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60 Best Business Name ideas for a Travel Agency

Are you about starting a travel agency business? If YES, here are 60 catchy creative travel agency name ideas you can use to create your brand identity. Choosing the ideal name for a travel agency is indeed a vital step in setting up an effective enterprise in the United States.

Note that a business’s personality, as well as qualities, are represented by its name, and it is frequently the first contact point of intending clients. A properly picked name will elicit a sense of trust, optimism, and dependability, whereas a bad name can turn off potential customers before even considering or evaluating the programs available.

Have it in mind that one of the most compelling reasons for picking the correct title is the desire to be distinctive in a saturated market. The travel industry is fiercely competitive, with several big brands and newcomers competing for the recognition of clients.

A distinct and captivating name could indeed aid a travel agency to stand out from the pack, catch clients’ interest, as well as make a significant impact. A unique name could as well help with branding, which really is essential for developing a dedicated following.

Also, note that choosing the correct name can even have legal ramifications depending on your location in the United States. Have in mind that there are policies and rules that regulate company names, along with prohibitions on using specific terms and phrases.

Selecting a name that is overly related to the name of another business may result in copyright violation or even other legal problems. Owing to that, carrying out research as well as collaborating with experts can help to make sure that the name will not cause any complications later on.

Factors to Consider When Naming Your Travel Agency

The name you choose for your travel agency will be crucial for creating your corporate reputation and communicating your core vision to your target audience. Below represent a few of the most critical factors when determining the name of a travel agency in the United States.

  1. The Legal Factors

Before naming your travel agency, it is pertinent to verify with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to guarantee that your favored title hasn’t already been listed by some other enterprise. You could as well consult your state’s business registration directory to confirm your official title is distinctive as well as obtainable. To avert legal problems, forgo utilizing identities that may be too related to well-known brands.

  1. The Relevance

The name of your travel agency ought to be related to the travel industry as well as the facilities you provide. It must be capable of conveying to prospective clients what your company is really about, what offerings you provide, as well as what distinguishes you from the competition.

To make your name unforgettable as well as alluring, contemplate utilizing terms that arouse a desire for adventure, discovery, as well as enthusiasm.

  1. The Recallability

An excellent travel agency name ought to be unforgettable as well as simple to say. Resist utilizing names that are too ambiguous for folks to recollect. Brief and memorable identities are much more inclined to stick in customers’ brains, increasing their likelihood of remembering and recommending your company to everybody else.

  1. The Potential for Branding

The name of your travel agency will need to have solid branding potential. Take into account how your name would look on social networking sites, greeting cards, and other promotional items. The name must be adaptable enough to serve multiple brand-building elements.

  1. The Availability of the Domain

A robust internet presence is vital to every organization in today’s internet age. While naming your travel agency, it is imperative you make sure that the domain name is accessible to be used. Also note that the domain name has to be quite simple to recall and write, and it must be comparable to your travel agency.

  1. The Cultural Sensitivity

When naming your travel agency, it is important to take into account cultural sensitivity, particularly if you intend to serve a wide range of clients. Resist utilizing names that are potentially provocative or callous to specific cultures or communities. Consider hiring a brand image specialist to assist you in selecting an identity that is welcoming and open to all.

  1. Your intended audience

The name of your travel agency must be appealing to your intended audience. Take into account the segment of the population you want to serve. For instance, if you are targeting the younger generation, you might want to choose an eye-catching and contemporary name. If you’re aiming for seniors, you might want to go with a more typical as well as conservative name.


