Are you looking to spice up your leisure time after a long day’s work? If YES, here are 100 things to do outside with a friend when your are bored at night.

Being bored can seem very harmless but it can trigger feelings of depression or cause you to have negative thoughts and temptations. When next you are feeling bored, any of these 100 activities can instantly get you out of the blues.

100 Things to Do Outside With a Friend When You are Bored

1. Check up on an Old Friend: Most times, our excuse for not checking up on old friends is that we do not have the time. Now you have the time, check up on that old friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a while. They would appreciate the visit or call, and catching up on old times would help you forget your boredom.

2. Go on Social Media: It is almost impossible to get bored on social media. There is always an interesting topic, photo or video that would keep you engrossed and get rid of your boredom.

3. Answer Some Questions on Quora: Quora is a question and answer website where members provide answers to questions asked by other members. You can visit Quora to see if you can help someone out with your knowledge on some topics.

4. Window Shop Online: Window shopping is not limited to physical stores. Online window shopping is very convenient and fun- you don’t have to spend a dime or drive through traffic to feed your eyes on beautiful items that you can buy later.

5. Create a Vision Board: The times when you are bored can be very great for organizing your life goals and aspirations. You can spend this time drawing out a vision board that would help to keep you motivated and productive.

6. Learn a New Recipe: There are thousands of recipes on the internet. You can add something refreshing to your menu by learning to make a new dish.

7. Revamp Your Old Clothes: Got some old trousers, you can convert them into shorts or skirts or create a ripped version of your old denim trousers.

8. Learn the Lyrics of a Song You Love: It is time to stop mumbling the words of that song you love- you can dedicate a few minutes to learning the lyrics of some songs you love.

9. Play a Game Online: There are a lot of games you can play online. Online gaming can also provide a very great opportunity to meet new friends.

10. Volunteer at a Charity Center: You can volunteer at a food bank, a homeless shelter or at a senior citizen’s home.

11. Write a Book: Do you have a book idea you have not had time to work on? You can take advantage of this period to start working on your book idea.

12. Clean Out Your Closet: If you have not cleaned out your closet in a long time, and have a lot of clothes you haven’t worn in a while stored up in there, you can seize this opportunity to rearrange your closet and get rid of unwanted items.

13. Go Hiking: Hiking is fun and it can be a very good time for you to do some helpful brainstorming.

14. Visit Someone: Think of someone you can visit, sometimes having someone to talk to can be the only antidote you need for your boredom.

15. Learn Something New on YouTube: Almost everything is on YouTube these days. Think of a new skill that may be beneficial for you in the future and visit YouTube to learn that skill.

16. Sleep it Off: Just sleep; your brain and body would appreciate some rest especially if you are someone who works very hard.

17. Daydream: Daydreaming can also work if you are not really in the mood to sleep. There is a school of thought that believes that daydreaming helps to attract positive energy that would manifest those things you are daydreaming about.

18. Start a Controversial Discussion on Social Media: You would have a lot of fun reading the different opinions of people but make sure you are ready to deal with negative reactions from sensitive people especially if your topic is highly controversial.

19. Read a Book: Books are great boredom killers. Look through your library for a book you can read, or loan one from a friend.

20. Do Yoga: Yoga is a very relaxing and inspirational exercise. It is also a good time killer too.

21. Audit Your Credit Card Bills: Wondering whether your credit card company has been ripping you off? Now is the perfect time to audit those bills and catch them in the act.

22. Snoop on a Friend: Wondering what your old friends are up to or how your high school mates now look like? You can snoop on them via social media to satisfy your curiosity.

23. Create Digital Copies of Your Old Photos: The world is going paperless and paper photos are going extinct. You can protect your photos by scanning them and converting them to digital copies.

24. Send Your Files to the Cloud: If you have files that you haven’t backed up recently or haven’t learned the importance of cloud storage, you can spend some time doing that as well.

25. Update Your Apps: If your phone or computer isn’t set to update apps automatically, it is possible that you would have some outstanding updates to do.

26. Go Out and Make a New Friend: Go to a café, restaurant, coffee shop or a park and try to talk to someone new.

27. Vacuum Clean Your Laptop: Dust and dirt trapped inside your laptop can eventually cause damages. You can get a laptop vacuum cleaner and use it to get the dust out from in-between your keyboard.

28. Redecorate Your House: You can give your house a new look; switch the position of the couch, change the curtains, create some handmade decorations and give your home a refreshing look.

