Do you want to earn extra income as a stay-at-home nursing mom? If YES, here are 50 online work from home ideas for moms with a newborn baby to make good money.

It is safe to say that practically everyone dreams of working from home. You get to ditch the corporate clothes and work from the comfort of your couch. Those who already work outside the comfort of their homes might want to switch so that they can spend more time with their children.

Women being entrepreneurs or working while raising children is not new to the present generation. From centuries past, women have been wine pressers, tapestry makers, kneaders and more. There are also numerous cases of woman and mothers taking over many business ventures that used to be solely male dominated.

Some parents might even choose to stay at home because they fear that working will give them little or no time with their kids. There is no definite plan that work-from-home moms work with, but there are certain pros and cons that make it easier to determine if working from home is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Working from Home as a Nursing Mother


  1. You get to create your schedule
  2. You avoid the traffic that comes with commuting
  3. You don’t have to spend so much on gas and clothes
  4. No more pressure from lurking eyes
  5. Tax Benefits-: Working from home presents you with certain tax benefits. Log on to the IRS website to find out what tax deductions those who work from home get. Also, visit an accountant to decipher which of these benefits apply to you.
  6. Reduction of childcare costs-: Working from home reduces the amount spent on after-school clubs and play school for your children. Why hire help or use childcare activities when you can take care of them yourself?
  7. Efficient use of time and resources


  1. Bad work habits-: Not having to make the commute to work or work under the grueling stare of your boss can make you develop some terrible work habits. Some of these habits are a failure to begin work on time, and you can also choose to watch Netflix rather than work
  2. You will believe in no-day off
  3. Lack of social interaction
  4. No competition to push you
  5. Inability to delegate fully
  6. Extra costs and expenses
  7. Perception-: Irrespective of the daily rise in people who prefer working at home, some individuals may not respect your hours still.

All these are factors that are associated with working at home, both its benefits and demerits. With these factors in mind, take time and determine if working at home is beneficial for you or if you would rather be a stay at home mother for a while to take care of your kids.

How Much Should You Spend in Putting Up Your Home Office as a Nursing Mother?

Most offices now have lactation rooms where nursing mothers can attend to their baby’s nutritional needs, but if you are working from home, you don’t necessarily need a lactation room, but you can set up your home office to double as a lactation room.

Here is a list of some of the essential tools and equipment you may need to purchase so as to make nursing and working seamlessly easy.

  1. A Good Breastfeeding Chair-: You can get very good nursing chairs for $150 -$250
  2. Electrical Outlet
  3. Breast Pump: These types of pumps drain your breast milk within seconds so that you can be back to work within a short time. You can find double-electric breast pumps on Amazon for $100- $200.
  4. Hands-free Pumping Bra: The more hands-free gadgets you can get as a working nursing mother, the better for you because it allows you to multitask easily. You can get these types of bra for $30-$50 on Walmart or Amazon.
  5. A Table or Trolley
  6. Changing Mats
  7. Diaper Bin
  8. Ventilating System
  9. Cleaning Wipes
  10. Hand Sanitizer
  11. Electric Kettle or Water Dispenser
  12. Towels
  13. Baby Carrier

If you are buying all the things on this list, you shouldn’t spend more than $1,000 to set up your office, but since you are likely to have some of these items at home, you can expect to spend far less than that.

It is very important to know that the internet remains a largely untapped goldmine and there are myriads of business potentials that can be unlocked there. If you desire a shot at entrepreneurship, all you need to do is embark on some internet research and you will be surprised at the business chances that are open to you.

You can also apply for offline businesses and recreate them into profitable online businesses. An advantage of the internet is that you can operate it right from the comfort of your bedroom because the internet serves as a very effective way of connecting the world.

Below is a list of jobs that are very suitable for stay-at-home moms, though not all of them will resonate well with some women. This list is not an exhaustive one for women with demanding careers such as lawyers, dentists, etc. This is just to show that with the right use of technology, money can be made by a nursing mother.

20 Online Work at Home Business ideas for Moms With a Baby

  1. Online Jewelry Store

If you run a brick and mortar jewelry store, you can use the internet to reach more customers and earn more cash. With the expertise of a web designer, either hired or yourself, you can create an online shop and install a good online payment software with a good delivery and logistics system, and in no time, you will be getting customer orders from all over the area especially if you offer competitive prices.

