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Toothpick Manufacturing Business Plan [Sample Template]

Are you about starting a toothpick manufacturing business? If YES, here is a complete sample toothpick manufacturing business plan template and feasibility report you can use for FREE.

Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a toothpick manufacturing business. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample toothpick manufacturing business marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for toothpick manufacturing businesses. So let’s proceed to the business planning section.

Starting a toothpick business is one very easy and lucrative business that any serious minded entrepreneur in Nigeria can start. The reason why this is so is because the raw materials, technology, labour and even market for the toothpick business is one that is locally sourced and also easily accessible; they are equally available all year round and quite affordable too.

Toothpicks are in almost every homes and companies in the food and hospitality industry here in Nigeria. The market for toothpicks in Nigeria and even all over Africa is a growing one and any serious minded entrepreneur can start making money before the end of the year in which the business was started.

Before you can start this business however, you would need to know the kind of toothpicks you intend to produce – wooden or plastic; and what market is readily available for your products either locally or globally.

Other aspects that you would need to take note of are what quality you intend for your products to be, what permits you have gotten to run your business, and where you intend to source the necessary finance to run your business. Other needful requirements are where you would source for your raw materials, the type of machinery you would use and need and what the production process is all about.

Having a comprehensive business plan is also helpful especially if you intend to approach investors or a financial institution for loan whilst sourcing for capital for your business, your business plan will help them know how seriously to take your business. If you do not know how to write a business plan, below is a sample toothpick manufacturing business plan for you.

A Sample Toothpick Manufacturing Business Plan Template

1. Industry Overview

There is a huge market for the toothpick production business both here in Nigeria and all over Africa and this is because almost everyone uses toothpicks to remove unwanted food leftovers that stick in between the teeth. The use of toothpicks is higher than the use of floss, its closest substitute, which then makes starting the toothpick business lucrative for any enterprising entrepreneur.

The market potential for toothpick is such that it can be sold locally or exported in order to earn foreign exchange. The market for toothpick production was made possible by the ban on toothpick importation by the Nigerian Federal Government, and this has created enough opportunity for the local markets to grow.

According to analysis, the market for toothpicks is not only sustained but expanding as well, this is because toothpicks are used in hotels, homes, restaurants, bars and joints, parties and in other public gatherings.

Production has stepped up in Nigeria with different companies preferring to ensure that their products are manufactured according to international standard especially as there is potential for the products to be exported to other countries where there might be stringent laws as to what is being imported.

Raw materials used in producing toothpicks are readily available here in Nigeria as the raw materials used are either wood or bamboo. This makes it a great advantage for starting this business here in Nigeria.

2. Executive Summary

Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd is a standard and fully registered and licensed company here in Araria – Aba in Abia State. Nna-men is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and is also a member of the Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (MAN).

We place a high value on our customers which is why we have adopted excellent customer corporate culture in ensuring that we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our vision is to become the preferred toothpick manufacturing company for all our customers not only here in Aba but all over Nigeria as well. We intend for our product to be amongst the top three brands in the country by the year 2022.

In order for us to achieve all our goals and objectives, we intend to ensure that we build a solid business structure, which will see us employing capable and experienced hands to work with us. Our employees are well paid and have the best welfare packages in the industry especially across start-ups in our category. Our facility is also conducive for all our employees.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emeka Nnaji is a renowned businessman and entrepreneur who has been in the production industry for over 20 years. Mr. Emeka has other businesses that he owns and which are successful and so he will bring his expertise and experience to bear in ensuring that our toothpick manufacturing business is able to attain all its goals and objectives.

3. Our Products and Services

Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd is a toothpick manufacturing business that is fully registered and licensed to operate as a profit making business here in Nigeria. Our aim is not to only generate revenue and maximize profit, we also intend to offer additional products and services to our core service so as to sustain our bottom line and grow our business.

The products and services that we therefore intend to make available to our various customers are;

  • Production of wooden toothpicks
  • Production of plastic toothpicks
  • Production of chewing sticks
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Training

4. Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to become the preferred toothpick manufacturing company for all our customers not only here in Aba but all over Nigeria as well. We intend for our product to be amongst the top three brands in the country by the year 2022.
  • We are constantly building our business structure in order to ensure that we achieve our goals and objectives. To this end, we have employed capable, experienced and efficient employees to ensure that we achieve our intended goals and objectives.