29. start an online business: Starting an online business is now very easy. You can even start some of them without a dime in your pocket.

30. Investigate Some Conspiracy Theories: Conspiracy theories are very interesting subjects. You can spend hours reading up on different opinions about popular events that have occurred around the world.

31. Binge-watch a TV Show: If you have been missing out on several episodes of your favorite TV show, you can spend some time watching all the episodes you have missed.

32. Go to the Movies: And if TV Shows are not really your thing, you can visit the cinema and watch some new movies- you might even be lucky enough to meet a new friend at the cinema too.

33. Free up some Storage Space on Your Phone or Computer: Are there old songs you have grown tired of listening to? Photos you took but no longer need? Most of us have our phones filled with a lot of junk files we may never use again. You can spend some time cleaning your phones and computer out so as to free up some space.

34. Watch Childhood Videos: Did your parents make some videos of you when you were a child? Such videos can be very funny and interesting to watch.

35. Play a Prank: Play a prank on your family, friends or co-workers but make sure it is a safe one and so that no one would get harmed in the process.

36. Start a Garden: Many people are embracing gardening these days because it helps to cut down expenses on food, and helps you add more organic foods to your menu. If you don’t have a garden yet, you can consider starting one.

37. Visit the Gym: You can achieve two things at once by getting some physical activity and killing some time by visiting the gym.

38. Go for a Walk/Run: If you can’t visit the gym, try taking a long walk or going for a quick run.

39. Start an Online Course: Another helpful way to kill boredom is to take a course online. There are plenty of free courses online that you can subscribe to.

40. Visit the Flea Market: Flea markets are not just great for finding cheap items; they can also be very great places to catch fun.

41. Meditate: Meditation is great for physical and emotional wellbeing. You can spend some time meditating too.

42. Visit a Spa: A trip to the spa can also help you relax and avoid depression when you are feeling bored.

43. Take a Warm Bath: If you cannot afford a spa trip, you can soak yourself in some warm water and bath salts in your bathroom to enjoy some of the therapeutic benefits you would get from visiting a spa.

44. Sort out Old Clothes for Giveaways: Look through your closet for clothes, purses and shoes you haven’t used in a while. Take them out and donate them to charity.

45. Look for a Lost Item: If you have been unsuccessful with finding a particular item, you can spend some time looking for it; you might just be lucky to find it this time.

46. Clean your Pool: You don’t have to pay someone to clean your pool when you have some cleaning time to spare.

47. Tend Your Flowers: Sometimes work can take its toll on you causing you to forget to tend your pretty flowers- you can take some time out to trim, water, and care for your beautiful flower garden.

48. Shop for Festive Periods: It is never too early to start your Christmas or Thanksgiving Day shopping. It is even better when you start early because prices usually go up around festive seasons.

49. Go for a Karaoke Session: If Karaoke is something you enjoy; you can visit a Karaoke bar or do it at home with your family.

50. Visit a New Neighborhood: You can spend some time getting to know your environment better by visiting a new neighborhood.

51. Go Job-hunting: If your reason for boredom is because you are unemployed, or because your job is not tasking enough, you can spend this time searching for a new job.

52. Play Candy Crush: Candy crush is one of the most popular games of the decade. This game would keep you engaged for several hours.

53. Read Old Newspapers: Old newspapers and magazines can be very interesting to read especially when the memories of the past come crawling back.

54. Shred Old Papers: Sort your papers and files, and shred all those papers you no longer need.

55. Update Your Diary: If you have been missing out on updating your diary, you can have fun writing down some of your new experiences in your diary.

56. Make your own Packaged Smoothies: Smoothies are healthy options to soda and packaged juice. You can buy some fruits and make them into smoothies or natural fruit juice for yourself and your guests.

57. Wash Your Car: You can save some of the cash you would have spent at the car wash by washing your car yourself.

58. Help a Friend Out: You may have some time to spare while your friend is out there pressed for time. Call your friends up and see if anybody needs some extra hands.

59. Make Essential Oils: Essential oils have a lot of medicinal benefits. If you have been buying essential oils, you can save yourself some cash by making your own essential oils at home.

60. Visit the Hospital: There are a lot of people who are lonely out there in hospitals. Such people would appreciate a visit and a gift from a friendly stranger.

