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What Does ASR Mean on Standing Desk?

On a standing desk, ASR stands for “Anti-Collapse Stability Range,” which accredits the requirement to reset your desk. This error appears once the digital panel fails to interpret its position, which could be induced by variables, including unintentionally dragging out the power cord whilst tweaking the electrical power failure while changing positions.

Standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks, are classified into two types; manual height adjustable tables and electric standing tables. These two categories have various models, systems, as well as working techniques, but the final outcome is the same for both; they enable you to perform tasks while standing and even provide numerous health advantages.

If you possess an electric standing desk, you should be aware that it interacts through a digital panel with simple keys, as well as a small LED screen that shows the desk’s altitude. So any day you find that your table is trapped in a particular stance and you are unable to tweak it, your desk LED is most likely displaying an ASR code.

A standing desk ought to have an ASR of at least 7.5 degrees to achieve optimum reliability. Note that one of the primary reasons ASR is essential is that it protects you and your workstation devices in an incident that is horrible.

Causes of ASR Error Code on your Standing Desk

  1. Cables that are dangling

Numerous leg cables, such as the motor and control box cords, are linked in a sit-stand desk. If such cords become twisted up by the tweaking desk, an ASR code might well be generated, resulting in a communication breakdown between the elements.

The only remedy is to guarantee that your cords are firmly attached. You could as well use cable ties or clamps to keep the cords from being affected by desk motion.

  1. Overburdened Desk

Overburdening the desk could as well prove problematic, especially if you have an ASR code on your standing desk. Once the motor steadily increases and decreases the sit-stand desk, it could trigger inordinate stress and strain, which can lead to misfiring or damaged parts.

To prevent this from happening, ensure that your standing desk is only used for its main purpose and that it is not overloaded with non-essential items or massive weights.

  1. Power outage or surge

When you are using your electric standing desk, it will steadily power up and down as you move it. If there is an electronic power outage or surge throughout the process, the virtual panel may lose control of your desk’s present position. The best way to avoid this issue is to guarantee that your desk has a reliable supply of electricity with no power surges.

  1. Legs Fail/Uneven Legs/Wobbly Desk

If the feet of your desk are unequal, this may prove problematic with the virtual panel and result in ASR errors. Because of uneven surfaces, the legs of your desk might be shaking or shifting more frequently than usual, resulting in an erroneous comprehension of your desk’s stance.

It could also happen if the desk is not arranged properly or if the modifications are irregular, especially in dual-motor designs.

  1. Power Cable Extraction By Accident

It is important not to draw out or disturb any leg cables when tweaking your standing desk. If you unintentionally draw out or disturb the power line, it could cause problems with your desk and/or its virtual panel. So, when tweaking the desk, keep your power cables in mind. Note that if you would like to disconnect your desk, ensure it is in proper arrangement.

  1. Control Box under the Desk Frame at Sleep

If the control box under your desk frame is asleep, ASR errors on your standing desk may occur. Have in mind that the control box on many of these desks seems to have a duty cycle in which it remains operative, especially when increasing and decreasing the desk, and then ends up going into sleep mode.

The control boxes in sleep mode will behave strangely and might become trapped. Then after several minutes of rest, the control box ordinarily restarts its function.

How to Get Rid of ASR code from your Standing Desk

  1. Step 1: Start by Removing all Objects Under your Desk

Once you begin the reboot method, start by removing anything from under your workstation. This is merely for safety, as it will prevent you from damaging your desk or things while rebooting it.

  1. Step 2: Hold Down Arrow Button

After removing unwanted things from under your desk, tap the down button on your settings menu to return your desk to its original position. Keep pressing the down button till your stand-up desk becomes low.

  1. Step 3: Once More Press For 5 Seconds

Press as well as keep the down arrow button for 5 seconds or until an “RST” appears on your standing desk’s LED screen.

  1. Step 4: Press and Hold the Arrow Button again Until the Desk Lowers

If you followed step 3, press and hold the arrow button till the desk decreases, buttons, and rises slightly.

  1. Step 5: Verify your Standing Desk Display, is now Showing numbers

Let go of the down arrow button. Your standing desk has been restored. To guarantee that the reboot protocol was successful, check that your standing desk display shows numbers rather than the ASR.


When selecting a standing desk, ASR is an essential aspect to consider. To guarantee comfort and security, keep in mind the desk you choose has a high ASR rating. Search for a desk that is customizable, convenient, and constructed of high-quality materials.