Are you contemplating starting a business or pursuing a degree? If YES, here are 10 true reasons why business degrees are worthless for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We live in a world where everyone wants to do what the next person is doing without really considering the individuality of things. The fact that all your siblings before you , went to the university and are now graduates earning six figures don’t mean that things are going to work out the same way for you.

If you are going to the university at all, you shouldn’t be going because your parent’s insist or because everyone around you is doing so, rather, you should be more concerned about how beneficial it would be to you in the future.

University degrees don’t come cheap and it’s so sad to see a large percentage of people who not only invested a lot of money in getting a university degree, but also invested a lot of time too eventually ending up with low-class jobs like restaurant waiters and waitresses, janitors and nannies. I am not saying those are bad jobs but if you really did want to become a nanny in the first place, why waste your time going through all that stress?

The truth is that what you carry on your certificate is not an indication of your skills or strengths. We have seen people who graduated with third class degrees turn out to be way more successful than their colleagues who graduated with first class.

We have also seen a lot of drop-outs or people who didn’t even go to school at all, build large business empires and provide jobs for graduates. I am not saying people shouldn’t go to school or seek further knowledge, what I am saying basically is that your certificate is not as important as the value you add to yourself and your society.

When you attend university for a business degree, you are only adding value to the college through the tuition you pay, it is what you do with the certificate when you are out that matters. A career in business is not like some other careers out there where you have to learn a lot of skills and procedures that can only be taught in a formal set-up.

Someone who wants to become a lawyer might have no choice but to go through school to learn how to do that but for business, it’s the skills that you possess that would guarantee your success and those skills are not taught but developed. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why university business degrees are now considered to be worthless:

10 True Reasons Why University Business Degrees are Worthless

1. There’s only so much you can learn in school-: Your professors are not going to teach you the practical aspects of business. They are not going to teach you how to develop smart business idea and how to raise capital, they won’t teach you how to win customers to your side or how to deal with your competitors.

They may be able to give you some general theoretic advice but those may not be useful in the real world. To succeed in business, you have to constantly develop your skills and update your knowledge. If you earned your college degree in 1995 for instance, I bet no one taught you about social media marketing or email marketing campaigns but if you don’t know these things in today’s business world, you are really lagging behind.

2. It is not a guarantee that you would get a job: Getting a university business degree is not your automatic pass to getting a good job. Think of all the business graduates who are currently jobless and in debt from the loans they took for tuition. So if your goal for going to university is to get a six figure paying job in a fortune 500 company, you should really think of the ratio of those who actually get these jobs to those who do not.

3. The labor market is saturated with business degree holders-: Well, it’s not only business graduates that are competing for business related jobs. Everyone thinks they can handle the job so computer scientists, engineers and even secretaries are now competing for jobs in the business sector.

4. You could end up frustrated especially when you discover that things are not exactly working out the way you thought it would.

5. Do you really need a business degree to set up your own business? How many successful business men and women today actually had business degrees? Quite a few if you ask me with most of them getting these degrees part-time way after they became successful.

6. The money that you would spend paying university tuition that you are not sure would get you a good job could be invested in business which would yield you a lot of profit over the years.

7. Another reason why you should really think twice before accepting that university admission is that business degrees don’t usually pay off their costs and when they do, it usually takes a long time. Only the few lucky ones who are able to get good jobs or start good businesses are able earn what they spent on their education within a few years.

8. The experience you have is more useful for running a business than your degree. Most companies would usually ask for experienced professionals when they want to hire because it is believed that your experience puts you in a better position to tackle issues than your certificate. Also, if you are planning to set a business up, you would need experience to run it not a certificate.

9. Your degree does not guarantee your success in life or in business, your hard work does.

10. University degrees are losing their worth generally-: And in case you are starting to think that it’s only business degrees are worthless; well all university degrees are sort of losing their value. Almost everybody has a university degree these days and so as to create some kind of superiority, higher degrees and professional courses are being introduced but even now, those are losing value too. Well we can keep chasing certifications or focus on developing our skills; the choice is ours to make.

Ajaero Tony Martins