  1. Search Engine Evaluator

Search results in Google are not always accurate even though they tend to be most times. This is where search evaluators are needed.

Search engine evaluators are tasked with the job of rating the search results that are produced by search engines. Search engine evaluators earn between $10 and 15 dollars per hour.

  1. Become a Social Media Expert and Manager

With enough time on your hands and a certain level of familiarity with social media platforms, it is very easy to start an online business handling social media profiles of various busy company executives, public figures, politicians, and celebrities. A requirement of this business is a level of professionalism and specialty before you can be employed to manage other people’s social media pages or handles. There is a lot of money to be made from this business, but it can be very time-consuming.

  1. Freelance Content Writer

As a skilled and creative content writer with enough time on your hands, the internet can be a good source of income for you. There are plenty websites that feature high paying writing jobs or gigs. Some of the sites where you can easily apply for freelance writing gigs include,, etc. These sites feature writing gigs that can foot your expenses while you are job inactive or studying.

  1. Blogging

Blogging has become a very popular means of making money online. Blogging involves creating useful and educational content for online readers. If you have a high level of expertise in a particular field, you can earn some cash by sharing your expertise with a large section of readers on your blog.

Making money from blogs work in the following way; if your blog contains good content, it will attract lots of readers, in other words, it will generate huge traffic on your blog. The more traffic your site generates, the more money you attract. By generating huge traffic on your blog, you attract adverts from top corporations. Other sources of income for your blog will be Google Adsense, subscription services to members and selling things directly on your blog.

  1. Virtual Assistant

You can also be a virtual assistant online. Due to the overwhelming tasks that business people or organizations have to deal with on a daily basis, they are willing and ready to employ and pay virtual assistants to handle some of these tasks. With the necessary sellable skillsets, you can make a living as a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you are tasked with some roles such as answering emails, online marketing, product catalogs, report writings etc.

  1. Online Boutique

For the fashionista who is interested in starting up a fashion outfit, but is not financially buoyant to open a physical store, an online boutique might just be the way to go. An online boutique has a major advantage over physical boutiques in that you can reach more customers around the world, unlike a physical store whose reach is just restricted to the location it operates in.

The only requirement here is to arrange for a good, reliable and cheap shipping system. As soon as this is successfully installed, your online boutique is ready to meet the world.

  1. Sell E-books

As a creative writer, publishing and selling eBooks online is another easy way to earn good cash online. You can write on any number of topics, and you will always have an ever-present audience online.

Writing self-help or ‘how-to’ books serve as one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet through eBooks. So for example, if you are a graphic designer, you can write an eBook on how to resize an image, and there will be people that are ready to dip in their pockets for such books.

Creating eBooks is a very easy and inexpensive venture and the long term earning capacity of an eBook is very strong if the content of such book is useful and up to date. EBooks are very easy to download online since they are soft copies of books.

  1. Sell Videos Online

You can use YouTube and other video publishing sites online to market and sell your videos. If you can make tutorial videos and post them on the internet, you will soon have people demanding for your videos at a premium.

  1. Dating Website

If you are a professional matchmaker or you have a flair for it, and you intend to make some money from this line of work, you can start a dating website to connect potential partners. Your work here is creating the environment while charging membership fees.

You can also sell products or relevant materials such as DVDS, books, etc. You can also provide professional guidance on relationships at a premium of course.

  1. Become a Forex Trader

As risky as it may be, trading currencies online is also a very profitable business. With a good knowledge of cash flow and the exchange market coupled with analytical skills, trading forex can be good for you. Use Google to find forex trading platforms and tutorials to learn how to become a professional.

  1. Start an e-commerce store

Virtually anything can be sold on the internet. From groceries to phones, electronics, clothes, etc. all these are products you can sell online and you will get customers. Just define your niche and install a good shipping system in place.

  1. Photo Editing Service

Even though there are enough self-help photo editing software online that can be used to edit photos, the results may be found lacking of details and specifics that professional photo editors offer.

Thus, those with an eye and certain bias for details usually hire the services of professional photo editors to edit their pictures instead of using photo editing software. It is very easy to contract this job online. As a skilled photo editor, just list your services online and you are in business.

  1. Online Marketing

Online marketing just happens to be one of the various schemes that organizations use to engage their prospective customers. The internet serves as the cheapest, easiest and fastest platform for marketing goods and services, whether it is your own or on behalf of another party. You usually start by signing up with an organization which will assign you to some prospects. You will be tasked with following up on these prospects until you sell to them. You earn your commission based on the sale. Follow up is usually done by email, calls and video chats.

