Do you want to start a business in high school or at home and be a made entrepreneur? If YES, here are 10 profitable small business ideas for teens & youths (boys & girls) in 2020?

Why Start a Business as a Teen?

The rate of unemployment among teenagers is on the increase worldwide. And this explains why teens are involved in most crimes today. The media is filled with stories of young people getting lynched or being busted for drug related crimes. To worsen matters, there are not enough jobs to go round. So, the best option for unemployed teens is to look for ways to employ themselves.

If you are a teen or a fresh high school graduate, then chances are that you need money; more than your parents can afford to give you. However, crime shouldn’t be an option; neither should staying idle and jobless become a part of you. Rather, you should consider starting your own business. And you may just be on your way to making six-figures (who knows)?

Many people believe the chances of startup success for teens are limited but I am writing this to dispute your belief. Teens have a great chance of succeeding as entrepreneurs if they get the right guidance. And most teens that start a small business end up becoming successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Most of the drop out billionaires and richest people in the world started out as teen entrepreneurs. Bill gates, Ingvar Kamprad, Li Ka Shing, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Walt Disney, Simon Cowell, Sir Philip Green and so many others started business as teens.

Ashley Qualls of WhateverLife dropped out at 15 to focus on her website building business and she was a multi millionaire by 17. If these individuals can start a business at such a young age and turn out to be successful; I don’t see why you can’t build a successful business as a teen.

If you are a teen reading this article and you are in search of possible low cost small business startup ideas you can start; then the list below will prove useful to you. Please I want to advice that you carryout a feasibility study within your vicinity to know which of these business ideas will be profitable. Doing a feasibility research will increase your chances of success.

The startup businesses listed below were compiled bearing in mind that teen entrepreneurs are always faced by one critical business challenge: “inadequate Startup Capital.” So because of this challenge, the business opportunities listed below can be started by any teenager for little or nothing; meaning that most of them can be launched with zero startup capital. So without wasting your time, below are my top 20 business ideas you can start today.

20+ Profitable Small Business Ideas for Teens & Youths in School for 2020

1.  Social media management

Since the advent of social media, it has become a proven tool for marketing, brand awareness, and interaction with loved ones. But celebrities, politicians and businesses are always too busy and, as a result, are unable to keep their social media profiles alive. This is where your services would come in as a social media manager; you will manage social media accounts for celebrities, politicians and business owners, and you will get paid.

2.  Babysitting

This is a service usually reserved for females. You can help busy mothers look after their children while they are off to work, and you will get paid for doing just that. All you need is a good reputation or great references and the startup cost is very low. You can create the initial awareness you need by posting fliers in your neighborhood and advertising your babysitting service. You can also submit your profile and get jobs from sites like and

3.  Kids’ taxi service

Most parents are too busy to shuttle their kids to the school, park, or soccer practice. Such parents would readily pay you if you offer to carry their kids to and from home. But the major challenge is that teens are usually regarded as careless and untrustworthy drivers. To have your way, you will need to hone your driving skills, have a drivers’ license and get a reliable car or a tricycle with passenger carrier.

4.  Computer tutoring

If you are very good with the computer, you can offer to teach basic computer skills to children and adults who are new to computers. It may surprise you that many people don’t know how to organize files, copy and paste text, browse the web, and so on. These are your customers.

5.  Errand runner

Seniors and busy parents are always in dire need of errand runners. They need to take their dogs to the vet, pick up groceries, take their kids to the day care, do some shopping, etc. You can offer to run errands for such people and get paid for it. But you will need good references and good neighborhood reputation.

6.  Moving assistant

Moving is stressful, and most people need someone to assist them when they want to change apartments, offices, and so on. You can start a moving assistance and organizing business. A good way to start is help someone move for free. Take pictures of yourself while moving the person’s goods. You will need these pictures as proof when you approach customers.

7.  Freelance writing

If you are very good and creative with words, then you can start a freelance writing business. Freelance writers are in high demand because people are in constant need of blog posts, articles, business proposals, website content, ghostwriting services, sales copies, press releases, business plans, and so on.

8.  Lawn and garden care

People love lawns and gardens, but they hardly have the time to keep them neat and beautiful. You will definitely make a fortune off of these people by simply offering to help them maintain their lawns and gardens for a fee.

9.  Graphic designing

Website and blog owners need graphic designers for professional banners and logos. Companies and other businesses need them for logos and print advertising. Publishers need them for book cover designing. In short, they are in high demand. If you have the required skills, then working as a graphic designer could make you lots of cash.

10.  Custom T-shirt printing

Custom branded T-shirts are becoming more popular by the day. People want to have their T-shirts branded with their names or other words and designs that are special to them. You can start a custom T-shirt printing business if you have the requirements. You can even make enough money as a middleman between customers and a printing company.

11.  Growing and selling organic vegetables

Because of the health hazards of foods grown with fertilizers, people are now demanding for organically grown fruits and vegetables. You can find a small piece of fallow land around you and start growing vegetables organically. Approach individuals, hotels, and restaurants around you, and they will buy from you.

12. Professional blogging

If you have some knowledge or passion that you would love to share with others and still make money from that, then blogging is the way to go. Start a blog and keep publishing valuable content consistently. In a few months, your efforts should start paying off.

13. Reselling used books

People prefer to buy used books because new books are far more expensive, yet they contain the same information as used books. And most of the time, people are happy to sell their used books for peanuts. Approach people and offer to buy their used books. Then sell these books to others who are willing to buy them. You will be surprised at the profit you will be making from each sale.

14. Party and event planning

When people are preparing for parties and events, they are busy with too many things, and they usually don’t have enough time to put the venue in order. So, a great idea is to start an event or party planning business.

15. Academic tutoring

There is a constant demand for academic tutors. Parents are ready to hire home tutors for their kids to help them with their assignments and help them improve on their academic performances. Most parents don’t have time for this, and they will readily pay you if you offer to help.

16. Laundry services

Everyone likes to look good. But people are either too busy or too lazy to dry-clean their clothes. You will make money by rendering dry cleaning services. However, keep in mind that you’ll need tools such as a washing machine, a pressing iron, etc.

17. Virtual assistance

Many online entrepreneurs are in dire need of virtual assistants to help them with tasks such as reading and replying emails, typing documents, publishing posts, conducting online research, etc. You can register with outsourcing sites like or to hook up with clients.

18. Translation services

If you are proficient in two or more languages, then you have got a money spinner in you. There are many translation assignments available online posted by clients who need to translate web page content, press releases, email newsletters, sales copies, and so on, from one language to another. You’ll find many such projects on and

19. Proofreading and editing

If you are very good in English, and you have a keen eye for errors in other people’s writing, then this option is for you. People need proofreaders and editors to help them polish and fine-tune their essays, articles, theses, and other write-ups. So, you can make money helping these people.

20. Video creation

If you have a good digital camera, then you can make money by helping people create videos. Videos are fast becoming the most preferred format for publishing information on the web. So, you have got a big market of bloggers, business executives, etc.