Do you want to sell products easily without needing to beg customers? If YES, here is a guide on how to be a better salesman in retail without being pushy.

It is quite challenging to build a career in sales without being pushy, and it is the fact that salesmen are pushy, an attribute that makes potential customers rebuff them when they come knocking. But the fact remains that the sales department of any organization is an important arm of the organization because they are responsible for convincing people to buy the organization’s products or services. In essence, they are the ones generating revenue for their organization. The truth is that any organization that is in business to make profits must have in place a sales team.

The retailing industry is one industry that a good percentage of the employees are involved in sales, and if you want to stand out amongst this group of people, then you should work towards becoming good salesman in the retail industry without being pushy.

Is it Possible to Become a Better Salesman Fast Without a Degree?

Before you can become a good salesman in the retail industry, you need to start a career as a salesman. There is no hard and fast rule to follow when intending to become a salesman; you can choose to pursue the career with your high school diploma or you can choose to start out as a sale man after graduating with a degree from college.

Although it is most suitable to obtain a college degree in marketing if you want to pursue a career as a salesman, but the truth is that if you have a degree in any field of study and you are passionate about becoming a salesperson, you are sure going to do pretty great in the field.

If you are interested in becoming a good salesperson, but without the usual pushiness salespeople are known for, then you are going to find the following surefire tips very helpful.

5 Personality Traits You Need to Be Successful as a Salesman

i. Honesty: You might think that the ability to tell a good lie is what makes you a good salesperson, but it is actually the other way round. To be a good salesman, you have to be honest in your dealings with clients because selling is mostly about building trust.

For people to buy from you, they have to be able to trust you and this means that you have to be upfront with all the pros and cons of your product/service. Clients would appreciate and even send referrals your way if they find out that you are honest. It is easier to do business with people when you have been able to earn their trust.

ii. Curiosity: Don’t be that salesman who just picks a product or service to sell without finding out all there is to find out about the product. It is important for you to know what you are selling inside out, learn about any new developments, any competitions and recent happenings in the industry you are operating in.

Don’t be that salesman who cannot give a convincing answer when clients ask questions about your products, services, company or industry.

iii. Perseverance: A salesman who gives up too easily may never succeed. Many people would say no to you but it doesn’t mean that they cannot say yes in the future. You must be optimistic and continue to go after results whilst understanding that your perseverance would bring in good returns on investment someday.

That client you are consistently going after may never buy your product or service but they just might recommend it to someone someday, so learn not to give up easily when prospective clients give that frustrating “No, Thanks” reply.

iv. Adaptability: As a salesman, you would meet people from all walks of life with different beliefs, cultures and traditions. You must learn how to adapt to different situations and cultures fast enough, and be able to tweak your body language, tone and communication to suit the client and current situation.

v. Listening Skills: If you were a prospective client, would you buy from a particular salesman if you felt that they were not interested in solving your problems, and only after the commission they would get from closing a sale? Your answer is most likely no.

People would only buy what you are selling if they feel that it can solve their problems, and this means that you have to show them that you understand their problems, and have a solution for it.
Don’t be that salesman who just talks and talks on end; learn how to listen to your prospective clients, and empathize with them so that you can gain their trust and confidence.

5 Business Skills You Need to Be a Successful Salesman

a. Strategic Prospecting Skills: Strategic prospecting means leveraging on your past or existing client relationships or connections. If you have successfully sold something to a person in the past, you mustn’t hesitate to ask them for referrals.

Ask them to recommend some of their friends, coworkers and family members who may also need your product/service. Strategic prospecting is a cheap and fast way of building new business connections from existing ones.

b. Communication: This includes verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Prospective clients would observe you keenly and judge you based on your communication skills. Most of them don’t know you personally, and the only yardstick they have for gauging your intentions and deciding whether they can trust you is your tone, choice of words, and most importantly, your body language.

