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What Does a Private Room on AirBnB Mean in 2023?

A private room on an Airbnb is a room that you can rent without renting the entire property. Note that this can be a room in a private residence or in a vacation rental.

Guests without a doubt have their own rooms to sleep in but may share certain common spaces such as living room, kitchen, and bathroom. If the room is in a private residence, then the host will probably be present during your stay. Where there is more than one private room in a property, other guests may be staying there at the same time as you.

Have it in mind that these sorts of rooms are ideal when you prefer a little privacy, yet still value the local connection. When you book a private room, you get your own private room for sleeping and may share other spaces with others, and you might even need to walk through indoor spaces that another host or guest may occupy to get to your room.

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However, your decision is mostly a personal preference. If you’d prefer to keep to yourself and have no interaction with your host, then the entire place is what you should be booking.

A good number of guests are social butterflies and leverage Airbnb as a platform to meet new people on their travels. Some other guests prefer to be private and keep to themselves. Some like a combination of the two. However, selecting an Airbnb entire home entails you getting the whole place to yourself.

You don’t get to share with hosts or other guests, just you and your party. The Airbnb hosts may not even stay with you when you reserve an entire home. Even though you can meet them if you decide, but it’s rare that you come into contact with a host.

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Most often, there will be a lockbox near the front door and you input a code to access the key. Note that this lets you come and go as you please. Then when you check out, you just leave the key back in the box and go on your own way, with little or no host interaction whatsoever.

A good number of guests enjoy booking an Airbnb private room experience; get a private room with 4 walls, and Airbnb hosts these days feel comfortable to invite guests to stay in their private residence too. Maybe the best thing about a private room experience is that the Airbnb hosts serve as experts of the surroundings and location.

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Definitely, they have to be, they live there and will also know all the best attractions. They will also offer you some restaurant recommendations, the best shopping spots, and the best places to see. They are like your very own personal tour guide and are always happy to help.

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Private Room on Airbnb

For vacation-goers or travelers, the first thing to consider is finding suitable accommodation.  Although many people prefer to use hotels and resorts, many still opt for a private room.

Since renting a private room tends to be more affordable than booking the entire place, most young adults and millennials opt for a private room as a shared housing option. This decision comes with certain pros and cons, and they include;

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  1. Easy to Maintain the Place

Maintaining an entire apartment all by yourself can be a quite tiring and challenging task. However, in shared housing, you and your housemates or even the host can help each other and maintain the property. In this accommodation setting, you share certain responsibilities and the damages as a team, which is one of the numerous benefits of living in a private room for rent.

  1. Social Interaction

When you move in with other renters or in the private residence of a host, your life takes a wild turn for good. One of the best parts of living in a private room for rent is the fun that social interactions and companionships bring into your life.

  1. Value for Money

Note that private rooms in most cities are readily available; however, Airbnb has made it simpler and easier. It is not quantum physics that private rooms are affordable, and you pay only for what you use. Therefore, instead of paying for two rooms in an entire apartment and spending more money, you get to rent a room to save money.

  1. Shared Chores

Shared accommodation has many benefits, but in some situations, sharing chores is one of the most vital. When you share accommodation with other renters or even with a host, sharing chores is the best way to ensure equal work contribution by everyone, unlike in an entire apartment where you have to do all the tasks by yourself.

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  1. Security Concerns

When you rent a private room, you are practically going to stay with strangers you don’t know much about. They might be irritating and rude, which can bring about some significant security concerns.

You may not be aware if the last person who comes home would lock the door or if all the windows are secure. However, to limit such issues, it is advisable to go through reviews and comments and find out the feelings of previous renters.

  1. Fear of Living with Strangers

A good number of people have this fear because you never can tell what your host or temporary housemates are like in the first meeting. You might even hesitate to sign up for something this unpredictable, especially when it is your first time.

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However, Airbnb as a trusted accommodation finder ensures your safety and protection to a certain point. They have certain criteria for accommodation, and also show profiles that are verified, which means the listings are genuine and safe.

They also offer you the privilege to interact with the landlord before renting the room using the in-app messaging services they provide.

  1. Smaller Space

Have it in mind that private rooms for rent are not always the ideal choice especially when you are looking to live in a large space or with your own group. One of the many cons of renting a private room is the constraint of space. They are only ideal for single travelers, students or even working professionals but aren’t best for families or sometimes couples.

  1. Less Privacy

Note that when you rent a private room on Airbnb, you may have to compromise on your privacy as you share the place with your housemates.

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Agreeably, there can be healthy boundaries to maintain privacy; however, you may find yourself in non-negotiable situations. Note that if you always want to have the whole place by yourself, then private room rentals are not ideal for you.


Hosts on Airbnb offer a vast range of spaces, ranging from shared rooms to private islands. Your decision will always depend on personal preference. It will always boil down to one question; do you want social interaction with your Airbnb? If that answer is yes, then it sounds like a private room is your ideal bet.