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10 Best Wheelchair Transportation Companies [Pricing Included]

Wheelchair-accessible transport taxis are more like black cabs, wheelchair-adapted vehicles, people carriers, minibuses or converted small vans. These vehicles come with a ramp or a passenger lift to assist the wheelchair user with getting into the vehicle, which is far easier than transferring from a wheelchair to a car seat and dismantling the wheelchair for the journey.

Since wheelchairs are carefully designed to support a disabled person, wheelchair – accessible taxis are also meant to allow disabled people to stay in the position that is best for their body and posture. Until recently, wheelchair accessible taxis were far in between.

A simple Google search will buttress this point and you can also find several lawsuits from the general public advocating for equal access to public transportation. In recent times, more companies are beginning to offer alternative ways to provide transportation for wheelchair users and are actively looking for drivers with accessible vehicles.

We all know that everyone has a need for public transportation. This is especially true for wheelchair users. Also, we all know what it is like to ride in an uncomfortable taxi. It can make the ride feel ten times longer than it actually is. No one deserves to feel uneasy and uncomfortable while on their way to their destination.

A good transportation company that is wheelchair accessible ensures comfort for disabled passengers. They provide a vehicle that allows the wheelchair user to ride securely with their wheelchair. This takes out the discomfort and the potential for injury from transferring. It also provides a sense of independence to the ride hailer.

In today’s world, there are several taxi services available. A quick phone call will deliver a car directly to you. However, not all these vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and you would soon find that out. So, here are top companies that offer wheelchair accessible transportation in the United States.

Best Wheelchair Transportation Companies

  1. iTNAmerica

This is a national network of senior ride companies that offer door – through – door transportation. Although their number of locations are limited, but it is still a great option if it is available in your area. Their services is best for the disabled or seniors who need assistance in and out of the car and through the door to their destination.


Rates are affordable, but pricing varies depending on the local affiliate

  1. Caliber Patient Care

Caliber Patient Care is better known as a non-emergency patient transportation company specializing in safe and reliable wheelchair transportation.

This company offers a complete line of transportation services including non-emergency ambulatory service, wheelchair transport, and stretcher transport. All their services come with a standard “Bedside – to – Doctorside” level of care.


Not Available

  1. Veyo

Veyo is a company that partners with insurance companies and health facilities to provide non-emergency medical transportation that’s covered as an insurance benefit. This company is ideal for seniors and disabled people who need transportation to medical appointments and those who need a special vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair or stretcher


Free, if their insurance company offers Veyo as a transportation benefit

  1. DIAL – A – BAT

This company serves the elderly and disabled population in Brockton, Abington, Avon, Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Stoughton, Whitman and parts of Easton, Hanson and Rockland. Their services are meant for anyone, regardless of age, who by reason of physical or developmental disability is unable to ride a regular bat bus.

However, you will need to acquire an ADA pass. Also note that you must be ready and watching for your van 15 minutes prior to your pick – up time. If you are not outside waiting, drivers will make their presence known by sounding the horn.


ADA – $3.00 each way within the ADA service area. $4.00 to go beyond the ADA service Area to one of BAT’s communities, seniors – $3.00 each way within the same community, $4.00 from one community to another community.

  1. GoGoGrandparent

This is a concierge service that connects especially seniors with on – demand ride services like Lyft and Uber. These services can have a car at your location in minutes. Their services are ideal for seniors who are able to get in and out of a car without assistance.


Riders pay the regular price for the on – demand ride plus an additional fee for the concierge service. On – demand ride fares vary, but are generally lower than taxi rates.

  1. Caring Man In a Van

Caring Man in a Van is a non-emergency transportation company that offers transportation for different categories of patients and seniors. Note that their services include Ambulatory, a Non – medical transportation for those unable to walk on their own or require the driver’s assistance.

The drivers take them to appointments, social events, or any other location they wish to travel; Non-emergency Wheelchair Van transport for those in need of getting to an appointment or social event; and Non-emergency stretcher transportation for those unable to sit upright for medical or comfort reasons, are bedridden, and who are not in need of medical attention during transport.


Not Available

  1. Lyft

This is a popular on – demand ride service that can have a car at your location within minutes. Their services are ideal for seniors who are comfortable using Smartphone apps and can get in and out of a car without assistance. Concierge service (no Smartphone required) is available through Lyft partners like assisted living communities, health organizations, etc. Ask local organizations if they partner with Lyft.


Varies, but is generally lower than taxi rates.

  1. Boston Chair Car

This is a Wheelchair transportation service based in metro Boston area. The (Door to Door) non-emergency medical transporter caters to those with severe disabilities. The company boasts of providing the best wheelchair transportation services in the area and beyond.

They are also known to treat passengers with respect ensuring comfort and complete safety of all passengers. They show up on time with a clean vehicle, and ensure to get clients to and from destinations in a timely fashion.


On Request

  1. Express Medical Transporters Inc. (EMT)

Express medical transporters Inc. is a non-emergency transport service that was established in 1995 by its President/CEO, Bernard A. Squitieri. Mr. Squitieri started the company with one vehicle and over 25 years transportation experience to his advantage.

Presently, the company boasts of being the largest for-profit non-emergency transportation company in the state of Missouri.

By completing thousands of trips per year and with more than 150 vehicles on the road, Express Medical Transporters, Inc. is able to provide the very best in price, quality and efficiency when it comes to transportation anywhere in Missouri.


Rates are affordable, but pricing varies depending on the local affiliate

  1. A&A Metro Transportation

This company takes pride in its strong connection with the Massachusetts communities they serve and are committed to providing quality, safe and reliable customer transportation. They offer black car services, charter bus services, shuttle services and school transportation for individuals with disabilities.

The company’s fleet of sedans, SUVs, executive vans, mini – coaches and motor coaches will answer all your transportation needs. All of their professional drivers meet the highest standards possible allowing the company to provide you the best transportation experience possible.


On Request

Taxis can be an effective way of getting out and about, especially when public transport is difficult to use or not very prevalent. Be it a quick trip to the mall, or a tour of the town while on holiday, wheelchair transportation companies are invaluable for disabled people who want to travel around the country (or their local area).