  1. Graphics Service

Graphic artists are virtually in high demand everywhere. If you happen to possess graphic design skills, then you can put it to good use online. Great effort must be put into marketing your graphic design skills though. A major advantage is that your services can be retained by a client for a very long period of time if you are highly proficient with it.

  1. Become a Translator

If you are bilingual or multilingual in any local or foreign language, then you can make your online presence as a translator known. Book authors and film producers need to translate their literary or film works to other languages to suit the needs of their diverse audience. They are ready to pay reasonable prices for this service. You can visit many freelance sites to get translating gigs.

  1. Online Hotel Booking

If you reside in a tourist center, then an online hotel booking business might be good for you. Just partner with nearby hotels so that as people book their hotels from your website, you will be paid a pre-arranged commission. Trust by the hotel management you partner with and your site visitors/tourist is very essential to thrive in this business.

  1. Online Research Job

As a freelancer with enough time on your hands, you can make some cash by doing freelance research for various organizations and individuals all over the world. Once your pedigree has been established, securing a well-paid research job is a big possibility.

  1. Ghost Writing

As a creative writer, you can establish an online ghostwriting business. Due to the uncountable number of people all over who are yet to write a book due to their very busy schedules, your services as a ghostwriter comes into play. As a ghostwriter, you will be tasked with recording the thoughts and views of these busy individuals to form a book, thus writing it on their behalf.

Although you will not be credited as the author of the book, adequate reward for your services is a reality. You could be paid in lump sum or on a percentage based of the number of books sold over a period etc.; nevertheless, it is a great way to make decent cash from online connections.

  1. Transcription Service

This is one service that bears a close relationship with translation service. If you are a skilled transcriber, you can assist various teachers, pastors, politicians, etc. to write their memoirs by just transcribing their videos or audios speeches or teachings. You can use freelance platforms to also source for transcription jobs.

For mothers who are nursing babies but who want to get busy doing other things in their free time and make some money of course, below are 20 offline business ideas you can start at home while nursing your adorable little ones.

20 Offline Work From Home Ideas for Nursing Mothers

  1. Sewing

For nursing moms who love designing and sewing, they can start a sewing business. You can start a sewing business with a focus on interiors, like designing and sewing curtains, bed spreads, duvets, etc. Also, you can include embroidery of garments and other materials into you sewing business. You can include designing and making costumes for dolls, etc.

To make some extra cash, you can add installation services to curtain designing and sewing.

  1. Day Care

This is one of the easiest business ideas for nursing moms, it is simply turning what you are already doing into a money making opportunity. Taking care of babies can be quite demanding, especially for moms who are nursing babies of their own, therefore, to run a successful day care business, one mom cannot do it alone. Nursing mothers who would like to turn their love for kids into a business would need to employ as many helping hands as required.

If you have a suitable indoor space that can be converted into a day care facility, well fine. However, for moms who have houses or apartments big enough to run a day care within, such moms can simply start the day care center in their homes which is often preferred by a lot of parents.

  1. Nail Studio

Opening a nail studio is a brilliant business idea for nursing moms. Moms who want to make some money along with taking care of their babies can start a nail care business. For moms who have the interest but do not have prior nail care and nail art skills, they can take a short-term training on nail care and nail art. This business requires you to have some business space which you can rent or use an extra space at home if you have.

  1. Voice over Artiste

Nursing moms with good voices can take part-time jobs as voice over artistes, and you can become part of productions in radio jingles, voice acting, audio books voicing and more.

  1. Residential Cleaning Services

You can easily start a cleaning service by posting your cleaning ideas, cleaning hacks and advice online. You can be offering you services to friends and neighbors. You do not have to do the cleaning yourself as you can hire people to do the cleaning while you manage the business. Also, you can run your office from home and if you really want an office outside your home, and depending on your budget, you can rent an office space or simply get a small space in a co-working space.

  1. Bag Making

With bag making, nursing moms who do not have much time on their hands can choose to only create designs for the bags and pay other bag makers to make the bags or you can simply learn how to make bags and make your bags from beginning to the end. The advantages of handmade bags are that one does not need to have a factory full of workers and machines to start this business. With simple tools and some space at home, nursing moms can make cool cash while nursing their babies.