Our Business Structure

Due to our intention to build a standard toothpick manufacturing business here in Araria – Aba in Abia State, we have decided to take a critical look at how we build our business structure.

By building a solid business structure, our intention is that our business can smoothly start off and be run with as less hitches as possible. This is why we are going to ensure that we go the extra mile in picking the right employees to handle the various positions and the roles that would come with it.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emeka Nnaji has carefully sourced for and hired those that would make up the management team, this is because he believes that with the right people in managerial positions, it would be easier for policies to be implemented and the goals and objectives of the organization achieved.

However, due to the fact that we will not be running a conventional toothpick manufacturing business because of the several other products and services that we would be engaged in, we would be hiring more employees than necessary to fill in all the various positions and handle the roles and responsibilities that these positions would throw up.

Therefore, the business structure that we would build at Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd are as follows;

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Machine Operators
  • Store Manager
  • Accountant/Cashier
  • Marketing and Sales Team
  • Front Desk Officer
  • Cleaner
  • Driver

5. Job Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer

  • In charge of making the overall policies and strategies that would have a holistic effect on the organization.
  • Hires, disciplines, delegates tasks and rewards individuals in the management team.
  • Evaluates the success of the organization and removes or modifies ineffective policies.

Human Resources and Admin Manager

  • In charge of placing adverts for, interviewing and hiring those that would eventually work for the company.
  • Conducts orientation for new employees and performance appraisals for existing employees.
  • Ensures that the administrative functions of the organization are smoothly performed.

Production Manager

  • Is in charge of all the toothpicks (wooden and plastic) and chewing stick produced by the organization.
  • Ensures that all staff on the production floor strictly adhere to organization’s policies and guidelines.
  • Ensures that workers give optimum performance and punishes erring workers on behalf of the organization.

Machine Operators

  • In charge of the machinery used for production and ensures that checks are carried out before production.
  • Carries out preventive repairs and maintenance on machineries.
  • Ensures that the machines bought by the organization are genuine.

Store Manager

  • In charge of all produced toothpicks and chewing sticks in the store.
  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing inventory and records them for official purposes.
  • Ensures that the store is clean, secured at all times and well ventilated.


  • Prepares all the financial reports, information and statements on behalf of the company
  • Prepares the overall budget and makes sure that it is duly implemented by the organization
  • Monitors cash inflow and outflow and ensures that every naira is accounted for

Marketing and Sales Team

  • Conducts market research in order to discover new target markets for the organization.
  • Drafts effective marketing and sales strategies to generate more revenue on behalf of the organization.
  • Meets and negotiates with high level clients on behalf of the organization.

Front Desk Officer

  • Responds to inquiries and orders via phone, internet and via physical appearance on behalf of the organization.
  • Remains updated about organizational policies as well as industry trends in order to give clients accurate information at all times.
  • Keeps an updated and accurate customer database on behalf of the organization.


  • Cleans the factory before the start of administrative work and production every morning.
  • Ensures that the convenience is kept clean for staff and customers.
  • Carries out any other duties as specified by the human resources and admin manager.


  • Ensures that ordered toothpicks and chewing sticks are duly delivered to the right destination.
  • Supervises the loading and offloading of goods from the truck and helps out too.
  • Performs other official duties on behalf of the organization.

6. SWOT Analysis

In a bid to run a business that is not only successful but of a high standard, we have engaged the services of Nduka Business Consulting Firm here in Aba. This is a reputable firm that has experience of helping new businesses such as ours know if they are in the right business or not.

In response to our request, Nduka Business Consulting Firm, a renowned and well known firm made use of a thorough analytical method by using our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to determine if we would thrive in this industry.

The result of the SWOT analysis that was therefore conducted on our behalf by Nduka Business Consulting Firm are as follows;

  • Strengths

The fact that we are offering other products and services in addition to our core service is a plus for us in this business. We also have employed professional and capable employees who thoroughly understand the business and are dedicated to help us run our toothpick manufacturing business.

