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Sunquest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed – Pros, Cons, How Much It Cost

Commercial Tanning Bed

Do you want to buy the Wolff Sunquest Pro 24RS tanning bed? If YES, here are 5 Pros and Cons of Sunquest Pro 24RS voltage tanning bed and how much it cost.

Wolff SunQuest tanning beds are wonderful options for home tanning for the indoor tanning enthusiast. Offered in three different models, the SunQuest tanning bed line delivers dynamic tanning power and convenience all in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Note that the Bio-Tech™ tunnel design surrounds you for fast, consistently dark, full-body tanning, and the DuraMax™ 2000 exterior housing and Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system ensures easy maintenance and long life.

All SunQuest tanning beds are equipped with between sixteen and twenty-six authentic Wolff tanning lamps, the most popular tanning lamps in the industry today.

Residential tanning beds like these offer you the convenience of sunshine right in your own home that you can enjoy while listening to music and relaxing as your turn golden brown. One of Wolff’s finest residential tanning beds is the SunQuest 24RS.

Pros of Sunquest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed

The SunQuest 24RS is one of Wolff’s finest creations. Below are some of its advantages.

1. Energy Efficient Lamps

Made with 24, 100-watt Wolff lamps – 12 in the canopy and 12 in the bed – each is angled to provide you with the maximum rays possible to get a rich, golden tan.

Note that the bed comes with an optional SolarMax T IFT facial tanner if the customer wishes for it. The tanner has one 400-watt lamp. Each bed automatically comes with the protective canopy grid to allow more of the rays to reach the tanner and allow for a leveler tan overall.

2. Biotech Tunnel Design

Just like its sister 16-lamp SunQuest 16RS, the 24RS is in the unique and popular Bio-tech tunnel design. This design lays the tanner in the middle of the wide, curved bench, allowing the tanning rays to reach more skin areas without hot or cool spots.

The total tanning surface of this bed is seven feet, one of the biggest to be made. The lamps are staggered as well and the reflectors are made of special glossy aluminium.

3. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Wolff’s SunQuest 24RS bed comes with a quick clip acrylic removal system on the canopy and bench, allowing for deeper cleaning of the acrylic and reflectors, and ease in changing the lamps.

It has efficient choke ballasts, and it includes a redundant backup timer in addition to the main digital timer, which is rated for twenty minutes maximum. It also comes with a super flow internal cooling system, and an optional body cooling fan.

4. Warranty

The SunQuest 24RS tanning bed comes with Wolff’s eighteen-month ‘Bronze Medal’ warranty. This warranty includes but is not limited to eighteen months on parts, one year on acrylics, ninety days on lamps and starters, six months on labor, and a lifetime warranty from structural defects.

If you are purchasing your tanning bed used, inquire about the warranty. Sometimes there is some of the warranty left on the bed and depending on where you purchase it from; an extended warranty may be available.

Cons of Sunquest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed

Just like every other tanning bed on the Market, the SunQuest Pro 24RS comes with its own disadvantages. These include:

i. Size

The SunQuest 24RS requires a room with at least eight feet by eight-foot available. It requires a 220 volt dedicated circuit, a twenty amp circuit breaker, and a twenty amp NEMA #6-20R rated receptacle for proper use.

ii. Damaged Eyes

Just like other tanning beds, the SunQuest Pro 24rs has been proven to cause eye problems, such as cataracts and photo conjunctivitis, especially when used without proper eye-protective wear.

iii. Increased Cancer Risk

Normally, too much exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer, which can be lethal. Extensive use of the SunQuest Pro 24rs can increase the chances of developing cancer. Seniors and underage should limit their exposure to 20 minutes a day.

How Much Does Sunquest Pro 24RS Tanning Bed Cost to Buy?

Note that the SunQuest 24RS by Wolff prices at around $3,899.000. The SunQuest Pro 24RS comes with an optional SolarMax™ IFT high-speed face tanner to provide extra tanning power to deepen the facial color. And of course, SunQuest indoor tanning beds come with Wolff’s lifetime warranty.

However, when using any tanning bed, always use the proper protective gear and recommended cleaning products to ensure safe tanning and maximum use of your residential equipment.