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Where Does Forever 21 Get Their Clothes Wholesale in 2023?

Forever21 Store

According to reports, Forever 21 does not manufacture any of its merchandise. Instead, Forever 21 get their clothes wholesale from vendors who are required to follow the company’s policies and procedures which expressly prohibit the use of forced, slave, child, or prison labor, or labor from closed or freedom-restricted countries.

Just as a consumer has choices, Forever 21 claims it has a choice when it comes to where it takes its business, including the way they obtain the products they sell.

The company strives to maintain a positive impact not only within its stores and corporate family but also upon the environment and on the vast number of vendor manufacturing facilities throughout the world and their employees. Forever 21 notes that every of its product suppliers ensures that their employees work in safe and healthy environments and that their legal rights are respected and protected.

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Forever 21 extensively shares the goal of eliminating child labor and forced labor. To meet these goals, all Forever 21 suppliers are always expected to agree to its Social Responsibility Code of Conduct. Notably, the Forever21 Corporate Social Responsibility program includes the Forever 21 Vendor Audit Program.

Although many of its vendors have worked with Forever 21 for a number of years and are trusted, all suppliers and vendors are always expected to provide factory contact information and all factories must participate in the audit program.

Forever21 boasts of having a detailed and rigorous vetting process when they first start a business with new vendors. They also require all vendors to sign the company’s Vendor Agreement (the Vendor Agreement Relating to Compliance with Labor and Employment Laws (VARCLEL)). By agreeing to the terms of the Vendor Agreement, suppliers confirm, among other things, that they will expressly:

  • Not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, sex, marital status, religion, age, disability, medical condition, veteran status, and sexual orientation in any employment action relating to their workforce;
  • Not employ or utilize forced, slave, child or prison labor, or labor from closed or freedom-restricted countries;
  • Comply with all local wage and work hour laws – including paying at least the minimum wage, paying for overtime, etc.;
  • Provide a safe workplace and work environment;
  • Provide a clean and habitable workspace;
  • Maintain adequate insurance (workers’ compensation, disability, etc.); and
  • Not subcontract any work to other facilities.
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Tips to Help You Shop at Forever 21

When you have enough time to spare, shopping in store at Forever 21 can be very joyful – racks, stacks, hooks, and shelves filled with new fashion. However, if you’re strapped for time and find yourself puzzled as to how they fit so much into a single space, maybe you should try shopping at Nonetheless, here are tips to help you find the best quality at Forever21;

  1. Know Before You Go

One thing is sure of all things Forever 21– quantity reigns high over quality. Have it in mind that you can get ten tops for about 100 bucks if you try hard enough- but don’t expect them to last forever. One of the greatest problems with low quality items is finding a good fit.

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Always remember to try everything on when shopping at Forever 21. When shopping online at, any returns will cost you big time. Howbeit, it is always ideal to know your body and what clothing styles work well for you before making any purchases.

  1. Look At The Seams

This tip is important, especially since seams are very pronounced about the quality of an item. Take the two sides of the seam and gently pull them apart. If the two sides of the seam appear to come apart relatively easily, the thread starts to come undone, or you feel that with a slight more energy you could rip the item in half, it is not made well and won’t hold up for long.

  1. Understand The Brands

Forever21 has grown its line of trend-friendly low-cost clothes to include Heritage 1981 and Twelve by Twelve brands. Looking for something a little more casual? Heritage 1981 brings about casual wear with a homely retro feel, sort of like a cheap Urban Outfitters.

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Twelve by Twelve, the higher priced brand available only in select stores and online, is a bit more fashion forward with designs heavily influenced by the runways.

  1. Look For Love 21 Items

According to online reviews, better-quality items at Forever 21 are often the Love 21 items. Love 21 is their contemporary line that targets a slightly older shopper than the regular Forever 21 brand. Since Love 21 is geared towards a more mature audience, the clothing runs slightly larger, is more modest, and is often better quality.

  1. A Place For Accessories

Indeed one of the best things about Forever 21 is the sparkling accessories section, with scarves, hats, bags, wallets, clutches, belts, jewelry, etc, etc, etc- you can find it all at F21. The store also has a shoe section, think a more fashion forward Payless, with prices around the $25 mark.

  1. Shop for Outerwear

Have it in mind that Forever 21 is a great place for on trend outerwear at low prices. Coats, jackets, and blazers in every style, pattern, and color! While the coats aren’t really warm and probably won’t last into next season, the low price allows you to get your full cost per wear.

  1. Shop the Daily 21

Ensure to click on the Daily 21 Specials tab on the Forever 21 homepage for 20% off 21 different items every day. Just a reminder- the prices at Forever 21 are already pretty cheap, so 20% won’t seem like a major discount on a $9.98 shirt, but a penny saved is a penny earned, making the Daily 21 worth a peek.

  1. Subscribe to Save

Sign up for the Forever 21 online newsletter to have discounts delivered to your inbox. Click on Subscribe Now for a simple set-up and choose to include Forever 21, Heritage1981, and/or Twelve by Twelve.

  1. Be Sure to Snoop on Sale Items

It doesn’t hurt to check out the Forever21 sale bins. When shopping online, the sale link in the upper right-hand corner will take you to a large listing of the recently reduced.

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Truthfully, it is tough to walk out of Forever 21 without something in hand. Since Forever 21 has appealing styles at even more appealing prices, we always don’t feel guilty snagging that top or buying that bracelet. However, the inner workings of Forever 21 can definitely be somewhat of a mystery.

In the United States, Forever21 works cooperatively with the Department of Labor on suppliers’ compliance with wage and hours laws. They also mandate all direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into products they supply to Forever 21 comply with laws and company standards regarding slavery and human trafficking.