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9 Best Places to Buy Disposable Catering Platters

Are you thinking of where to buy disposable catering platters? If YES, here are 9 places you can buy disposable catering platters.

Disposable catering platters are a great way to increase the profit margin of your sales. With meat, produce and bakery items packaged on a platter, you can show off your best prepared foods in a bright colorful package that does not distract from your product.

Disposable platters, generally, are essential products for your catering business, café, bakery, grocery store, or deli. You can use these items to present and transport a variety of foods, including cheeses, lunch meats, quiches, cookies, and miniature cupcakes.

In addition, thanks to their sleek, professional appearances, they can be set out on the buffet tables in your front-of-house area.

Note that platters come in various shapes and capacities to accommodate your low- to high-volume needs. You can also choose from round platters, which have a traditional look, and square or rectangular products, which have a modern appeal.

These disposable serving trays are sure to make the catering process more efficient. Not only are they lightweight and resistant to shattering, but they are also disposable for quick and easy cleanup. If you are searching for the best place to acquire them, you might have to consider a local supplier.

However, many business owners don’t realize there are large online stores for food serving equipment and supplies. With various stores offering free shipping, extensive inventory, and quality guarantees, online shopping can be an excellent way to cut costs and access better products. Nonetheless, here are the best places to buy disposable catering platters;

Best Places to Buy Disposable Catering Platters

  1. Eris Equip is one of the newer online restaurant supply stores. Note that it is a store built by restaurant industry experts to support the demand for new and low-cost restaurant equipment.

They pride themselves on their products being selected and delivered to your new restaurant fast and with the minimum of fuss. Most business owners like Eris Equip because they focus on discount and budget-friendly restaurant equipment with a commitment to customer service.

Therefore, whether you need to select new restaurant equipment for your venture or you need to replace a piece of restaurant equipment fast, then Eris Equip is another top-notch online store to consider.

  1. Webstaurant Store

Webstaurant Store is one of the nation’s biggest suppliers of hospitality equipment and supplies. The company’s store provides everything from trash bags to industrial refrigeration products. Coupled with almost any type of restaurant equipment, business owners can also directly purchase food products, such as meats, seafood, spices, oils, and more.

Also note that the supplier operates six warehouses around the country, which allows for quick shipping in almost every state. Additionally, Webstaurant Store offers commercial-grade kitchen equipment from some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

If you want to get the most value out of Webstaurant Store, it’s advisable to sign up for WebstaurantPlus. This subscription service costs $99 per month and offers unlimited free shipping, payment terms, expedited ordering, and a $29 minimum order threshold.

Although all these benefits make the platform much more affordable for large restaurant owners and for anyone starting a new restaurant, WebstaurantPlus is only a viable option if you are planning on ordering frequently.

  1. Amazon Food Service Equipment and Supplies

Amazon Food Service Equipment isn’t the platform you think of when you intend to buy platters, but the world’s largest retailer has an extensive collection of products. In fact, Amazon has a specific page set aside for food service equipment and supplies.

Have it in mind that business owners can buy cookware, furniture, restaurant appliances, storage products, and more. The platform houses many of the largest brands in the industry.

Note that one of the major benefits associated with using Amazon is its internal review system. Verified buyers can review products and point out flaws, benefits, and other core features. This helps you understand the quality of a product before you purchase it.

Shipping will indeed vary depending on the items you purchase. Amazon Prime members benefit from free shipping on a variety of restaurant products, but some large-ticket items will still have independent shipping costs, especially if Amazon doesn’t directly fulfill the order.

  1. is a sizeable online hospitality supplies company that lists a wide range of leading commercial brands. Whether you want frying baskets, industrial freezers, or restaurant knives, you can find almost anything on the company’s website.

Unfortunately, doesn’t offer precise information about its shipping policies. Also, note that the price of shipping will depend on the weight and size of the products being shipped. Meanwhile, the main benefit of using this company is the number of products that it houses on its website.

In addition, offers flexible leasing arrangements that help you reduce the initial costs of buying expensive products.

  1. Restaurant Depot (In-Store & Online)

Restaurant Depot is members-only cash and carry foodservice and restaurant supplies wholesaler. If you are looking for a restaurant supply store near you, you are likely to find a Restaurant Depot nearby.

They have over 130+ stores in nearly every major city in the USA. Indeed, it is a one-stop-shop that carries everything a foodservice operator needs so you don’t have to make multiple stops for food and supplies. They offer delivery options with online ordering and in-store pickup.

Restaurant Depot also features an impressive online store accessible from their main website where you can buy equipment and supplies online and have them shipped directly to your business.

  1. KaTom

KaTom boasts of over 30 years experience offering high-quality restaurant supplies to clients throughout the United States. Business owners can acquire anything from janitorial supplies to industrial cooking equipment. The platform is also well-known for its extensive collection of shelves and carts.

While fast shipping is available at KaTom, the time of delivery will depend on your location. In most cases, you can return products within 30 days of purchasing. The company offers in-house financing for business owners that want to offset the initial cost of large purchases.

  1. The Restaurant Store

This is an online supplies provider famous for offering a mix of industrial kitchen equipment and niche restaurant products. The company’s website is organized into intuitive departments, which allows users to browse for relevant products. Just like some of the other suppliers on this list, you can lease products via The Restaurant Store.

In terms of shipping, prices tend to vary — but if you spend over $400, you are eligible for free shipping. For business owners looking to save some money, the Restaurant Store keeps an updated list of coupons on its website. You can access this coupon list via a button on the company’s homepage.

  1. Ckitchen

Ckitchen is renowned for offering quality equipment to institutional and foodservice kitchens such as restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, bars, pizzerias, and concessions for more than 35 years.

By teaming up with a league of trusted brands and industry leaders around the world, the company’s online store now boasts of a vast catalogue of 50,000 products and counting, ranging from disposables and janitorial supplies to kitchen essentials and heavy-duty commercial and industrial equipment.

Prices at Ckitchen are quite the lowest you can find online and the company even ships all orders for free. And if that won’t reel you in, you’ll also appreciate doing business with Ckitchen, as 10 percent of the company’s profits go directly to charity.

Ckitchen also has a dedicated projects division made up of talented design professionals with a singular focus on boosting your space for comfort, safety, and productivity.

Note that by finding the perfect balance between the needs and budget of its clients without compromising quality, Ckitchen has satisfied customers from various market segments including restaurants, hotels, and correctional facilities.

  1. McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies is located in Brooklyn, NY, and has an extensive 25,000 square foot showroom where customers can visit in-store to find a full selection of products. Have it in mind that this company has been in business for over 25+ years and provides restaurant supplies and equipment to thousands of restaurants, including coffee shops, bakeries, supermarkets, and catering companies.

Although they specialize in restaurant supplies for food service establishments in the New York metro and Tri-State area, they also have a comprehensive online store where they serve all of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. They do not ship internationally.

McDonald Paper & Restaurant Supplies provides a vast selection of over 20,000 items, including commercial kitchen equipment and paper goods.

They also offer all the latest products you need for today’s restaurant environments, like restaurant sneeze guards, outdoor dining pods, and private label hand sanitizers. You can get free shipping in the NY Metro area for orders over $99 and get 0% interest for up to 6 months for qualified customers.

If you are presently using a local supplier to acquire your catering equipment, you might be restricted by weak product selection and high prices.

Using an online provider can expand your business’s capabilities at a fraction of the cost. If you do decide to use any of these supplies companies, it is critical to use a supplier that offers affordable shipping — expensive shipping might negate the value of using the online service.