  1. Cleaning Business

This could be any or all of industrial cleaning, office spaces, and home cleaning services or it could be dry cleaning and garment care. But no matter what type of cleaning you choose to do, as a nursing mom you cannot do this job alone, you need to hire staff and have a physical office. However, nursing moms can run this business from home, all you need is just get an administration officer who would run the office professionally with authorizations from you when necessary. You may also run your office from home, especially if you have a spare room or space you can convert into an office.

  1. Makeup Business

This is also a business idea that requires some skills, though you may not need to get to the pro level. You need just enough amount of learning to understand the art, which makes it easier to understand the business. You can choose to either be a makeup artist or sell makeup products, or you can run both.

It is an interesting business for nursing mums, and you do not need much space to start this business. Also getting clients for this business is quite easy as nursing mums can start marketing their products and services to other mums.

Though there are situations where it is actually necessary for nursing mums to have an office or store located elsewhere because is not ideal to open your home to every client, and some clients would not be comfortable coming into someone else’s home to get their makeup done.

  1. Hair Salon/Hair Care Products Sale

There is hardly any woman who doesn’t want to take good care of her hair. Though a good business idea, hair salon business is a skill based business, you need to have the skills to run this business. Hair styling and care is very broad and requires regular practice, so it takes some time to really become good at it. Nursing moms who already have the skills and expertise can start a hair salon business at home.

  1. Wedding Planner/Events Consultant

This is also a very viable business idea for nursing mothers, although it is physically demanding. It involves dealing with and coordinating activities of a lot of other business owners, especially vendors. To make this easier, nursing moms who are interested in wedding and events planning and to ensure they do not spend much time away from their little ones, can hire experienced events coordinators that can get the job done when they are unavailable. Also, you have to keep in mind that whether you have an events coordinator or not, you must be available the day before the event and on the day of the event.

One easy way for mums to start a business in events is through consultancy. You can create an office from your home or get a small office space depending in your budget where you can attend to clients and do your work. As an events consultant, you do not need to be fully involved in events planning as much as the planner.

  1. Poultry Business

For nursing mums who have extra backyard space, you can start a small poultry business with such spaces. This is business is so cool as you get to run two businesses in one, you get to make money from selling not only the chickens but also from selling their eggs.

Though you may have to get a license from government bodies or some health regulatory agencies and meet some food quality standards, but it is all worth it. Knowledge of how to care for, protect and feed poultry animals is necessary in running a successful poultry business.

  1. Jewellery Making

Jewellery making is very easy and ideal for nursing mums as they can just sit and make jewellery pieces on their dressing table in the corner of their rooms or they can simply make use of any reading table at home to make jewellery. They can easily get clients among other mums, friends and family, etc.

  1. Bakery

Well that’s what ovens are for! Right from their kitchens, nursing mothers can make and sell delicious baked goods. Mums can liaise with stores within their environment to have their goods displayed and sold in such stores. Also, there are lots of bakeries in town, therefore it is advisable for nursing mums to get creative with their baking. They can create their special bread or cookie recipes to have their products stand out from the rest.

  1. Fashion/Beauty Consultancy

There are lots of home fashion business opportunities that are easy and cheap to put together. Mums who have fashion and styling knowledge combined with creativity can start a fashion consultancy or beauty consultancy business from the comfort of their living rooms.

  1. Tailoring Business

This is a very good business idea and always in vogue. For mums who already have sewing knowledge, the business is a piece of cake. You can also specialize in particular types of clothing; it could be children’s clothes or custom designing etc.

  1. Online Tutoring

This is a good idea for nursing moms as they can fully work from home according to the number of hours they can handle. With virtual tutoring, you can choose the areas or subjects that you are very good at.

  1. Shoe Making Business

This is a skill based business, you will need to first learn how to make shoes. It is a business that can be done right from inside your home, so you don’t need to own a factory before you can start making shoes in your house. All you need do to is learn and procure the tools and other items you need. One more thing you need is creativity; you need to be creative in order to be able to create attractive designs that can drive high sales for your shoes.

  1. Soap Making

Soap making is one of the very profitable businesses for nursing mothers who are either full time mums or working class moms. You can make up to 300% profit on each item you make in your kitchen! Also, to make the soaps more appealing to customers and be able to charge good money for them, you can add some colours, fragrances and special herbs.