As a salesman, it is important to invest in books and courses that teach effective body language communication skills. You should also try to rehearse in front of a mirror, and record your speech on your phone, then listen to it before meeting prospective clients- if it doesn’t sound good or convincing enough to you, then it is not good enough for your client.

c. Time Management: You must know how to manage your time so that you can be punctual to meetings, and so that you can get more work done with the limited time available to you. You also need to learn how not to waste your client’s time especially when you have meetings or have schedule appointments with them.

Download time management apps on your phone, and make sure you always have a to-do list as they are very helpful tools for time management. At the end of each day, make sure you do an analysis of how you spent your time; identify time wasting activities and look for practical ways to handle those activities.

d. Buyer-Responsive Selling: Any salesman who desires success must understand the buyer. This is not about understanding their personalities, but understanding the specific experiences that they hope to have by purchasing your product or service.

Every buyer has a unique set of expectations and experiences that they desire to have, and the fastest way to get them to sign that check is to identify these expectations, and demonstrate how your products/services is able to guarantee these experiences.

e. Story-Telling: Whether you are writing a sales copy, or delivering a sales rap, you must master the art of compelling story-telling. You must learn how to tell stories that can both get your prospective clients to relax, and also let them see that other people have had great results with the product/service you are trying to sell them, and they can also have similar or better results if they make that choice to buy from you too.

Great salesmen are made, not born and you can become a very great salesman too by mastering the necessary skills and techniques that would help to guarantee success.

How to Be a Better Salesman in Retail Without Being Pushy – A Complete Guide

  1. Make up Your Mind to Become a Better Salesperson Without Being Forceful

One of the first things you need to do if indeed you want to become a good salesman but without being pushy is to make up your mind about it. It might not be easy initially, but if you are resolute that you must sell your goods or services without coming on too strongly to customers, then indeed you are going to achieve your goal.

  1. Attend Relevant Sales Training and Workshops

Part of what you need to do in order to become a good salesman without being pushy is to attend any relevant sales training and workshops that is designed towards producing seasoned and well blended salespeople who are professionals in the trade. Although you will be trained by the organization that employed you as a salesperson, but it will be to your advantage to go out of your way to look for other avenues of training to help you achieve your career goals.

  1. Choose the Right Mentor

There are professional salespeople who have made a name for themselves in the sales industry; they are people who can successfully sell snow to Eskimos. What you need to do is to look for such people to mentor you in order to help you refine your sales techniques. Leveraging on a mentor is one of the surest ways of becoming successful in your chosen field.

  1. Allow Your Prospect Do More of the Talking

If you are a professional sales person, then one of your attributes should be the ability to make your prospect do more of the talking. If you do more of the talking when you are marketing your goods or services to a prospect, they would perceive you as being pushy.

The fact that you are not the one doing more of the talking shows that you are interested in your prospect. Besides, it is pretty difficult to be pushy when it is your prospect that is doing more of the talking. And part of what you need to do to achieve this is to ask your prospects open-ended questions that will encourage them to open up to you. The truth is that when they feel relaxed talking to you, it will make it much easier to earn their trust. The more they talk, the deeper the connection you are able to build with them.

  1. Take Pressure Off the Equation

Simply put, if you are not under any pressure, you are likely not going to pressurize or become pushy when marketing your goods or services to a prospect. The truth is that if you are under pressure to meet your target or make money via retail sales, you are likely going to become pushy when marketing and that can become a turn-off for a prospective customer.

So, if you want to become a good salesman in retail without being pushy, then you must ensure that you take the pressure off your shoulder. If you are not under pressure, you will make less mistakes, you will get to know your clients, their needs and their concerns before going ahead to introduce the products or services that you want to market to them.

  1. Be Patient, Take Your Time

If indeed you want to be a good salesman in retail without being pushy, then you should approach every sale patiently and take your time. With that, you are certain that you won’t fall under the temptation of becoming pushy why prospecting.

The truth is that if you approach your prospect as a desperado, then you are likely going to turn your prospect off. Note that your aim is to make your prospect to be as comfortable as possible.

This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to develop your own sales process. A sales process helps you stay patient and take your time – it enables you organize your sales interactions by giving you steps to follow before you actually close the deal.