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10 Thank You Holiday Gift Ideas for Corporate Clients

When was the last time you sent a package to your loyal clients? It is good once in a while to package products and send to your popular clients as a sort of thank you gift for patronizing our business. This single act can warm your way into the hearts of clients. In this article, I will explain reasons why you need to send thank you gifts to your loyal clients regularly and also 10 gift ideas that you can use as a thank you gift for your clients.

3 Reasons Why You Send Thank You Gifts To Your Clients:

a. Sign of Appreciation

Sending a thank you gift to your client shows that you really appreciate their patronage and you know what they say about appreciating things: ‘when you show appreciation for little things, bigger things will locate you’. Gifts are a sign of appreciation to your clients.

b. Will Motivate Them to Come Back in the Future

Sending thank you gifts to your clients will motivate them to come back and patronize your products and services in the nearest future, and also to recommend their friend or colleagues to come patronize your services.

c. Serves as a Reminder to Them

If you send a personalized gift to your clients with your company name or logo or it, it will serve as a constant reminder to them that a company like yours is in existence, in case they need your services in the future. Also, it serves as an advert method, as your client’s visitors will be curious to know about your company and its services when they see your company’s logo on the gift items.

For instance, if you send a personalized item like a glass coaster as a thank you gift to your client and he keeps it on the coffee table, any visitor that shares a cup of coffee with him or her will like to know where he got the coaster.

10 Thank You Holiday Gift Ideas for Corporate Clients

The gift items must not be and extravagant or very expensive gift item, these 10 gift items will give you an idea of things to get as a gift items for your business clients.

1. Personalized Stationeries

You can get office stationeries and inscribe your company’s logo on it and send as a thank you gift to your clients. Examples of the stationeries you can personalize include: Flash drives, table clocks, jotters, letter openers and customized pens. A screen printing company can help you inscribe your company logo or signature on these items before sending it to your clients.

2. Motivational or Business Books

You can buy a copy of your favorite motivational or business books from your favorite authors, write a me-to-you message on it, wrap and send it to your clients.

3. Gift Cards

If you are confused on the choice of products your clients will like, you can send them gift cards from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon or Ebay for them to order for items they want. You can mail them the gift cards through email with a personalized thank you message from your company, or you can send it to their mail as a surprise gift.

4. Coffee or Tea Hampers

Everybody takes either coffee or tea in the morning. You can package a hampers containing your client’s favorite teas, coffee brands with 2 mugs in a small basket and send it to them.

5. Donation to Charities

If your client is a philanthropist, you can opt to donate to their favorite charity as a thank you gift for his or her patronize. The amount shouldn’t be very high; you can give a couple of hundred dollars if your company or business is still small. They will really appreciate the effort.

6. Tickets to Their Favorite Shows

If you have the connections in the right places, you can get your clients tickets to their favorite team’s basketball or football match or ticket to go watch their favorite artist perform. You can buy the tickets with their name and mail it to them. Always confirm that they really like to watch the match or show before you pay for the ticket.

7. Customized Glass Coasters

You can also send customized glass coasters as a thank you gift for your clients, for their coffee tables and beverage cup holders.

8. Wreath

If it is a holiday period, you can send wreath to your clients to add colors to their in-house holiday decoration. Though you may not be able to customize the wreath with your company’s logo and all that, your client will always remember that that was a gift from you anytime he sees it. Also, wreath helps to increase the mood or feelings of festivity.

9. Flowers

You can also send flowers, bouquets or scented leaves as special thank you gift from your company to your client. You can ask them of their favorite flowers while you guys are having your business conversation; store them information in your reminder until you are ready to send the flowers.

10. Personalized Digital Frame

Finally, you can send your clients a digital frame that is personalized with your company logo an intro picture, for them to add up their personal family pictures and portraits on it.

I have listed 10 gift ideas you can package and mail to your clients as a thank you gift item and reasons why you need to make it a point of duty to send these gifts regularly to your clients. However, you must note that these items are not expensive; they are just everyday regular items that are very affordable.

If you are still finding it difficult to choose an item for your client, you can use the services of professional gift item companies that specialize in the packaging and sending of gift items to your clients. Finally, you must not wait for a holiday period to send gift items to your clients, sending it at a non-holiday season will make them appreciate you more.