Ever wondered why some folks find time to do nearly everything that comes their way, whilst other grapple with keeping to time to do half of what the former people described do. Could it be that those who manage their time well have some extra skills and those who have the challenge do not?

The best thing to invest in your business is your time. – The Mafia Manager

Time is indeed a precious gift given to man by God, and as an expert said, you have got to use it really wisely. Truth is that those who are able to manage their time well possess some skills that those who can’t have. These are winning tips that can be banked any day and any time.

If you lack the discipline to manage your time well, then respite is here as this article proposes to opine on the time management skills you need. So, if you are ready, then here goes….

Remember, effective time management is not the rigid establishment of a routine. Scheduling is not a fixed, one-time act; nor is long-range planning. Both are processes of constant adjustment, given life’s contingencies. – The Mafia Manager

10 Time Management Tools That Will Make You Time Conscious and Efficient

Unlike in the ancient times, the advancement of technology has indeed made it easier for people to effectively manage their time. There are several inventions and apps out there in our world that are designed to help people effectively manage their time with less stress. Let us quickly consider these 10 time management tools that will make you time conscious and efficient;

a. Toggly-: Toggly is a computer program that is designed to help you keep track of time. It is highly suitable for project managers, it helps you track total time used in completing a project from start to finish.

b. OneNote-: OneNote is designed to help people organize and keep virtual folders to file away notes; it is considered as the ultimate note taker. Those who are into research find it convenient to make use of this time management tool. OneNote is one of the programs in Microsoft Office 2010.

c. Grid Analysis-: Grid analysis is a time management tool that is designed to help people make effective decisions in a timely manner. It is designed in such a way that it enables its users to input their activities or factors in a table format and the apps help in rating each of the activity in order of importance, as well as advice accordingly.

d. Remember the Milk-: This time management tool reminds you of what you need to do per time; and it helps you manage your time effectively. You can download this app for free on most mobile apps stores. What’s more, it works easily with Siri. When you ask siri to remind you of a task, the new task will be added to your to do list. You can run the app on Blackberry, Iphone, and Android device. It is also compatible with Gmail, Google Calendar and Window Outlook.

e. Evernote-: This app enables you to capture all your ideas and thoughts in different formats. It helps you to record all your activities with ease – from meetings, to interviews and trainings, et al. With Evernote, you can capture your ideas with images, voice and notes; you can add voice reminders to task in your virtual folder. This app is free to download and it works with your computer device and smart phones.

f. Focus Booster-: Focus booster is an app that ensures that any unaccomplished task remains in your face until you accomplish it. It is a highly effective tool for those who struggle with procrastination; it helps an individual overcome procrastination within a short period of time.

g. Rescue Time-: Rescue time is a time management tool that helps people record the time they spend on each app and their work activities. The essence of recording the time spent is to help you analyze the usage of your time. The truth is that once you are able to notice areas that you spend more time on with less productivity, you will be able to make the necessary adjustment. In summary, Rescue Time will help you rescue the limited time you have from unproductive or even less productive activities.

h. Nozbe-: Nozbe is an app that is designed to help people get things done when they have to. This computer program helps people organize their task with respect to the location where you are expected to perform the task. Nozbe app is suitable for a task or project that is assigned to a group or a team.

i. MyLifeOrganized (MLO)-: This app is suitable when you want to effectively manage your to do list effortlessly. MyLifeOrganized help you generate your to do list in order of priority. If you are looking towards achieving Work Life Balance, Then you should download MyLifeOrganized on your smart phone or computer device.

j. Nearest Locator-: Nearest locator is an app that helps people locate places like bank, religious centre, post office, airports, restaurants, hotels, filling stations, police post, ATM and shopping malls et al. With this app, you do not have to struggle or waste time trying to locate places. You can download this app from Apple Store and Android App Store.

Lastly, it is important to state that you can also make use of your alarm system as an effective time management tool. All you need to do is to ensure that you set alarm as a reminder to remind you when you are expected to start a task. Alarm should not just be restricted to waking you up from your sleep; it could also help you achieve far more than that.

10 Effective Time Management Tips for Increasing Productivity

1. Know the Difference Between Urgent Versus Important

If You see a Snake, just kill it. Don’t setup a committee on snakes. – Ross Perot

It is important that you understand the difference between urgent and important tasks. This means that an urgent task needs your immediate attention, whilst an important task may come with its consequences if you do not deal with it. For instance; answering the phone is urgent, however, if you do not pick your call, you simply risk having a missed the call. On the other hand; seeing an optometrist is important, and not doing so may cause damage in your sight. These illustrations mean that you have to learn how to expend your time the important things.

2. Keep Things Organized

It is important that you keep things organized and tidy. This is important because when things are tidy, you avoid allocating the time needed to do other important stuff . On the contrary if you do not have the ability to leave things tidied, then you risk wasting your time every now and then. It is for that reason that you have got to work at the skill of being an organized person.

3. Determine Peak Moments

Choose the time of day or night when your energies are highest; and conduct business at that time. – The Mafia Manager

This simply means that you have got to have your time allocated to different tasks. For instance; use your peak moments to deal with the important stuff, whilst you allocate the urgent things to the off peak moment. If you are at your elements in the mornings and your peak moments are in the mornings, then it becomes wise that you deal with the important stuff then.

4. Do Not Be a Procrastinator

This is an important skill to build if you want to be more time conscious. You have got to learn to do things as at when due. What does this mean? It means that procrastination is a killer of time. Do learn not to shy away from what you have got to do per time-even if it is difficult. You have got to learn to face and confront it squarely.

5. Leave off Multi tasking

Generally some people have issues with multitasking. If you fall in this category of people, then you may want to consider facing a task at a time and finishing it, This is because you would achieve more within time when you take things one step at a time. Every one isn’t versed in this regard, so deal with things as your capacity dictates.

6. Be Calm

When you feel that you aren’t just measuring up in terms of achieving what you ought to within record time, then you need to understand that it is time to calm down. This is o that you can refresh and then come and tackle what you left undone. When you are cool and calm, then you are calculated to face the tasks you have ahead.

7. Avoid Stress

It is important that you avoid stress if you are looking to maximize your time more. Stress comes as a result of taking on a whole lot. Remember you are not super human and as such you have to delegate the things you feel might eat into your time. So the less stressed out you are, the more you would achieve.

8. Setup Deadlines

To schedule and plan, you must know your objectives; both qualitative and quantitative. – The Mafia Manager

One of the ways that you would be able to achieve more and be fulfilled is to set up deadlines whenever you have a task. Be sure to set a realistic deadline and stick with it. When you do this, you are able to achieve the goal and then move over to another one soon. In fact you are motivated when you have delivered before a deadline.

9. Start Early

Most of the successful folks we know all around the globe are early risers and early starters. You would sure achieve more when you start early. This is also good as you would be able to sit, meditate, as well as plan your time well.

10. Learn To Say No

If you have to say no to an incoming task, then please do. You do not want to come across as a disappointment if you took up a task you weren’t able to deliver. Do not play lip service and then take on a task you know you cannot deliver on. Do what you can and say no.

There you have it guys, 10 skills that you have got to work at imbibing early enough so that you are not found wanting. And when you do have these habits, then you can be sure to achieve more.