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7 Different Types of Escape Room Concept You Can Try Out Today

It is not news that escape rooms come in various themes and styles, hence they are designed to offer diverse experiences for guests.

Escape rooms are immersive puzzle-solving experiences where players are locked in a themed room and must work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish objectives within a set time limit to “escape” the room and win the game.

The type or niche of the escape room will determine the type of guests the escape room will attract. In essence, your target demography should influence your choice when it comes to opening an escape room facility.

Note that apart from the escape rooms discussed in this article, anyone who wants to start an escape room can come up with a unique concept as long as it meets the need of players who wants to have a session in the escape room.

Different Types of Escape Rooms

  1. Mystery or Investigation Escape Room

Mystery or investigation escape rooms are designed in such a way that guests or players try to solve a mystery or crime by gathering clues, decoding messages, and uncovering hidden secrets.

Interestingly, guests who visit mystery or investigation escape rooms are usually drawn to the challenge of solving complex puzzles, uncovering hidden clues, and immersing themselves in a narrative-driven experience. They enjoy the thrill of piecing together clues and unraveling mysteries within a limited time frame.

  1. Adventure or Exploration Escape Room

Adventure or exploration escape rooms are designed in such a way that guests or players embark on an adventure to explore a fantastical or historical setting. They do this by trying to solve puzzles to progress through the storyline.

Note that to get people coming back to patronize your adventure or exploration escape room, you should be creative with your storyline. Your storyline must be full of suspense, and any idea that will make players want to persevere till the end.

  1. Horror or Thriller Escape Room

Most people who have an idea of what an escape room is all about will generally relate to escape rooms as a place of horror. This is why it is common to find horror or thriller escape rooms when you go searching for an escape room.

In horror or thriller escape rooms, guests or players navigate through a spooky or suspenseful environment, solving puzzles while being immersed in a thrilling narrative.

Horror or thriller escape rooms are designed with themes that make them so real, that you will get your adrenaline and heart pumping beyond control.

  1. Sci-Fi or Futuristic Escape Room

Although Sci-Fi or futuristic escape rooms might not be a popular escape room niche, but trust me, some people always look out for them.

In a Sci-fi or futuristic escape room, guests or players are transported to a futuristic world or space station. Along the way, they work towards solving high-tech puzzles and challenges.

  1. Fantasy or Magical Escape Room

In a Fantasy or medical escape room, guests or players enter a magical realm filled with mythical creatures and enchanted objects.

The whole idea behind fantasy or magical escape rooms is for players to solve puzzles related to magic and sorcery. Trust me, these activities can be scary and fun at the same time.

  1. Historical or Cultural Escape Room

In a historical or cultural escape room, guests or players engage in activities that enable them to travel back in time to a specific historical period or cultural setting.

It could be the era of the great Roman Empire, or Biblical days, or even themes that portray William Shakespeare’s books et al. In historical or cultural escape rooms, players try to solve puzzles related to that era’s events or artifacts.

  1. Team Building or Corporate Escape Room

Team-building or corporate escape rooms are designed specifically for group activities and team-building exercises. Team building or corporate escape rooms have themed rooms, and these rooms focus on fostering communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among players.