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Can Valet Trash Charge Vary in the Same Apartment for Different Residents?

No. Most often, valet trash charges are pro-rata for residents of the same apartment as long as the unit layouts are the same.

While a resident with three rooms and more utilities will have to pay more when compared to a resident in the same apartment with one room, apartments most often are a specific type of unit without any variations, and when property managers sign a valet trash contract, it covers every unit at the property.

There are two payments involved when it comes to valet trash. First, the property manager contacts and pays the valet trash company for the waste management service.

In turn, residents are then tasked with paying the property manager for valet trash service as part of their lease, rental agreement, or as an extra fee. Most often, individual residents are never tasked with paying the valet trash company directly.

Aside from the monthly charges for trash collection, residents may sometimes be expected to pay for additional personal items. This may include trash cans and recycling containers. When considering valet trash removal service, most property managers are conscious of its cost.

The monthly fee for valet trash services tends to be around $8 and $35 per unit. This is the fee paid by the property management company. It is crucial to note that the charge is based on every unit.

A 200 unit property would pay between $1,600 and $2,400 per month. Howbeit, while some residents might deem valet trash service unnecessary, even communities that don’t offer valet trash still charge a trash-removal fee for dumpster maintenance.

Ways to Determine a Valet Trash Pickup Charge

Agreeably, different apartments will have different costs especially since they may be of different sizes. Even if they’re all managed by the same property management company, it’s barely possible they will all have the same dimensions, layout, and designs. Below are some obvious ways to determine a valet trash charge;

  1. Number of Units

One apartment may have only 20 units while another may have 50. Have it in mind that the larger the number of units, the larger the plan will be to facilitate valet trash removal and schedule. It also means more bags of trash, more time, and more valets to remove the trash, which may warrant more removal days or longer use of a service vehicle.

  1. Number of Stories

Just like with the number of units, the number of stories within the apartment may also have a massive impact on the cost of service. Have in mind that bigger buildings with more stories will warrant that valets travel up more floors and input more efforts to carry out their tasks.

Have it in mind that this extended distance will also require more time to complete the process, therefore increasing what the company charges.

  1. Competitions

Note that when a valet trash removal company is one of many within the community, you will most often witness prices that are more competitive than those of a company that has monopolized its region. Also note that when there is a massive concentration of valet waste removal companies in a location, every company will have to price its services fairly to ensure they compete favorably.

  1. Property Landscape

Just as it was noted above, every apartment is built differently. Some can make waste removal easier and more conducive, while others won’t.

Have it in mind that certain features of an apartment like the number/location of dumpsters, the availability of a service elevator, the number of stairs, and whether or not the units have indoor/outdoor entrances will in one way or another have a significant effect on the cost of valet trash removal services.

  1. Extra Services

Most often, valet trash companies will charge more to offer certain additional services to clients. These services may include smaller tasks that valets can easily carry out while they are on-site such as pet waste station management, simple doorstep light bulb replacement,

(since valets most often carry out their duties in the evening, and a burned-out bulb can be quite easy to notice), common area cleaning such as sweeping, trash can, or recycling bin emptying. Valet companies are advised to have a flat rate for these services to make it easy for the client if they are interested.


Truth be told, valet trash remains a desirable amenity that is attractive to modern renters. One of the primary pushbacks on the service comes when property managers introduce the service. Note that this is because it comes with an additional monthly cost for residents.

Howbeit, it is still an undeniably convenient amenity for renters everywhere. It helps eradicate the chore-like aspect of taking out the trash, freeing residents up to enjoy their apartment.