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Why You Should Be A Leader, Not A Boss

Today, i just want to share some tit bits with you. I got inspired to write this because of some statements i often hear from aspiring entrepreneurs. Statements such as “i want to be my own boss” or “i want to be in charge” or “i hate taking orders.” Most entrepreneurs aspire to be their own boss instead of aspiring to become leaders.

So i want to correct this ill. I want you to see why you should be a leader and not a boss. This message is in an easy to understand format so please share it with your family and friends. Good luck:

“A real leader faces the music even when he doesn’t like the tune” – Arnold H. Glassgow.

How to Be A Leader, Not A Boss

  1. An entrepreneur is a leader, a manager is a boss.

2. A boss knows everything, a leader admits mistakes.

3. The boss tells employees what must be done, a leader shows how to do things.

4. A boss criticize, a leader gives advice.

5. A boss talks first, a leader listens first.

6. A boss gives orders, a leader gives direction.

7. A boss demands respect, a leader earns and deserves respect.

8. A boss rule, a leader serves.

9. A boss is the smartest on his team, a leader surrounds himself with people smarter than he is.

10. A boss is a task man, a leader is a teacher.

11. A boss does great things, a leader inspire others to do great things.

12. A boss speaks to your ear, a leader speaks to your spirit.

13. A boss is trained, a leader is made.