Are you about starting your own clothing line or fashion label? If YES, here are 10 ideas and suggestions to help you come up with a catchy clothing line brand names not taken. What’s in a name? A lot of people feel that this aspect of their business is unimportant and so they give very little attention to it but I can tell you for free that this part of your business is just as important as every other aspect.

Just as you won’t name your child something tacky, don’t give your clothing line a tacky name. I have decided to put down 10 tips that can actually guide you through making choosing an excellent brand name that would draw customers to your business and make people see your business in a positive way.

Top 10 ideas to Come Up With Catchy Clothing Line Brand Names

1. Choose a name that would stick

The first tip is to choose a name that would be unique and unforgettable. Don’t go with trends when choosing a name for your clothing line. Okay, so ‘Drunk in Love’ by Beyonce is a trending song so you go on and name your brand drunk in love but what will happen when the song is long forgotten?

This is where a marketing plan comes into play? Here is a sample clothing line marketing plan template you can use. Try to avoid using trending events or items when choosing a name. Instead, you should choose something evergreen, a name that would stand out from the crowd and would always be remembered.

2. Avoid names with unusual spelling

Your business needs the internet so you will probably want to have a strong website that is search engine optimized. But, if you really want your customers to be able to find you easily on the internet, avoid using names with unusual spelling. When customers want to search for you, they would have to type your brand name into the search engine and let’s say your brand name is ‘RAECH’ there’s the possibility of people confusing that spelling with ‘REACH’

3. Use a name that people can pronounce easily

Make sure your name is as simple and straightforward as can be. Avoid using names in languages that people are not familiar with. I understand that you like Italian food and would like to name your brand after your favorite Italian dish but please ensure that it’s a name that people can pronounce easily without losing their teeth. This is because people would want to talk about your brand, they would want to recommend it to friends, but how do they do that if they can’t pronounce your brand name?

4. Simple and short

I get the idea of naming your brand short and simple sentences like “Life is beautiful” or “Life is good” But it would really sound silly to go beyond sentences with three words. Okay, you decide to name your brand “Looking good is good business”

The annoying thing about such a name is not that it is too long; it’s that the acronym won’t even make sense. If your brand name is too long, people would naturally want to create an acronym for it to make it shorter to pronounce and write but how do you pronounce an acronym like LGGB?

5. Your brand name has to make sense

Avoid choosing meaningless names and please try to do a careful research to find out the meaning of your name in foreign languages before you make a decision. The name might mean something sweet and fun in your own native language but it might mean something downright silly and insulting in other languages.

I once bought a loaf of bread and the brand name meant ‘Foolish’ in my native language; I eventually learnt that it meant delicious in another language. Well, I certainly don’t feel comfortable eating something that has foolish boldly written on it so I just pass whenever I see that particular brand at my Grocery Store. Look out for the meaning of your brand name so you don’t end up with a name that sounds racist or insulting.

6. Use a name that projects your brand positively

Use a name that would give an insight into what your business is about. For a clothing line, your name should sound fashionable and fun. You shouldn’t use a name that sounds too serious like the name of a bank or insurance company. To an extent, people should be able to guess what your business is all about just from hearing your brand name. Your brand name should also project quality and standard.

7. Find out if the name is available

You should also do a due diligence to know if the domain name is available or taken by someone else. People would naturally assume that your brand name is your web address. For instance, if your brand name is ‘Sarons’, people would assume that your web address is

So it’s wise for you to find out if the name is available before you settle for it. You should also pay a visit to the agency in charge of business registration in your country to find out if your chosen name is available for business registration purposes.

8. Avoid using specific geographical locations

The world is one global village and you never can tell where the next client is going to come from so you cannot afford to limit your business by using specific geographical location in your business name except you are creating branches of an existing in another location. You live in Ghana, so you decide to name your brand ‘Sarons Ghana’ that might just discourage international buyers from patronizing you.

9. Use professional help

Trust me, your brand name is very important and it’s one of the most important decisions you would make regarding your business. However, it can prove to be a tough task especially for people who are new in the business world.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to get professional help in choosing an excellent name. An expert would know all the things to look out for and would also be able to conduct the necessary investigations before presenting to you a list of suitable names.

10. Your business name should not reference anything else

This is important so that your brand name doesn’t get lost in search engines, you should avoid using names that reference another brand or business.