Our location here in Araria – Aba is one that is very strategic and allows us to be close to our various customers. Finally, our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Emeka Nnaji is a renowned businessman with the necessary experience that will allow us attain all our goals and objectives.

  • Weaknesses

The fact that we are still new in the industry is one weakness we face. Also, we do not have the financial and human resource capacity as other existing toothpick manufacturing companies, which means we would need to work harder to become known especially as this is a saturated market where brands are hardly recognized.

  • Opportunities

We have several opportunities available to us in this industry and it includes exporting our toothpicks to other African countries. Also, due to that fact that we are quite close to the production and commercial hub in Nigeria, more opportunities are going to be available to us such as producing toothpicks for others either for business purposes or as souvenirs.

  • Threats

Every business is faced with threats but it is how they handle the threats that would determine how long they would last in business.

Therefore the threats that we are likely to face is from competitors – new or already established who would be offering the same services as us and who would have better policies in regards to pricing and customer retention. Another threat that we might face is more clients turning to another substitute – floss.


  • Market Trends

The toothpick production business is one that attracts huge demand thereby making it an interesting and lucrative business to start up.

There is always profit to be made in this business regardless of the size of the company. Toothpicks can either come in wooden or plastic forms and are used by hotels, bars, restaurants, in homes, eateries, in parties and in the travel industry as well.

Also, the raw materials used for the production of toothpicks are easily accessible locally, which means there would be no need for importation except maybe the machinery and this would have to be the automatic machines, if the entrepreneur does not intend to use the local machines.

8. Our Target Market

Before every business can determine who its target market is even though it might look obvious, it is very necessary that a market survey is performed.

Performing a market survey forces one to look critically at the target market for one’s business and know what is expected from this target market i.e their unique characteristics and what is likely to appeal to them. This will then help when drafting marketing strategies as they would be more suited to the target market.

Another reason for conducting a survey is so that we understand what it is the target market expects from us. Therefore, from the following reasons, we are going to be offering our products and services to the following groups of people or businesses; restaurants, households, fast food joints, bars, hotels, and the whole hospitality industry.

Our competitive advantage

The toothpick business might look like an easy one to start up but it truly is a saturated market and this is due to the fact that almost every entrepreneur with easy cash can venture into this business even without having any technical knowledge of the business.

Our aim to become the preferred brand for our various customers will not be easy to attain, and for this reason, we have laid down strategies that will allow us to compete effectively against our competitors in order to have competitive advantage over them.

Everyone in Nigeria knows that Aba is the manufacturing hub where almost anything can be manufactured. The Araria area where our manufacturing company will be located has us strategically close to one of the biggest markets in Nigeria where visitors from all over the country flock to. Our strategic location is not only going to get us a large share of the market, it is one edge that we have over our competitors.

Because we understand how valuable customers are to the growth of a business, we have put strict customer policies in place so much so that it has become a part of our employees’ attitude.

This therefore means that all our customers are given the highest care and attention which has seen us retaining over 85 percent of our customers. Our factory is one that is convenient for our customers to get to and we roll out incentives every once in a while in order to keep our customers happy.

We have assembled a team of professionals and highly capable individuals to handle the affairs of our company. Our management team for instance is filled with individuals who have experience as regards the industry.

Our management team also understands how best to help build our company from the start-up we are to the national phenomenon we intend to become and this is due to the fact that they understand our vision and goals and are willing to work hard to ensure that it comes to pass.

Finally, knowing how important it is for our employees to remain motivated, we are paying our employees better salaries and wages than what they are likely to get from our competitors. We also have other welfare packages in place that will ensure that they remain committed and dedicated to our vision and objectives. We also have ensured that our facility is environmentally conducive for all our employees.


  • Sources of Income

Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd just like any other business has been established to generate revenue and maximize profit here in the manufacturing industry in Aba – Abia State. We intend to do all it legally takes to ensure that we not only generate revenue from our core service but from additional services as well, in order to sustain and boost our bottom line and therefore grow our business.

Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd intends therefore to generate income by offering the following products and services;

  • Production of wooden toothpicks
  • Production of plastic toothpicks
  • Production of chewing sticks
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Training

10. Sales Forecast

Toothpicks in Nigeria will always be in constant demand due to the fact that is very popular amongst the people than its closest substitute – floss. We have therefore keyed into this fact to ensure that we get a huge share of the market.

