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8 Best Water Filtration System for Coffee Shops

You will agree that having water filtration system is a must for any coffee maker. This is so because water filtration is not only the basis for a great tasting beverage but it will protect your water-using equipment. Treating your water properly is of utmost importance when running a professional business serving hot beverages.

It is important to make sure that your expensive coffee machines are protected against the build-up of scale, which can cause breakdowns, limited efficiency, and expensive maintenance costs, not to mention a real disruption to your business. In essence, proper water quality is just as important as the selection of coffee beans for that perfect cup of coffee. Interestingly, proper water filtration will dramatically improve the taste of coffee, espresso and other beverages.

Addressing water quality issues in your coffee shop requires that you understand your water. There are quite a number of water filter options available so that you can confidently offer your customers the best beverages possible.

Considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best water filtration system for a coffee shop can be challenging and time-consuming. So, in no particular order, here are 8 of the best water filtration systems for coffee shops that you can get today.

What is the Best Water Filtration System for Coffee Shops?

  1. Corrigan’s Patented HyperSoft™ Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Corrigan’s patented HyperSoft™ reverse osmosis filtration system produces high quality water by removing chlorine, lead, arsenic and other contaminants that affect the quality of water. Water softening is also an important option for many coffee shops.

Calcium build-up is the number one service issue with commercial espresso machines, an easily avoidable problem with the installation of a water softener. Many roasters require a precise level of total dissolved solids (TDS). Corrigan’s advanced water filtration systems can be customized to fit any application where precise water quality is of importance.

Whether you need a water softener or an advanced water filtration system, Corrigan will customize a system that is right for you. Corrigan’s patented HyperSoft™ advanced water systems increase the life of espresso machines, coffee makers and other locations where water is used.

  1. BRITA Water Filters for Coffee Shops & Bakeries

BRITA Water Filters is a perfect water filter for reducing limescale deposits in many professional applications. It offers better performance and better taste. Water filtration offers a lot to make your everyday life more convenient without having to compromise on taste. BRITA tap filter systems come with a fine tap and compelling filter to install under-the-sink. It is the perfect water filter solution for your smart and stylish kitchen.

  1. Universal Filtration (Solutions Pte Ltd)

Universal Filtration (Solutions Pte Ltd) filter bags are used for a wide range of applications from food grade food and beverage filtration to fine chemical filtration. Their bag materials are made from the highest quality materials and are certified for quality by international bodies.

Universal Filtration (Solutions Pte Ltd) filter cartridges are made with high quality materials that are certified by international bodies for quality. Universal Filtration (Solutions Pte Ltd) selection also includes stainless steel filter cartridges.

Universal Filtration (Solutions Pte Ltd) self cleaning filter systems are designed to give customers ease of mind without the hassle of routinely changing filter bags or cartridges. These systems are designed to handle a long duration of flow and have a high life span.

  1. BWT Water Filters for Espresso Machines

Ideal for plumbed prosumer espresso machines, inline filters plumb directly into your water line to filter water before it reaches your machine. BWT have come up with a number of different inline filter cartridges whose performance varies based on the quality of the water you’re using.

The BWT Bestmax Premium uses a five-layer filtration process to remove contaminants from your water while also exchanging calcium for magnesium via an ion exchanger. This filter is guaranteed to leave you with great tasting water and re-balanced mineral content to protect against scale.

BWT’s Besthead FLEX Filter Head is compatible with all inline BWT filtration cartridges including the Bestmax Premium and Besttaste. The Besthead FLEX connects to your espresso machine through your water line and works in combination with all varieties of BWT cartridges allowing your water to be the best it can be for your coffee or espresso brewing.

  1. Osmio Coffee Machine Water Filters

Osmio Coffee Machine Water Filters ensure your customers get the best quality water, the best-tasting coffee whilst protecting your coffee machine against harmful scale and corrosion. The Osmio range of Coffee Machine Water Filters prevents scale building up inside your machine, balances pH to limit corrosion whilst also providing superb purity and balance to ensure your end products are the highest quality possible.

Hot beverages usually consist of up to 98% water, so there is little doubt that water quality is a vital ingredient to the overall quality of the products you serve to your customers. By using this coffee machine water softener and filtration system, you can ensure your water is great-tasting by removing chlorine, lead, heavy metals, and bad tastes and smells.

  1. Versatile Filters For Perfect Coffee

Versatile Filters For Perfect Coffee is one of the best water filtration system you can get for your coffee shop. Creating that perfect cup of coffee requires water with all the right properties, so selecting the right filter for your espresso machine is essential.

Not only does the right filter result in a better tasting product but it also helps protect equipment from the costly effects of corrosions and scale. Versatile Filters For Perfect Coffee offer a range of cartridge based solutions which are especially suited to commercial coffee applications.

  1. Everpure Claris Ultra

Everpure Claris Ultra is used by some of the world’s leading coffee houses, the Pentair Everpure Claris Ultra range is designed to help find the best balance between protecting equipment and achieving the desired quality of brewed coffee and espresso by consistently maintaining an acceptable acidity level.

  1. Everpure Claris Prime

Everpure Claris Prime has an adjustable ion selective filter which offers tailored reduction of TDS to protect equipment from scale and mineral induced corrosion in areas with high chloride and sulphate content in the feed water.