Unique Travel Agency Names

  1. Emerson and Sons Travels, LLC
  2. Chris Williams Travels and Tours, Inc.,
  3. Travelers Choice Company, LLC
  4. New York City Express, Inc.
  5. World Tour Ltd
  6. Anderson Global, Inc.
  7. A to Z Travels and Tours, LLC
  8. Greater Sights and Sound Travel Services
  9. Sam and Sarah Vacation Services
  10. Destination X Travels and Tours, Inc.
  11. Wanderlust Adventures
  12. TripTrekker
  13. Excursionist
  14. Discover America Travel Co.
  15. USA Explorer
  16. Roaming Roadtrips
  17. Liberty Travel USA
  18. Stateside Escapes
  19. Journey Across America
  20. The Great American Adventure Co.
  21. Across the States Travel
  22. American Trips
  23. Destination America Tours
  24. United States Expeditions
  25. Exploring America Tours
  26. Red, White, and Blue Travel Co.
  27. Explore the States
  28. America Uncovered
  29. Adventure Across America
  30. American Dream Adventures
  31. Route 66 Travel Co.
  32. Heartland Adventures
  33. Wild West Travel Co.
  34. USA Roadtrippers
  35. America’s Backroads Adventures
  36. Land of the Free Travel Co.
  37. Stars and Stripes Tours
  38. Freedom Trail Travel
  39. American Odyssey Tours
  40. USA Grand Tours
  41. Golden State Adventures
  42. Sunshine State Tours
  43. Empire State Escapes
  44. Lone Star Travel Co.
  45. New England Explorers
  46. America’s Paradise Tours
  47. Big Sky Travel Co.
  48. Great Lakes Adventures
  49. Pacific Coast Tours
  50. Mountain Majesty Travel
  51. Great Plains Escapes
  52. Atlantic Seaboard Tours
  53. Southwest Safari Travel
  54. America’s National Parks Tours
  55. Coastal Cruiser Travel Co.
  56. America’s Frontier Adventures
  57. Heartland Hopper Travel
  58. Rocky Mountain Range Tours
  59. America’s Island Escapes
  60. American Heritage Tours

List of Popular Travel Agency Names

  • The American Automobile Association (AAA)
  • American Express
  • Frosch Travel – Houston, Texas
  • En Route Travel – Pacific Palisades, CA
  • MK All Around Travel, Inc. – Oak Lawn, Illinois
  • TravelStore – Sacramento, California
  • CruiseOne, Hargarther, Thaler & Associates LLC – Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
  • Independent Agency of Avoya Travel – Dearborn, Michigan
  • Cary Travel Express – Cary, Illinois
  • Frosch Travel – New York City, New York
  • CWT Vacations – Hammond, LA
  • Connie Lemmon Travel, an Independent Agency of Avoya Travel – San Diego, CA
  • Avenues of the World Travel – Flagstaff, AZ
  • LoBracco Travel, LLC, an Independent Agency of Avoya Travel – Margate, FL
  • Beachfronts Travel – Stamford, CT
  • World Travel – Tulsa, OK
  • First in Service – New York, NY
  • Bluegreen Travel Services – Indianapolis, IN
  • CruiseOne – Gary E. Smith & Associates – Eugene, OR
  • My Paradise Planner – Clearwater, FL

Intellectual Property Protections for your Travel Agency Brand

Choosing a catchy business name for your travel agency company is not enough, you also need to go the extra mile to protect your travel agency brand name and logo from abuse and piracy using vehicles such as trademark, tradename, copyright.


In the United States, identifying the appropriate name for a travel agency is a critical component in developing a solid identity for your company. An excellent travel agency name ought to be iconic, portray the facilities and objectives of the agency, and also be completely legal to use.

It should also connect with the intended audience and set the organization apart from competitors. A travel agency could choose an identity that clearly communicates its distinct character and satisfactorily sets it apart in a congested industry.

When you choose the wrong name for your travel agency business, it can result to loss of customers and legal challenges which may be difficult to get out of. The name you choose to give your travel agency company will create the first impression in the mind of your patrons.

They will judge your name even without seeing your office; and before trying your services. Because of this, is it pertinent to choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce, likable, memorable and of course catchy. When it comes to naming your travel agency business, the rule of thumb is to follow the trend in the industry.