Our location in Araria – Aba is very strategic as we are deep in the commercial manufacturing and production hub where every parts of Nigeria visit. Our location has made it possible for us to generate the needed revenue that will grow and sustain our business.

We are also confident after studying our revenue generating model that we will make our profit in the first year of business, which would mean that we are able to achieve a milestone.

However, because we intend to ensure that we give accurate reports regarding our sales forecast, we have taken a thorough evaluation of the toothpick manufacturing business so as to correctly deduce our chances of surviving in this industry.

We used several assumptions and data from similar start-ups such as ours and even already established toothpick manufacturing businesses here in Aba. Below therefore are the sales projections for Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Business depending on several factors and data as relating to small and medium scale enterprises not only here in Aba but all over Nigeria as well;

  • First Fiscal Year-: N3,200,000
  • Second Fiscal Year-: N6,000,000
  • Third Fiscal Year-: N12,500,000

N.B: It should be noted that the above sales projections were dependent on what was obtainable in the industry for the stated time period.

The assumptions are based on the act that more people won’t start using the alternative – floss, and also that we won’t have a competitor offering the same services as us arrive at our location within the three years that we have based our sales projections on. Should there be any change in the above stated factors, it would lead to an increase or decrease in the figures stated above.

  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy

Marketing is a process where the needs of intending and existing customers are anticipated, identified and met. This is one serious aspect of a business that requires a thorough evaluation especially as this is the revenue generating aspect of the business, that enables the business grow and sustain itself.

Without marketing the business, not only will a business not likely have customers, it will struggle to exist and might eventually fail. Businesses therefore always set aside an amount to use in marketing as well as marketing strategies that will ensure that the target market is well penetrated.

In regards to this, we intend to conduct a market research that will allow us thoroughly understand the market which we would be going into in order to draft effective strategies for our business. The market research will not only allow us understand our target market and their characteristics, it will also allow us position our business well in order to penetrate and get a large share of the market.

We will engage the services of a reputable marketing consultant here in Aba to help us draft effective marketing strategies that will allow us to favorably compete against our competitors, either new start-ups or already existing companies.

We would also empower our marketing team to ensure that the marketing strategies are in line with our corporate sales goals and objectives. Our marketing team will also be empowered to modify and remove ineffective marketing strategies and deploy conventional and unconventional modes of marketing our toothpicks.

The following are therefore the marketing and sales strategies that we intend to adopt in ensuring that awareness for our products reach the target market;

  • Ensure that we introduce our business to toothpick wholesalers, large chain hotels and restaurants, bars as well as other stakeholders in the industry.
  • Throw a huge party when launching our business that will generate the much needed awareness about our business.
  • Ensure that we place adverts in local and national newspapers as well as on radio and television stations.
  • Use our social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter to vigorously market our toothpick production business.
  • Install billboards in strategic locations all around Aba in order to increase awareness about our business.
  • Empower our marketing and sales team to engage in direct marketing in order to generate revenue that will sustain our toothpick manufacturing business

11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Every business that intends to exist for long needs the right publicity to enable it allow more people in the target market to be aware of the brand, and that may culminate in an increase in revenue generation. The importance of publicity cannot be overemphasized as even certain government agencies carry out publicity measures from time to time.

Publicity helps to positively boost the image of the business, and allows a business to compete favorably against its competitors.

In view of this, we intend to engage the services of a reputable branding and consulting firm here in Aba – Abia State, who has a thorough knowledge of not only Aba but the whole Nigeria, and who has knowledge of the manufacturing industry to help us draft effective publicity strategies that would not only increase awareness for our organization and our products but also positively communicate our brand to our local community and the country in general.

The various platforms that we intend to use in promoting and advertising Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd are;

  • Participate in and sponsor certain programs such as football, pageants and educational competitions in order to increase awareness for our brand.
  • Install flexi banners in strategic locations all around Aba.
  • Place advertisements in national newspapers, and pay for advert spots in local and national radio and television stations.
  • Create an interactive website and use this to promote our business.
  • Distribute handbills and fliers in several strategic locations so as to increase awareness for our company.
  • Use our social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to vigorously promote our toothpick manufacturing business.