  1. House Sitting

House sitting is a nice way for nursing mums to make some extra cash at home because you would only be required to visit the property once in four days or depending on the time frame you agree with the owner. Although some house sitting arrangements may require the sitter to live in the house for a period of time.

You will also need to discuss cleaning and maintenance with the owner and of course how much money would be paid. Most owners prefer to sign legal agreements with their house sitters.

  1. Rental Items Business

Rental business is a good idea any day; although it is capital intensive depending on how big you want your inventory to be. You also need enough space for the storage of chairs, different types of tables, cooling chest and many more.

You will need employees who are strong and organised enough for the job. Nursing mums who decide to go into event items rental business should be prepared to run the business long enough in order to actually enjoy the profits when they start coming in. They will most likely spend the first few months of the business building their stock.

Additional Tips to Help You Succeed as a Work from Home Nursing Mother

  1. Take Advantage of Breastfeeding Time

Those times at night when you stay up breastfeeding your little one can be a very good time for you to get some work done. Help baby get in a comfortable feeding position and as she suckles away, grab your laptop, notepad and anything else you need for work and get some work tasks completed.

You might need to get used to working from your computer as you breastfeed but when you have done it for a few weeks, the whole thing becomes easier.

2. Use a Wrap or Carrier to Keep Your Baby Close to You as You Work

You might not be comfortable with leaving your baby to sleep in another room while you get to work in another but with a carrier or a wrap, you can keep your baby close to you as you work. Your baby will feel warmer and more comfortable when you are around, and she would be less likely to make a fuss.

3. Create Flexible Working Hours

When you are planning your daily work schedule, make sure they are flexible enough because babies really do have a mind of their own and as such, it might be difficult to predict her feeding times or when she is going to poop and need a wash.

4. Take Advantage of Baby’s Nap Time

When your baby is taking a nap, you shouldn’t take a nap too as that time can make for very great uninterrupted work time. Imagine having two hours of uninterrupted work time to yourself, you would be able to get a whole lot of work done before baby wakes up.

After a few weeks of studying your baby, you might be able to reasonably predict her nap times so that you can create your work schedule to coincide with those times.

5. Hire a Baby Sitter

In the first few weeks of her birth, your baby would sleep a lot so you might have no need for a sitter but as she grows, she would begin to sleep less throughout the day and that means that you have to deal with more distractions.

It helps if you hire a sitter so that you are able to focus on your work and accomplish tasks even when your baby is awake. You would even be able to concentrate more at work when you know that your baby is in safe and secure hands.

6. Use Time Blocks

Instead of working for hours at a stretch, break your work times into several few minutes in a day. You can assign 20 minutes to a task, and then take a 10 minute break and then another 30 minutes and several breaks in between tasks. This method helps to prevent boredom, tiredness and of course, it allows you a lot of time to check up on your baby while you are working without limiting your productivity.

7. Pack up a Baby Bag

Get everything you would need for your baby and pack them along with you to your work space. It doesn’t matter that you are not stepping out of the home; the more organized you are and the easier it is for you to grab things that your baby need, the less time you would waste on attending to your baby’s needs during work times.

Prepare her meals, pack her diapers, wipes and everything else that your baby needs and put them in a bag the same way you would do if you were going out.

8. Invest in a Hands-free Device

A hands-free device that allows you to take calls and talk while you are attending to baby can be very helpful. If your job is such that requires a lot of communication and collaboration with your team, a hands-free device can help you communicate and multitask easily.

9. Be Open about Your Current Situation

You would be surprised at how understanding your clients and vendors can be when you explain to them that you just had a baby.

Rather than worrying yourself sick and doing double shifts to meet up with deadlines, you can simply explain to your clients that you just had a baby and that while you intend to put in your best to ensure that nothing changes, you would appreciate it if they can be a little more flexible with their deadlines. You would be surprised at how positively most people would respond to this and how much support and cooperation you would get.

10. Ask Your Partner for Backup

Your partner can take up shifts with you so that you can have some time to work. If your partner has a job that takes them out of the home daily, evenings when they are back from work can be a good time for them to take over babysitting duties so that you can get some work done. You can also ask them for help during the weekends too.

11. Learn to Outsource

These days, outsourcing has become really easy. You can get freelancers online to handle just about any task so rather than slave over some tasks, it is best to outsource so that you can have much less to do and give your full attention to the technical tasks that you cannot outsource.

