be sent to the winning team’s favourite charity. Placing them as group members will make them come together after work to practice for the up coming game, and this is a good opportunity for them to get to learn new things about themselves. The game can hand ball, volley ball or any other not so strenuous team game.

8. Group Mentorship Program-: The head of each department in the organization can organize for regular mentorship program for all employees in their department. The mentor can be a professional from another organization or from another department within the organization. You can also get them tickets to attend their favorite author’s seminar or talk show and reserve sits near each other for them, where they can sit and share ideas on the ongoing seminar.

9. Blind Field-: Employees in the same department can be shared into a team of two people and one of them will be blindfolded, while objects will be scattered within the premises of the organization for each team member to lead his or her blindfolded members to find the objects. This opportunity is not only fun filled, it fosters corporation within employees.

10. Field Trips-: The organization can book accommodation in a not so distant resort for members of a department to go for a weekend field trip their. The resort company should be in charge of feeding, and they can incorporate fun team building activities for the employees that came for the field trip, while everybody should be encouraged to participate in the activities. If the company can’t afford paying for an accommodation for every employee in the department, you can organize a one day field trip to a popular work related location where they can go and come back that same day.

If none of the listed team building activity fits your employees, they can opt to create and organize their own group activities. It can be goal setting to achieve a goal within the department; it can be corporate planning for a surprise party for a member of the employee or any other activity that well make them work together to achieve the result.

In this article, I introduced what team activities are. I also mentioned the impact team activities have on the company or organization; and ended up listing 10 team building activities for all the employees in the organization and others for departments in the organization

In conclusion, if you feel that you need your employees to engage more in team building activities in the workplace, you can incorporate any of the ones listed above or allow each department in the workplace to come up with their own fun filled team building activities.

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