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10 Best Colors for Hair Salon Wall

Consumer attitude and behaviour related to salon visits are rapidly evolving. In this age, customers are steadily demanding and looking for quality and expertise at the right price. These customers are not only considering cutting edge capabilities or the services salons offer, but also the level of comfort and ‘pleasure’ the salon provides.

Owing to that, designing a hair salon is not a feat to be left to chance. Adequate attention and care should also be taken when designing the reception area, location of the retail area and above all the colours chosen for the walls and materials used.

A salon is expected to be a warm, comfortable, place where the client is enticed to rest because, as we know, the more relaxed a client is, the higher the chances of buying.

Therefore, the environment has to adapt to the type of clientele you want: if the target is young fashionable people, the premises will have to be colourful, with trendy and lively décor. If the type of customer is the more sophisticated woman, the salon image must also reflect it.

In times past, the choice of colour for the walls of salons used to be a single shade, usually very pale. Or even white, matched with black furnishings. There were a lot of extremely sophisticated and minimalist salons, delivering order and cleanliness but also little personality.

But in this present age, there is a partial counter-tendency: the more you personalize the salon, it is given individual character and originality, the greater the success. And indeed colour plays an important role in all of these.

In terms of colour, and particularly light, one of the most important aspects is the chromatic appearance, that is, the fact that the colours are appreciated differently in terms of the amount of light and the context in which they are found. Note that one mistake is to isolate a colour outside the context in which it is inserted, because our eyes will perceive it differently.

When deciding on colours for your hair salon, the first thing to realize is the size of the room. The cool and clear shades reflect more light and thus play a crucial role in visually expanding the environment. Dark shades and red derivatives buttress the feeling of shrinkage, winding, heat: the eye will see the walls approaching each other.

To raise a ceiling, for instance, cold or neutral colours will need to be used. To lower high ceilings, dark shades will help especially green, blue, brown and red.

In narrow and long environments such as corridors, it is good to use hot or dark colours in the background wall (for example, red, orange, blue or yellow) to ‘approach it’; Cold and light colours (blue, white, bright pastel shades) in the side walls to get the optical effect of more space.

Another factor to remember is that flooring is the first surface to look at when we step across the threshold of a salon. A dark floor will exalt the walls, so unless you want to establish some continuity in the environment and uniform it– it is advisable to go for contrasting, lighter shades on the walls to make them brighter.

A light floor forms a neutral atmosphere, and in this case the advice is to pick brighter and more intense colours for the walls.

Best Wall Color and Styling for Hair Salon

There are many colouring to choose from – contemporary, modern, rustic, glam or industrial are the more popular styles. Nonetheless, here is a collection of some of the best hair salon colours to pick from.

  1. White Out

An almost all – white salon makes the rectangle tiles, portable cart, and pillow of the chair pop and draws the eye to the small details such as the blinds and the baseboard heater.

  1. A Pop of Lime Green

Lime green really attracts the eye to it. This salon design can incorporate a bright hue without overdoing it. It can be perfectly paired with shelves and cupboards, and with stainless steel chairs to finish off the look. And dark tiled floors with plain white walls help pull this modern look together.

  1. Bright Fuchsia

An accent wall painted neon fuchsia paired with grey-blue walls and pale yellow walls to highlight fun details such as a mirrored clock on the wall. When paired with extra large white chunky framed mirrors in front of grey – blue styling chairs, you have a modern and stylish-looking salon.

  1. Earth Tones

Burnt orange and olive coloured walls stand out against the tiled floor and wood tables. A brick wall, pottery, and metal chairs and accents will help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The light given off by a track lighting and the canister lights will bounce off of the warm-coloured walls and ceilings. With enough fans to offer even more warm light, the eclectic light fixtures create a feeling of an inn, bistro, or bed and breakfast.

  1. Bright Orange and Concrete

You can design a hair salon with bright orange chairs and walls of the same colour paired with concrete tables and stainless steel light fixtures create a modern look. The concrete floors and black framed mirrors will bring this modern look together.

  1. Sunshine Yellow

Note that a raised ceiling accented by detailed trim will add some interest and also open up the room. Pale yellow walls and sunshine yellow frames around large mirrors and shelves will brighten up the salon and offset the black chairs, dark tile, and dark wood.

The glass shelves will make them seem as if they are invisible and the colours of the products on them pop against the subtle yellow that’s reflected by the mirror behind them.

  1. Lavender

A lavender accent wall and lavender chairs paired with black chairs and sheer grey curtains will soften the bright white glossy ceiling and white walls to keep it from being too bright in a hair salon. The white chairs with wood armrests will be nice as it will pop against medium grey fabric curtain.

  1. A Pop of Fire Engine Red

A delicate chandelier made of stainless steel orbs intricately designed to look like a strand of DNA can be situated in the centre of the room.

It can be inside a black disk that has small canister lights inside the ring. It will serve as the centrepiece of a black, grey and white salon. The modern red chairs and ottoman will stand out against the sleek background and the black and white tile floors and shelves.

  1. Charcoal and Cream Pair Well

Charcoal grey walls, cream tables and framed mirrors pair well with the glossy oak floors. A large window will let in natural light that bounces off the mirrors.

  1. Yellow and Lavender Compliment Each Other

The complimentary colours of ultra bright yellow and rich lavender happily collide with a strip of accent wallpaper that draws the eye to it. Other small white items such as the door and the black clock will really stand out.


Whether renovating or starting a new salon, you need to put a lot of thought into the design. Wall Colour can set the tone of your business, whether it is edgy and modern, or traditional and family – friendly. Your choices let your clients know what to expect, and can keep them coming back to an experience that makes them feel good.

Just as you are in the business of making your clients look their best, you should make sure that your salon looks its best to your client base.