12. Set up a Workspace

To work from home as a new mom and be productive at it, you have to stop working from just about any corner of the home you find yourself in. You have to set up your home office to be comfortable for you and your baby. If you have a room that you can convert into an office, that’s great but if you don’t, you can consider using your baby’s nursery as an office space. Set up the space with a desk and a chair and everything else you need for work so that watching baby while you work becomes very easy.

13. Child-proof Your Workspace

It is important to keep all the power cords and cables out of sight and keep the power outlets covered. You should also cover all table corners and keep breakable items out of reach because as your little one grows older, she would want to explore and reach out for things and the best way to keep her from harm is to keep every potentially dangerous object out of sight or well covered up.

14. Embrace the Act of List Making

There are a lot of things on your mind right now and with a baby to care for, it is easy for you to forget some important tasks or even have your brain muddled up because of all the many things you have to keep track of. If you learn how to create lists detailing all the things you need to take care of, you would find it easy to flow between work tasks and baby duties seamlessly.

15. Take Breaks from Both Tasks to Prevent Burnouts

It helps to take breaks from your work and your mommy duties all at once to focus on yourself, pamper yourself and re-energize.

How does one even take a break from being a mom, you may ask; well, by spending some time alone doing things you love like reading a book, shopping, seeing a movie or doing something else that doesn’t involve work or taking care of your baby.

This way, you would be able to avoid stress and burnouts. You may find it really tough to do this if you are the kind of mom who gives in to guilt easily. You have to understand that you are doing this for the benefit of your baby because the more rested and happy you are, the more efficient you would be at caring for your baby.

So get a very competent hand to watch over your baby, and get your much deserved break.

16. Use Timers

Timers are very great tools for time management. After creating your schedule or to-do list, you need a timer to keep you on track so that you don’t get carried away with one activity at the expense of others on your schedule.

17. Sundays are for Prepping

You can spend your Sundays shopping for groceries and prepping ingredients or meals that you would need during the week. You can pre-cook some meals and store them in your refrigerator so that you are able to cut your meal prepping times into half to allow for enough time to rest and sleep.

18. Get Creative With Childcare

You don’t have to use a nanny or babysitter if you cannot afford one. Sometimes, you can just pack your laptop and baby’s things and go visiting your mom, close friends or siblings who wouldn’t mind watching your baby for a few hours while you work within their own home. This way, you get some free babysitting, get some work done, and spend some time outside your home, which can be very refreshing.

19. Consider Shopping Online

As a new mom, you would need a regular supply of so many items like diapers and detergents to name few. You may also need to do your regular grocery shopping. However, taking a trip to the store is not only inconvenient; you would also have to figure out how to handle your baby. All of this can be stressful and time-consuming so you should take advantage of online shopping and get most of the things you need delivered to you at home so you can save some extra time that you can invest in work.

20. Exercise is Important

Try going for a walk at least two times every week and throw in some cardio a few times a week too. Exercise is not just great for your physical health, it is also helpful for your mental health and well-being and helps to provide an outlet for your stress.

21 Identify and Eliminate Time Wasters and Distractions

Every work-from-home mom must try to identify those tasks that take the most time but give the least results.

It could be social media, responding to mails or organizing the home. If there is any task that is taking too much of your time, try to see if it is possible to pay someone to handle the tasks so that you can focus on the tasks with the highest rewards.

You should also consider turning off your phone and computer notifications or put your phone on vibration mode so that you are not distracted or tempted to start another conversation that would derail your plans for the day.

22. Stay Organized

Organization and productivity are like Siamese twins; the more organized you are, the more productive you would likely be. With a clean desk, clean drawers, a clean workspace and a clean home; you would be able to move through a lot of tasks quickly.

Being organized helps you to save a lot of time and become more productive because a lot of time is wasted everyday trying to figure out where this and that is, but when you organize your home and workspace in such a way that it becomes easy to find anything you are looking for, you would spend a lot less time completing the tasks.

23. Reward Yourself

You are doing a hard job and it is only fair that you step back once in a while to relax and reward yourself. It could be after achieving a set target or hitting specific milestones; do something rewarding and satisfying for yourself. Pamper yourself so that you would be motivated to give in your best and work even harder next time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, it could be something as simple as getting a new hairdo, manicure, a trip to the spa, a new outfit or something rewarding and satisfying.

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