61. Do Some Doomsday Prepping: You can also spend some time taking some precautionary measures against emergencies like hurricanes, fire disasters, and other emergencies.

62. Clean your Roof: Don’t we all neglect our roofs sometimes? You can give your home a facelift, and expand the lifespan of your roof by cleaning it.

63. Organize a Garage Sale: Get rid of some of the items you haven’t used in a long time by organizing a garage sale.

64. Start a Backyard Poultry: Free-range poultry eggs and meat are quite expensive nowadays. Start your own free-range poultry so that you never have to spend a dime on buying free-range poultry products again; that is if the area you live permits such activity.

65. Adopt a Pet: Tending to a new pet can help you get over your boredom plus you would have a new friend to keep you from future boredom.

66. Get a Makeover: Get your hair done and get yourself groomed to boost your mood and confidence.

67. Attend a Training Session: Check the internet for training programs scheduled to hold around you and attend one that you find relevant.

68. Visit Your Dentist: If you can spare some cash, visit your dentist to get your teeth professionally cleaned for a fresher and cleaner breath.

69. Host a House Party: House parties are very good boredom killers. You can invite your friends over for a small party or a sleepover.

70. Make Some Barbeque: If you love barbeque, you can spend some time making some delicious barbeque for you and your family.

71. Do a Photo shoot: Bring out your favorite outfits and head over to the photo studio for some mood boosting photo session.

72. Write an Article: If you don’t have the patience to write a whole book, you can settle for writing short articles or stories instead.

73. Buy an Adult Coloring Book: You can have a lot of fun creating some interesting paintings.

74. Bake a Cookie: Bake some cookies for your family.

75. Mail a Letter: You can hand-write a letter to your pal in another state, and mail it to them instead of sending emails.

76. Drink Some Water: It is possible to get bored when you are dehydrated.

77. Polish Your Kitchen Utensils: Some of those utensils have probably been sitting there for months; it is time to clean them.

78. Learn Something new about the Human Body: You can read anatomy books or blogs to become more familiar with your body.

79. Make a Collage: Spend some time creating a picture collage of yourself or your family.

80. Fumigate Your Home: You might probably need somewhere else to stay for a few days after fumigating but by the time you are back, your home would be free of bugs, and your boredom would have disappeared.

81. Visit the Local Animal Shelter: If you are a pet lover, you can go out there to spend some time with pets.

82. Plan Your Next Vacation: You can start making plans for your next vacation- check out places to visit, early tickets and fun activities to do while you are at your vacation destination.

83. Design Your New Tattoo: If tattoos are your thing, you can create your own unique designs.

84. Visit the Beach: You can enjoy walking on the beach.

85. Play Video Game: There are hundreds of new video games coming out weekly. You can grab the latest one from your favorite vendor and have a fun time learning how to play.

86. Visit the Local Library: If you love books, you can never be bored visiting the library. Even if you don’t enjoy reading books, you would enjoy meeting new friends there.

87. Join a Book Club: You can also join a book reading group where you can meet cool friends and hang out with them.

88. Knit Something: You can knit a sweater, a cap, socks, table mats; knitting is fun and time consuming.

89. Design or Sew a Dress: Save yourself some money and learn how to sew a clothing item or two.

90. Dye Your Shoes: You can revamp your old shoes by changing the color to something different.

91. Make Your Own Perfume: Another idea is to spend time creating your own signature scent using essential oils that you can easily find at home.

92. Write Your Own Autobiography: It is never too early or late to start penning down your life’s history and experiences.

93. Compose a New Song: If you are talented at song writing, you can try your hands at writing a new song. Who knows, you just might be writing the next hit song.

94. Babysit Some Kids: You can ask your friends or family to bring their kids over so you can babysit them.

95. Find out What Google Knows about You: Type your name in the Google search engine and explore the results to see just how much information about you is on the internet.

96. Gamble: Visit a gaming center where gambling is allowed and place some bets.

97. Invent Something: Try your hands on creating a new product or equipment.

98. Wash Your Brushes: Most people don’t care to wash their brushes even though brushes can harbor a lot of germs. Bring out your hair brushes, makeup brushes and any other brushes that you use and wash them.

99. Go Herb Hunting: Herbs have a lot of medicinal benefits. Visit the woods and see how many herbs you can identify and harvest.

100. Plant Some trees: Lastly, you can spend some time planting trees as your own contribution to the fight against global warming.

Ajaero Tony Martins