Do you want to start a catering business at home on a small scale by renting equipment? If YES, here are 10 helpful tips for hiring catering equipment on rental. If you are planning an event of any kind, be it a small party such as a birthday party or a large party such as an international corporate event; you need the right tools to make your party hitch-free. And catering equipment are some of these tools.

When planning your event, you have two options as regards how to get the catering equipment you need: buying them and hiring them. Even though you might be tempted to buy your own catering equipment; if you have unlimited funds, hiring is usually the better option. Let’s now discuss 10 tips for hiring catering equipment on rental.

Top 10 Crucial Tips for Hiring Catering Equipment on Rental

1. Hire a seasoned and creative event planner

Good event planners will figure out the most suitable catering equipment you need for your event and get them from rental companies. Trying to downplay the need for an event planner can result in sad story.

2. Find out more about the rental company

What type of events do they have equipment for? Some rental companies specialize in high-end creative events, while others focus on kiddies’ parties. Be sure that your rental company has equipment tailored to the type of event you are staging.

3. The reputation of the event rental company is another important consideration

You must request for an extensive list of happy customers. Also, you should request for references from caterers, planners, and others who have worked with the rental company in the past. If the company is unable to provide any of these, run!

4. Request to see the equipment you will be hiring before completing the contract

Glasses should be spotless and silverware should be polished. Tents should be able to withstand rain and wind. Chairs and tables should be sturdy. Don’t jeopardize your event with bad catering equipment.

5. Assess the catering equipment rental company in terms of responsiveness

Are phone calls picked up promptly? What about change orders? Does their team arrive on time? Do they respond promptly to emails? Are their drivers professional? Answering these questions will help you decide whether to proceed with the rental company or not.

6. Assess the rental company’s experience with the event you are staging

Your ideal rental company is one that has been staging that type of event for several years. You want to hire from a company known for multiple successes.

7. Find out how the rental company rates in terms customer service.

Do they have an experienced team? Remember, catering equipment rental, like many other businesses, comprises many learning curves and tricks of the trade that take years of experience to understand. Industry experience also boosts creativity and saves you money.

8. Only hire catering equipment from a rental company that offers a guarantee

If some of equipment fail to perform their functions as well as expected, there must a way to compensate the customer. There must be a contingency plan if some of the items your ordered are unavailable, broken, or damaged. There must be an alternative resource from which such items can be sourced. How a catering equipment rental company handles unexpected circumstances can make all the difference between a wonderful event and a disaster.

9. Assess the financial stability of the catering equipment rental company to ensure they can withstand economic volatility

You don’t want to learn that the rental company is out of business when your event is just few days or weeks away. A well-maintained inventory selection and several years of operation are good indicators of financial stability.

10. Watch out for hidden costs

You must ensure that the quote you get from the rental company reveals the true cost you. Don’t sign on the dotted line if you are not aware of every fee you will pay.

4 Benefits of Renting Catering Equipment instead of Buying

  • Hiring saves cost. Since you need the equipment for only a short period, you will pay a rental fee for that short period. This fee is much less when compared to the costs of buying new catering equipment.
  • Buying comes with the need for maintenance and storage space, which means additional costs in the long term. Since the equipment will be returned back to the rental company after use, there are no maintenance costs or need for storage.
  • Some catering equipment, such as tablecloths may lose their trendiness over time; which means you will be stuck with the same clothes even when they are no longer fashionable. However, that becomes less of a concern if you are hiring your catering equipment.
  • Since no two events are ever truly the same, the best catering equipment for each event varies. Buying your own catering equipment compels you to use the same equipment, whereas hiring gives you access to equipment that is tailored to each event.