A Food Truck exhaust fan is a mechanical ventilation device that creates an airway for impure or contaminated air to freely pass through the vent and draw in clean air into the truck. In turn, the fan will improve the quality of air indoors. Ignoring this can result in a significant loss of money and a potential shut down of the food truck business indefinitely.

Every truck that maintains cooking equipment and produces smoke in the United States is expected to have an exhaust system to remove flammable fumes from the air within the truck. This is very necessary to any food truck, and aside from improving the quality of air within the truck, it helps to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone working in the truck.

How Exhaust Fan Grease Containment System Works

Aside from protecting the health of people in the truck, a working exhaust system is necessary for so many other reasons. Fats, oils, and grease that become aerosols during the cooking process travel through the kitchen exhaust system.

As they move through the truck ventilation system, these aerosols harden onto the cooler surfaces (like the fan). Or they go through the exhaust fan where the spinning of the air causes them to precipitate and collect on the blades and the fan housing.

The fan blades more or less will build up an excess of grease, causing run off onto the truck roof. This excess build-up will eventually drain out of the fan enclosure and onto the truck roof. This is why a rooftop grease containment system is such a crucial part of every exhaust system.

This grease containment system is usually found on the roof where the vent hood exhaust fan is located. The job of the grease containment system is to collect and capture the grease and oil vapours that are pulled through the kitchen exhaust system.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Grease Containment System

However, whether you are installing a new exhaust fan or replacing a grease containment system, it will need to rest well on top of the truck roof to help keep it secure and strongly in its place. If you are replacing an old exhaust fan unit for your truck ventilation system, it is imperative to use the exact size as what was previously installed to help ensure a good fit onto existing roof for exhaust fans.

But, this may not always be possible, and this is where adapters come in. Most times, there are situations where the existing exhaust fan base may not match the size of the fan you need to install. Although you could replace the entire system including the roof and start from the basics, there is a simpler and more cost effective way to address the problem.

Note that the easiest way to deal with exhaust fans that don’t match roof base for exhaust fans is to purchase an exhaust fan adapter. This adapter makes installation faster, easier, and cheaper. An adapter works by strategically positioning the new exhaust openings to match up with the existing truck air supply and return openings.

Also note that using an exhaust fan adapter allows you to use the existing roof base and structure for your new ventilation unit and provides a strong, leak-proof seal with minimal air resistance and lower static pressure.

What is the Best Adapter Exhaust Fan Grease Containment for Food Truck?

Here are great adapters that can be used to install food Truck exhaust fan grease containment systems.

1. DRIPLOC original drain adapter

This adapter is mainly used as a spout replacement for fans with no spout or missing spout. Flat sides are designed to be formed to shape around the fan base prior to installing screws. Note that the Original Adapter is used to adapt to various exhaust fans used in food trucks.

However, for best results, grease should be directed to fall into the middle of the filter/pillow. The adapter will then allow grease to get past the fan base to hit into the grease containment system.

2. DRIPLOC horizontal drain adapter

This adapter is used to help direct grease into rack system. It connects to “U” shaped drain spout to add length for drainage. According to reports, it is made to allow PVC Hose connection for additional length (hose not included). Just like other DRIPLOC adapters, grease should be directed to fall into the middle of the filter/pillow. Then the adapter will let the grease to get past the fan base to get into the grease containment system.

3. DRIPLOC PVC drain adapter & reducer

Normally, the PVC Adapter with Reducer is used to adapt to various exhaust fans in the industry. As long as the grease is directed to fall into the middle of the filter/pillow, the adapter’s work will be to allow grease to get past the fan base to hit into the grease containment system. This adapter is designed to help direct grease to the rack system and it connects directly to an enclosed drain spout. These adapters are also used to plumb the DRIPLOC Pail Filter System.


By properly installing and maintaining your exhaust fan, your truck will benefit from greater energy savings, improved health standards, a cleaner working environment and minimized product contamination. Note that the resources you spend on preventative maintenance cleanings and repairs are much less than what you would incur in damages that can occur without constant maintenance.

The risk of fire hazards will also be lesser and you will remain in compliance with local municipal fire codes. Also your truck and other equipment will preserve their quality of life and save you many future headaches.