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10 Best Valet Trash Management Apps and Software

According to detailed reports, over 40 million Americans are living in apartments, and the country needs 4.6 million new apartments by 2030 or it will face a shortage. While the average American generates about four pounds of trash daily and more than 1,300 pounds of trash each year, a good number of them are not really into walking their heavy trash bags down to the dumpster.

Aside from the convenience provided by putting trash in a provided trash bin, services offered by valet trash companies are better for the environment, especially since they are more successful at recycling than individuals.

Also note that property management companies consider these services because they not only make a substantial amount of money by providing the service, but it also makes their lives easier by keeping their properties clean and tenants happy.

According to reports, valet trash has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the $54 billion waste collection industry and it is showing no sign of slowing down. With the growing emphasis on compliance with global waste disposal standards and protocols, it is becoming very important for businesses to leverage a viable management software.

In addition, businesses in this industry need to use the software to ensure they remain relevant in the current competitive and complex legislative system. Note that the era of separate manual spreadsheets and other paper-based systems is long gone and tends to require effort and costs that impedes the growth of the business.

Valet trash management software is comprehensive and covers all the areas that separate systems deal with, which makes it the most ideal solution.

Best Valet Trash Management Apps and Software

  1. Trash Scan App

Note that this is the digital platform available for all valet trash companies. According to reports, it is customizable and can easily align well with all unique business models. Trash Scan App also features geofencing technology, real-time reporting, and confirmation of services all visible through a user-friendly dashboard.

Have it in mind that residents and property managers can enjoy the quality, efficiency, and accountability of your waste management while adding profitability and enhanced operations to your valet trash company.

  1. iAuditor

Well renowned as top management software for waste management companies, iAuditor is best used for compliance with environmental, health, and safety standards.

Easily found on iOS and Android, iAuditor can help your frontline teams reinforce solid waste management programs and carry out quick and steady action at the onset of potential non-compliance. This software won the Best Health & Safety App in the 2020 SaaS Awards and got featured in the Top 20 Compliance Software of 2020. Its features include;

  • Customize and manage waste management checklists and reports
  • Schedule inspections, report issues and assign corrective actions
  • View dashboards and analyze trends (e.g. flagged items over time)
  1. iValet

Have it in mind that this software not only benefits property managers but also the Valet Waste Managers who individually manage multiple properties. You can easily schedule Service Valets via iValet’s Manager Portal, where schedules are pushed directly to the Service Valets’ mobile devices.

During the collection process, the managers get unrestricted access to real-time data to extensively manage their properties, made available via the app’s geofencing technology. Also, note that the geofencing feature of this software ensures all properties are serviced on schedule as well as alerts DMs of a no-call/no-show and facilitates securing a backup.

  1. Scheduling Manager

Without doubts, this is a multi-functional, easy-to-use software solution for service businesses to help coordinate all necessary business tasks: Job scheduling, CRM (Customer relationship management), Invoicing, Statements, payment management, payroll, timekeeping, mapping, work orders, and more.

As a valet trash service business, you can leverage the vast range of business intelligence tools offered by this software to help increase profitability and operational efficiency. Developed over 30 years and steadily updated, this software represents the accumulated wisdom of users over that time.

  1. Cro Software Solutions

As a valet trash service business, you can leverage this Software Solution to manage your assets (bins, containers, bags, etc.) valets (GPS tracking, routing, EDL, etc.), dispatchers, accountants (auto invoicing, seamless integration to all QB versions) and your customers.

Cro Software Solutions’ pricing starts at $300.00. They do not have a free version. Cro Software Solutions does not offer a free trial.

  1. Track Your Truck

To efficiently run your valet trash service business, Track Your Truck can help ensure the efficient use of garbage trucks and improve trash collection and disposal services. Have it in mind that this app offers you the platform to see where your fleet is in real-time and stores historical records of garbage truck activities to eliminate inefficient trends. Other features include;

  • Easily dispatch a new garbage truck when one is broken down
  • Improve routing to eliminate wasted time and fuel
  • Handle customer disputes with historical or real-time information about vehicle locations
  1. ServiceCore

This is a very unique cloud-based, custom-built platform designed exclusively for the waste industry. Note that this app helps to coordinate your most challenging processes in a matter of clicks.

From scheduling and routing to inventory tracking and customer management, to billing and invoicing, this is one of the best management software to consider for your valet trash service business. The primary aim of this app is to enhance your productivity & profits with the same high level of care you provide to your customers.

  1. FieldAware

Have it in mind that this made-for-mobile, cloud-based software was well-tailored from the ground up to offer comfort and convenience with total flexibility. With FieldAware, you will surely entice your customers, ensure that the productivity of your team grows, and stay ahead of your competition.

With this app, your valet trash service business gets a powerful and easy-to-use field service management system, including work order management, job scheduling asset management, and more.

  1. Intelex

This software is a web-based system known to extensively manage and store data in a centralized location to help waste collection businesses produce insightful reports, meet compliance and risk management needs, and analyze performance for a set of industry standards.

Intelex can be used on a wide range of browsers, has strong mobile capabilities, is configurable to a company’s unique needs, and has a robust list of 3rd party integrations.

Its interface also provides a flexible user experience and can process simple to complex tasks through features such as task management, intuitive dashboards, data security, community support, configurable data storage, and email notifications.

  1. Waste Logics

Waste Logics is cloud-based waste management software that helps waste collection track bookings, track progress, analyze business performance on the move, and leverage the flexibility of unlimited access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Have it in mind that this software is simple, easy to use, and has numerous sophisticated features. You can also easily navigate intuitive screens built around valet job roles and tasks and prioritize what matters the most with custom dashboards.

As a valet trash service business, to meet (or even exceed) business needs, your choice of management app or software should help your business move past regulatory compliance, implement actionable performance monitoring; and streamline record-keeping practices.