12. Our Pricing Strategy

Toothpicks are a commodity that is used by almost everyone and in most establishments that majorly deal with edible products.

Even though the raw materials for toothpicks are readily available, the prices that we would set for our toothpicks would be solely dependent on the kind of toothpicks we would be giving our customers (plastic or wood); our overhead cost, our running cost, the size of the toothpick packaging as well as what our competitors here in Araria – Aba are offering their customers.

In order however to attract as many customers as we want to our toothpick manufacturing business, we intend to offer a price discount in our first two months of operations. This strategy would not only bring us more customers, but will allow potential customers in our target market to be aware of our business.

Having looked thoroughly at this strategy that we intend to adopt, we are confident that while we might have a low gross margin during these two months, it will in no way allow us run into a loss.

  • Payment Options

Choosing the right payment options is very important to our business and this is due to the fact that we have various customers who have preferences in the ways they choose to pay for our products and services at Nna-men Toothpick manufacturing Ltd.

In picking the payment options for our clients, we would ensure that it abides by the financial rules and regulations here in Nigeria. Therefore, the payment options that we want to make available at Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd are;

  • Payment via bank transfer
  • Payment via cash
  • Payment via Point of Sale (POS) Machine
  • Payment via cheque
  • Payment via bank draft
  • Payment via online payment portal

The above payment options were carefully chosen by us in line with instructions from our bank and will work without any form of inconvenience either to our customers or to our business as we have partnered with the best bank locally to ensure that our customers get only the best from us.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

When starting any business especially a manufacturing business, enough feasibility study has to be done so that one could know for certain how much will be needed to start the business and make it a success. This is so because the start-up costs for a toothpick manufacturer in Kano State will be different from the start-up costs for a manufacturer in Ogun State as certain factors would have to be taken into consideration.

Another thing to consider when starting this business is the kind of equipment, tools and machineries that would be used.

While certain machineries and equipment come with a standard price, the difference might be in the cost of transporting these machineries to the place where production is meant to take place, thereby increasing running costs for one producer against the other and also reflecting on the final cost for the toothpicks to the end user.

Knowing these actors would help any producer be ready to start the business which can either be on a low, middle or large scale depending on the above factors listed and how much was finally sourced to start the business with. Below therefore, are the requirements that would be needed to start and run a standard and successful toothpick manufacturing business here in Araria – Aba in Abia State;

  • Total fee for registering the business as a Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) here in Abia State – N60,000
  • Obtaining the necessary municipal trade licenses and permits, accounting and inventory software as well as other legal expenses such as value added tax, environmental and pollution guidelines as well as ISO certification – N80,000
  • Cost of hiring a business consultant – N30,000
  • Insurance coverage (General liability, workers’ compensation, equipment insurance and property insurance) – N25,000
  • Marketing expenses for the promotion of the grand launching of Nna-men toothpick manufacturing ltd as well as general marketing promotion expenses for at least a year – N50,000
  • Cost of renting a warehousing facility or use for a period of two years and carrying out the necessary renovations – N450,000
  • Cost of getting raw materials (bamboo, hardwood and plastic material) –  N100,000
  • Cost of procuring the necessary equipment and machineries needed for toothpick production (Injection speed and pressure machine, semi-automatic and automatic injection molding machines, scrap grinders, color mixers and mold lifters) – N800,000
  • Cost of procuring toothpick packaging machines (weight scale, packaging machines, polishing and sharpening machines, molds, dust collector and toothpick packing machines) – N200,000
  • Operational cost for the first three months (salaries of employees as well as payment of bills) – N300,000
  • Cost of setting up a storage facility (ventilation, security, signage) – N50,000
  • Cost of purchasing a delivery van for use – N300,000
  • Other start-up expenses (furniture, computers, printers, signage, cash register, security and phones) – N100,000
  •  Cost of launching a website – N25,000
  • Cost of throwing a launching party – N30,000
  • Miscellaneous – N50,000

From the above analytical breakdown, we would need approximately the sum of N5,650,000 in order to start up and successfully run a standard small scale toothpick manufacturing business here in Araria – Aba. It should be noted that the above amount will cater for the manufacturing and packaging machineries, as well as storage facilities.

