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10 Best Telecom Business ideas

Are you looking to start a business within the telecommunication industry? If YES, here are top 10 profitable telecom related business ideas.

Telecommunications uses modern technology to help individuals and organizations communicate through online networks. This industry has greatly expanded to include a wide range of devices, technologies and programs. The telecommunications industry is one of the most lucrative markets in any country, and businesses within this market record huge sales all year round regardless of economic conditions.

This is because communication is an everyday necessity—something we all depend heavily on. With new technologies and innovations springing up every day in the telecommunications industry, there are huge profit opportunities for new players.

If you are looking to start a business within this lucrative industry, there are many options to consider. Even if you don’t have huge funds to start with, you will find options that will suit your budget. Here are 10 profitable business ideas within the telecommunication industry that you should consider giving a shot:

Best Telecom Business ideas

1. Smartphone sales

The days of desktop PCs and laptops are fast passing by. And people are turning towards mobile communication devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. The huge demand for these devices leaves huge profit opportunities for businesses that sell them. If you have the required funds and knowhow, you should consider starting a business that sells smartphones.

2. Call center agents

Telecommunication network operators receive several thousands of calls daily from customers who have questions and complaints.

But because most companies are trying to cut down on their running costs, they now hire freelance call center agents instead of in-house support staff. If you have good communication skills, you can start a business that answers customers’ calls for telecommunication network operators.

3. Recharge card sales

Since people have to make calls every day, there is huge demand for airtime, which is commonly sold in the form of recharge cards.

If you are planning to venture into the recharge card business, you have two options: you can either start printing recharge cards and sell on a large scale or buy from wholesalers and sell directly to consumers. It all depends on how much you have to start with.

4. Bulk SMS business

People send and receive millions of text messages on a daily basis. A smart way to amass profits from this trend is to start a business that sells customized bulk SMS to individuals and organizations that need to send messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once. Potential customers for this business include corporate organizations, religious organizations, non-profits, and so on.

5. Telecommunications network

If you live in a country where mobile telecommunications coverage is still minimal, you can start your own network provider if you have the required startup funds and technical knowhow. High quality services and affordable prices are the tools you need to build a huge subscriber base.

6. Mobile marketing

Many businesses have realized the effectiveness of the internet as a tool for creating brand awareness and attracting customers and are adopting various internet marketing strategies. However, a more streamlined form of internet marketing is mobile marketing, which is targeted at internet users who surf the web using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Since more and more internet users are surfing the web on these devices, companies are trying to attract more customers by targeting mobile device users. If you know how mobile marketing works and how to help businesses use it to their advantage, then you should consider starting a mobile marketing agency.

7. Angel investing

If you have some funds that are lying fallow, you should consider investing them in promising business ideas within the telecommunication industry. This is a good way to make your money work for you when you are not actively involved.

8. Blogging

Another good idea to make money in the long term is to share relevant and valuable information relating to the telecommunications industry with people who need it. For example, you can share information on how to make the best use of mobile phones, how to set up internet connections, how to use cloud computing, latest technologies and trends in the telecommunications industry, and so on.

9. Affiliate marketing

Smartphones and tablets are selling like wild. And a good way to profit from this trend—even if you don’t have enough funds to start selling these devices—is to sell them as an affiliate marketer. You will promote these devices online using various internet marketing strategies. Each time someone buys a device through your effort, you get a percentage commission on that sale.

10. Internet service

Another smart way to make money from the telecommunications market is to start offering internet services to people. You can either start a cyber cafe or set up a wireless hotspot where people will pay you to access the internet.