The above amount will also be used to procure a facility for at least 2 years, purchase a delivery truck and also pay the salaries of employees and certain other bills for at least three months till the business starts making money to pay them itself.

Generating Funding/Startup Capital for Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturers Business

While having a business idea is important, it is equally important to ensure that there is finance available to make the business idea become a reality. Without finance, the business idea would remain just an idea. Also, it is important that an entrepreneur knows just how much is needed to run the business till the business starts paying for itself.

This is why conducting a thorough feasibility study is necessary as this would stop the entrepreneur from constantly seeking for loans every time instead of just once. Even though sourcing for finance is very difficult and can be quite intimidating, it is nevertheless one of the task that an entrepreneur must undergo for the sake of the business.

Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd is a business owned and operated by Mr. Emeka Nnaji and his family. Mr. Emeka Nnaji having known the rudiments of the business believes that he doesn’t require an external partner to run the business with. This has therefore led to his deliberate sourcing of start-up capital from certain areas.

The areas where we therefore intend to generate the necessary start-up capital for Nna-men Toothpick Manufacturing Ltd are;

  • Generate part of the start-up capital from personal savings
  • Apply for loan from the bank

N.B: We were able to generate the sum of N2 million from our personal savings. We are at the final stages of obtaining the sum of N3,650,000 from the bank that will be repaid in 5 years at an interest rate of 4%. All the approving documents have been signed and we have been told that the money would be credited into our business account before the week runs out.

14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

Our aim is to start a business that will not only become a household brand but that is sustained for as long as possible in the industry.

However, in order to achieve this goal, we intend to consider certain factors that we know will be helpful to sustain and expand our toothpick manufacturing business. The factors are ensuring that we build a solid business structure, a sound re-investment strategy, and a customer retaining strategy.

We will ensure that our employees are well paid and that their welfare packages are the best amongst start-ups peculiar to ours all over Aba here in Abia State. We would also ensure that our employees undergo the right training that will see them not only enhance their skills but also boost productivity for our company as well.

Having a solid re-investment plan is very important for our business because we do not intend to always go out to seek for funds externally in order to run and sustain our business.

We therefore have put plans and structures in place that will ensure that at least 30% of our earnings is put back into the business. This way we would be able to not only make sure our bottom line is solid; but would be able to sustain and grow our business.

Even though toothpicks are used by everyone, it is a market where we intend to fight in order to retain our customers. We have adopted an excellent customer care culture that will ensure that our customers are given topmost care whenever they patronize us.

All our employees understand the value of our customers and the customer care attitude has become a part of our corporate culture. We will make sure that we offer our customers incentives every once in a while and those that refer us to others will be rewarded as well. These measures will ensure that a high number of our customers prefer our brand to that of our competitors.

Check List / Milestone

  • Business Name Availability Check: Completed
  • Business Registration: Completed
  • Opening of Corporate Bank Accounts: Completed
  • Securing Point of Sales (POS) Machines: Completed
  • Opening Mobile Money Accounts: Completed
  • Opening Online Payment Platforms: Completed
  • Application and Obtaining Tax Payer’s ID: In Progress
  • Application for business license and permit: Completed
  • Purchase of Insurance for the Business: Completed
  • Leasing of a facility and renovating the facility as well: In Progress
  • Conducting feasibility studies: Completed
  • Generating capital from family members: Completed
  • Applications for Loan from the bank: In Progress
  • Writing of Business Plan: Completed
  • Drafting of Employee’s Handbook: Completed
  • Drafting of Contract Documents and other relevant Legal Documents: In Progress
  • Design of The Company’s Logo: Completed
  • Graphic Designs and Printing of Packaging, Marketing/Promotional Materials: In Progress
  • Recruitment of employees: In Progress
  • Purchase of the needed furniture, racks, shelves, computers,electronic appliances, office appliances and CCTV: In progress
  • Creating Official Website for the Company: In Progress
  • Creating Awareness for the business both online and around the community: In Progress
  • Health and Safety and Fire Safety Arrangement (License): Secured
  • Opening party/launching party planning: In Progress
  • Establishing business relationship with vendors – wholesale suppliers/merchants of cooking gas: In Progress
  • Purchase of delivery truck: Completed